4 Mirage T-Side Strats To Try in CS2

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4 Mirage T-Side Strats To Try in CS2

Here are 4 Mirage T-Side strats that are highly effective in competitive games in CS2

Mirage is one of the most well-known and controversial maps in the CS community. Despite tactically being very well structured and having balanced pathways or lanes to both sites, many players consider it very stale. This is due to it having a limited range of creativity and innovation; many get bored of playing it. Even though Valve, the developer behind the Counter-Strike series, has virtually changed nothing on the map since its release, it has been featured consistently in every major CS tournament ever.

With the addition of CS, Valve has revamped and graphically enhanced all the maps coming from CS:GO. Due to these changes, some strats and line-ups from the past have been altered. Even though the core of the game and maps are the same, players are finding newer strats. After the first CS2 tournament in IEM Sydney 2023, pro teams have given us a glance at what some of these strats look like in CS2.

So, we have compiled a few T-side strats for the map of Mirage. Make sure you also check out our other articles about Mirage to gather some more information.

4 Mirage T-Side Strats in CS2

Due to the blend of tactical utility and aim ability in this map, it is vital to be relatively strong in both departments, as strats need these aspects to go hand in hand. It is advised to place the utility and provide the best entry for the team's sharpest shooters and deadliest fraggers while the more tactical players meticulously set up the strat. This will be especially vital for the T-Side as the entry is, in most cases, more difficult compared to the post-plant. So, let's look at some of the strats we have handpicked for this list below:


Mid-Split Strat to A-Site

The Mid area in Mirage can be quite scary to rush alone, especially as a Terrorist. The CT players have so much coverage and better angles to fight this part of the map. Against AWPers, the Window peek can be quite devastating to deal with. So, it is crucial to play this part of the map tactically. This strat does require some well-coordinated timing, so it is advised to try this in a 5-stack.

The team will split into two halves; three will run to Mid and smoke-off Window and Catwalk. Then, they will walk up to Connector and clear it. They will have to be wary of Underpass and Catwalk as T-players can push out or use a nade to break the smoke and go for an unsuspecting peek. One can use a Molotov to block the Underpass exit before the team peeks into Connector. Meanwhile, the other 2 players will go towards the main entrances to the A-Site. One will enter from the Main and the other from the Palace. Their primary responsibilities include smoking off Jungle and Ticket Booth, followed up by an entry with Flashbangs. This will allow them to safely enter and clear both their pathways and take out any T-players holding inside the site.

The Mid players can also walk in with the assistance of the Flashbangs and fight inside the site as well. Therefore, all members should be able to take the A-site without much trouble in an organized and strategic manner to get the bomb planted.

The Smoke Barrage

This strat is all about line-ups for Smoke Grenades to the A-site. These line-ups will lock down the A-site and isolate the players inside while the ones playing outside are trapped out. The smoke will be placed in front of the Connector, the Ticket Booth, and on top of the Stairs. Additionally, smoke can be thrown near Triple Box to assist in the entry. Speaking of the entry, players will split between Palace and Main and use Flashbangs to guide them in. With the players trapped inside and without any support, the T-players can walk in to take them down very easily.

While all this is happening, it is wise to send one Terrorist to lurk outside through Mid to fight the rotating players and, if possible, rejoin the site during the post–plant entry of the CTs. This delays the rotation and splits the attention of the CTs as they have to look after two avenues now. Post-plant security is also maintained if the lurker can sneak under the radar and take players trying to go for the defuse.


Mid-Split Strat to B-site

The B-site is a little more complicated compared to A. Due to being much smaller and tight, there isn’t much room for utility and movement. There needs to be a stronger sense of aim and coordination to take this site efficiently. So, a push from multiple avenues is needed. In this case, there needs to be another split between the team where three players enter through Apartments and the other from Mid to B-Arches. The Mid players will walk up to short after smoking Window and Connector. They will need to be careful as there are many positions they need to be aware of: Window, Connector, and Underpass. One player can stay back and hold for any flankers trying to backstab the push.

The Apartments players will use smokes and Flashbangs to enter. They will smoke off Market and throw a Molotov at Bench. They will also use Flashbangs to assist their entry; these will also help the Mid-players walk in. This should allow for an easy site take and eliminate all players inside.

The Ultra Fake to B-site

This is another very timing and coordination-based strat and is better off being used with a 5-stack. The team will split into 3 parts. One will go to A-Main or preferably Palace to sell a fake, one in Mid to assist in the Fake, and the other three will remain on standby outside B. The Mid-player uses basic smokes to cover Window and Catwalk. He will slowly walk up while his teammate at A-Main distracts players with a barrage of Smokes and Molotovs. After trying to find a pick, he can flash himself in the site and try to make as much noise as possible and try to get any frags.

Meanwhile, the Mid-player can walk up to enter B-short to assist in the push to A or try to get in Window or Ladder Room to find an easy pick on a distracted CT. Now, after a few seconds have passed, the players outside B will charge in with their Smokes and Flashbangs to take the site. Due to the fake, there should be almost no CTs to defend. This should allow a safe bomb plant and an easy post-plant for the t-sided players.

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4 Mirage T-Side Strats To Try in CS2
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