Yay Has Joined Bleed Esports for VCT 2024

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Yay Has Joined Bleed Esports for VCT 2024

One of NA's best Valorant players, yay, finally has a new home.

 Valorant RosterMania 2022 was quite the time. With the shocking disbandment of OpTic Gaming's Valorant squad, arguably the most consistently well-performing team in NA, everyone wondered where yay would end up. 

Considered the number 1 Valorant player in the world at the time, any organization would win big if they could add yay to their roster. And that winner ended up being Cloud9. 

But to the surprise of everyone, yay didn't stay with Cloud9 for long and departed the organization after five months

What did surprise everyone was yay's new organization: Disguised Toast.

Disguised Toast has made a foray into several Esports in 2023, including Valorant, and the unbelievable signing of yay would surely vastly increase their odds of ascending the VCT NA Challengers League.

Shockingly, that didn't happen. The Disguised Toast Valorant team was never able to get into a groove, and after a disappointing season, dropped from 2024 Challengers. Once again, yay was in need of a new home.

Third Time is the Charm

And it looks like yay has found that new home in Bleed Esports. 

Bleed Esports announced the signing yesterday. The organization has done quite well these past two years, topping VCT 2023 Ascension Pacific with a 3-0 victory over SCARZ, earning their spot in the VCT Pacific League for the next two years. Time will tell if the acquisition of yay will allow Bleed Esports to dominate the Pacific region, which is full of stiff competition like Paper Rex, DRX, and T1.

Yay Has Joined Bleed Esports for VCT 2024
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