4 Effective CT-side Strats For Inferno In Counter-Strike 2

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4 Effective CT-side Strats For Inferno In Counter-Strike 2

Here’s a list compiling some strong CT-side strats for Inferno in CS2.

Good old Inferno is one of the most difficult maps to play in the Counter-Strike franchise. Many factors go into a game of CS in Inferno. These include utility and game sense to a major degree. The map has lots of rat angles and hiding spots from where a shotgun can pop up and eliminate an entire push. Due to this defensive nature, which helps the CT players in the early round and the T players in the post-plants, Valve decided to revamp certain aspects of the map in 2016 during CS:GO to make it more playable. These include widened paths and visibility issues.

But even after the changes, the map remains the same which increases the dependency on utility and angle clearing. Even in CS2, with the changed visuals and graphical improvements, the games on this map have the same dynamic. With that being said, here are 4 strats on the Inferno CT side that are most effective with the approach of Inferno.

4 Effectice CT-side Strats for Inferno

Inferno demands utility and team-coordinated movement for any side on the offensive scale. This is particularly advantageous for CT players during the early phases of the game. Besides, having multiple strats that use aggressive positioning and utility can be useful, too. Such tactics make the T players more hesitant and give them less breathing room which leads to some reckless moves. From there, it can be quite easy to catch out some of the enemies.


Heroic A to Mid Rush

This strat can be very effective in buy rounds and is better to execute during the late stages of the match as the momentum will be slow from both teams. The rush will introduce a new burst of energy among the CT players as it has a high rate of success. Casper “cadiaN” Møller from Team Heroic has used this strat in countless games and has found much success.

This involves having 3 players push Mid from Top-Mid to the stairs in the T-Ramp. An early smoke at Top-Mid will be thrown from spawn at the start of the round. The players will burst out of this smoke with the help of coordinated Flashbangs. But before that, a Molotov and Smoke will be placed under the apartment window to block anyone pushing from 2nd Mid. The players can throw some Grenades at T-Ramps before entering to soften the Terrorists positioned there. Then, the players can pop out of the Smoke to fight the players in Mid. This will leave the Terrorists in a very unfavorable spot resulting in losing at least 2-3 players very early in the round. CT Players from Banana can throw supporting Molotovs and Grenades at T-Ramps to help out their aggressive teammates and can even provide supporting fire from Car.

This strat can effectively change the momentum of a game and demoralize the Terrorist side as they will have suffered significant losses in a matter of seconds.

Apartments Control

Anyone who's played on Inferno and has tried to hit the A-site on their T-side knows how crucial the Apts region is. It can support both sides during every part of a round and will allow the players to have a massive positional advantage over the other team. So if the CTs don’t take advantage of Apts, you can be certain the Terrorist side will, making it near impossible to hold off a push from that many avenues. So it is vital to take control of Apts early into the game and play off of the T-side’s reaction.

Normally 3 players stack at the A-site. The first order should be to have at least one player gain control near Apts Stairs while the other two stay outside Top Mid. If the Terrorists show signs of aggression, then the Apts player can call for a second player to support them while holding the enemies out with a Molotov or Smoke. The two players can now peek together with a Flashbang, one from Apts Window and the other from Stairs. The primary objective here is not to get kills but to push the T-side back and gather intel on how stacked the A-site is, then fall back immediately.

If they were to go for a passive approach after seeing that there is no form of aggression from the T-side, the Apts player can go for a lurk to find out if it is a B-site hit. But it is preferred to fall back and hold passive angles for a safe entry denial while one player from the site rotates to B for support.


Banana Utility Dump

Banana is the only entry to the B-site for the Terrorists and considering how tight and constricted this path is, it can be easily defended with some well-placed forms of utility. Everything from Flashbangs to Grenades. These will hinder the players from the T-side to enter into Banana. Since utility will be limited, and eventually, you’ll run out, it is important to manage these properly, especially when the opponents are still positioned outside B and not being diverted to A.

Besides the utility, a player can spam through to T-Ramp to try and find a pick on the enemies, putting them in a more detrimental state. Players from Top-Mid can also go for picks and even rush down to fight while the T-side is getting bombarded with grenades. It is important to note that one of these peekers should be an AWPer who is holding patiently to find a frag on to any Terrorist player who moves anywhere other than back to their spawn.

B-Site Passive Hold with Boosts

Holding the B-site passively can be very easy if you know how to play your cards right. The B-site is filled with rat angles, which can be exploited very easily. Usually, the T-players take a lot of time to clear out the whole site and, in many cases, even forget about certain positions as they immediately have to prepare for the post plant. So, the CTs can take advantage of this and plan an ambush either before or after the bomb plant. Both cases will have the element of surprise, but it is better to wait for a rotation from the A-site to support Spawn. Team Fnatic were experts on this strategy back during their prime in 2013.

These positions can be enhanced to be more aggressive by boosting the site. Since two players will be present in B, one can be boosted onto a spot, and then the other player will move to another passive angle deeper inside the site. The boost spots include 1st Box, 2nd Box, and Coffins. As it is easier to spot a player from here, the CT side will need to be more aggressive and use combative Molotovs and Grenades. The 2nd player can play from Quad, Dark, or Gardens to provide additional fire.

Either way, the players can do some significant damage to the attacking T players and make the post plant much easier as there will be fewer players. An AWP from Spawn can also prolong the hold on the site and even deny the bomb plant buying more time for the CT.

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4 Effective CT-side Strats For Inferno In Counter-Strike 2
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