CS: GO: How to Play on Inferno?

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CS: GO: How to Play on Inferno?

We take you through some simple tips for playing on CS:GO's Inferno map.

Inferno is one of the maps in CS:GO everyone is familiar with. Even though some people who are fans of the game don’t like it, there is no arguing that Inferno has an iconic status in the franchise. The map used to be the second-popular option in CS 1.6 (after Dust 2), and it is one of the go-to alternatives for many professional teams.

Despite its popularity, there are tons of small tips and tricks many players are unaware of. People who watch professional CS:GO matches might be familiar with some of the things we are about to point out, but we’ve decided to add a couple of additional tricks. So, here's everything you need to help you play on Inferno.

Smoke in the pit

Although some CS:GO players think the Terrorists have an advantage on Inferno, usually, this isn’t the case. The Counter Terrorists (CTs) are in a perfect position on this map, especially if they know how to position and what kinds of utilities to use. Speaking of the devil, knowing where to throw a smoke is one of the most important aspects of playing as a CT. 

Like any other map in CS:GO, Inferno has its specific positions, and one of them is the pit. Usually, there is at least one player there because this position allows you to keep an eye on a lot of things. Unfortunately, some people on the T side know that they can easily counter this position by throwing a Molotov.

Even though this won’t save you in every situation, sometimes, it is definitely a good idea to throw smoke inside the pit instead of wasting it somewhere else. This will give you an edge over your opponents because they will probably waste their Molotovs for no reason.

Staying alone at A

No one likes defending the bomb by himself, especially when it comes down to the A-site in Inferno. This is one of the maps where Terrorists can approach from all sorts of places, so being alone there is usually not a good idea. However, there are situations in the game where some of your teammates are dead, and you have to be alone. In these cases, there are a couple of things you could do to make the most out of the situation.

Usually, the Terrorists will try to clear the pit and check the site before placing a bomb. In order to avoid dying, you can try to hide in the small staircase near the pit and stay low until you hear someone coming. Even though you could die in a matter of seconds, most players won’t look there, which should give you the option to score a couple of kills, if not more.

Hold the Banana if you can

In some cases, you should fall back from banana, but don't let the Ts get control of it

Even though the A-site is more interesting, many people who play CS:GO prefer to defend the B-site. This is where it gets fascinating because CTs have to defend the banana, a narrow path that is easily controllable after throwing a couple of grenades. Even though this usually does the job, professional CS players know how to counter this and simply wait until the Terrorists use their utilities. This is when they start pushing and trying to control the bomb.

In a situation like this, retreating is probably a good idea because it will most likely save you from dying. However, you should try to reclaim the control of banana as soon as you can. If you don’t do that, the Ts will have tons of room to regroup and even rush the other site.

As T side, you need to try to gain map control


As we’ve mentioned, maintaining control of the map is really important if you are on the CT side. This means once you get the chance to switch, you should focus on gaining as much map control as possible. Apart from ensuring you won’t be surprised by someone who’s rushing, you can easily switch between the two bomb sites, which will force your opponents to rotate.

One of the things you can do to gain map control is to split around the map and play slowly until your opponents make a mistake. In most cases, one player has to stay near the banana in order to prevent opponents from rushing. Two players of the T side should try to stay mid, whereas the other two are usually in the apartments.   

Speaking of the banana (as mentioned earlier, this is one of the most important parts of Inferno), you should keep in mind your opponents will likely spam all sorts of grenades and other things. As a result, it is advisable to wait for them because otherwise, you will take a lot of damage. Even if you manage to kill one or two players, you will lose tons of HP, which is not good.

Contol > Group Up > Flash > Rush

Once you have control of the map as a T, group up, use a flash, and rush your opponents

If you do everything right, you should already have full control of your map. This is when it is time to group with your teammates and try to take over one of the bombs. Even though most people prefer to focus on A because it is “easier”,  this isn’t always the case.

The CTs who know what they’re doing will spray you down and kill at least a couple of your teammates before dying. To prevent this from happening, you should try to use Smoke, Flash, and everything else you can think of. 

Once you’ve secured the bomb site, you have to plant it and simply take good positions that will allow you to secure the round. Needless to say, this is not the time to rush or do questionable maneuvers because it may have a negative effect on your result.

CS: GO: How to Play on Inferno?
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