Will BetBoom Team Qualify For TI12 Directly?

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Will BetBoom Team Qualify For TI12 Directly?

BetBoom Team had initially ensured a TI12 spot, but their demotion to the Bali Major Lower Brackets and subsequent elimination has cast a shadow of doubt over their TI12 qualification 

BetBoom Team celebrated qualifying for TI12 after beating Tundra Esports with a game to spare in a crucial Upper Bracket best of three series. They had accumulated 1160 Dota Pro Circuit, which was well above the minimum requirement of 1020 DPC points for a direct TI12 invite. 

This is how the Dota Pro Circuit ranking looked like after the BetBoom-Tundra series:

Will BetBoom Team Qualify For TI12 Directly?

Image Courtesy: Liquipedia 

Alexander “TORONTOTOKYO” Khertek and his team secured the fifth position on the leaderboards following the Tundra Series.  As things stood, they were guaranteed a spot in the prestigious event scheduled to be held in Seattle in October.

After securing their qualification for TI12, BetBoom Team's coach, Anatoly “boolk” Ivanov, midlaner Danil “gpk” Skutin, and manager Luka “Lukawa” Nasuashvili appeared in a YouTube video to reflect on their success. While gpk and boolk poured out their hearts in joy, Lukawa urged caution in celebrating prematurely due to concerns about obtaining US visas for all the team members to attend the tournament.

The celebrations did turn out to be premature for BetBoom Team, but not for the reason Lukawa had anticipated. An unexpected turn of events derailed the Eastern European team’s Bali Major campaign. 

BetBoom Team's excitement over their apparent 2-0 victory against Tundra Esports quickly turned into disappointment when the outcome was overturned. The turn of events unfolded when it was discovered that one of BetBoom's players, Ivan “Pure” Moskalenko, had violated the rules by alt-tabbing to watch a Twitch stream during the match, which is a punishable offense in competitive Dota 2. 

Pure was suspended from the tournament afterward and BetBoom were relegated to the Lower Brackets. The reversal of their victory against Tundra Esports resulted in the loss of the 400 DPC points they had earned from defeating the formidable Western European team. BetBoom's attempt to secure a win against Azure Ray in the Lower Bracket tie proved unsuccessful, leading to their elimination from the Bali Major. This chain of events pushed them out of the guaranteed TI12 spots. Here’s how the DPC leaderboard currently looks:

Picture2 2

Image Courtesy: Liquipedia

BetBoom Team currently hold 760 DPC points, placing them in 12th position on the leaderboards. If the standings remain unchanged, they would secure the final direct invitation spot for The Internationals.

Following BetBoom Team's elimination from the Bali Major, there were two teams vying for the opportunity to take their spot in TI12: Team Aster and Quest Esports. Quest had accumulated 632 DPC points, while Aster had 608. The outcome of the Bali Major would determine which team could secure the final direct invitation spot for TI12, as both teams had the potential to claim it with impressive performances in the tournament.

Fellow Eastern European side 9Pandas did a huge favor to BetBoom by taking Team Aster out of the equation. Alexey “Solo” Berezin’s men handed the Chinese outfit a 2-1 defeat in the Lower Bracket playoffs and knocked them out of the competition. Quest Esports now remain BetBoom’s only challenger in the race for the final TI12 direct invitation spot. 

Quest Esports are about to play Gaimin Gladiators in the Bali Major Upper Bracket Semifinals. The Saudi Arabian organization trail BetBoom by 128 points. To overcome that gap, BetBoom must make it to the Grand Final of the competition. Otherwise, BetBoom will enter TI12 as the 12th and final direct invitee. 

Of course, missing out on the direct invitation spots doesn’t mean the door to TI12 will close down permanently for both Quest Esports and BetBoom Team. They will have the opportunity to compete against other teams in their respective regions and fight for one of the six available spots reserved for the qualified teams from the regional qualifiers.

Will BetBoom Team Qualify For TI12 Directly?
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