Yay Leaves Cloud9 After 5 Months

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Yay Leaves Cloud9 After 5 Months

Fans of Cloud9 might not be feeling too happy right now, as Yay is leaving the organization.

When Valorant RosterMania 2022 started, the talk of the scene was what would happen to OpTic Gaming's Valorant roster. Despite being arguably the most consistently well-performing Valorant team in North America, OpTic Gaming parted ways with their entire squad. That meant a lot of top-tier Valorant pros who needed new homes.

Of everyone on the team, yay, drew in the most hype. Considered by many to be the single best Valorant player in the world, everyone competing in VCT 2023 would want to sign him. And fans of Cloud9 were thanking their lucky stars when news broke out that yay was signing with Cloud9. Locking him in instantly cemented Cloud9 as a serious contender to win it all this year.

But now? That's no longer the case, as it seems yay is moving on to a different pasture.

Several days ago, Max Katz and Dot Esports broke a report with rumors that yay would be leaving Cloud9. Today, Dot Esports has confirmed that yay is indeed leaving the organization.

We'll need to wait for the official news to break, but it will be interesting to hear why the two parties chose to part ways. While it's true, Cloud9 had a disappointing performance in the recent VCT LOCK//IN tournament, making an early departure after dropping a match to DRX, this is still yay. What could've spurred this?

What's Next For Cloud9 and Yay?

With a huge now in their roster that needs filling, Cloud9 will need to begin trials to find yay's replacement. Cloud9 must submit its new roster to Riot Games before the Americas League kicks off in late March. And while yay is the first to leave Cloud9 this season, he might not be the only roster member leaving. 

As for yay himself, there's no official news of where he will go next. Obviously, it won't take long for him to find a new home. It appears that he and his former OpTic Gaming teammate Marved, are engaging in some community trolling in this regard.

Both Marved and yay have updated their Twitter bios stating they are professional Valorant players for Moist Esports, the Esports organization co-owned by moistcr1tikal and Ludwig. Moist Esports is indeed entering the Valorant scene, having signed the BreakThru roster. But there's no reason to believe either elite Valorant pro would join a raw recruit organization. Just a bit of fun. 

Speaking of Marved, he has yet to sign with anyone since his departure from OpTic Gaming. It's possible he and yay will reunite for VCT 2023. 



Yay Leaves Cloud9 After 5 Months
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