TI12: BetBoom Team Express Visa Concerns

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TI12: BetBoom Team Express Visa Concerns

BetBoom Team have made it to the TI12, but they are not sure that all of their players will get visas to attend the event 

Following a resounding 2-0 victory against Tundra Esports in the Bali Major Upper Bracket Quarterfinals, the BetBoom Team secured the necessary DPC points for a coveted TI12 qualification. With a remarkable tally of 1160 DPC points, they proudly sit as the fifth-ranked team on the global DPC points leaderboard. Amidst their celebration, however, the team faces a sobering reality as potential visa complications cast doubt over their participation in TI12. 

TI12: BetBoom Team Express Visa Concerns
Dota Pro Circuit 2023 rankings. The light green shaded teams have secured the necessary DPC points for direct TI12 invites (Credit: Liquipedia)


BetBoom Team's coach, Anatoly “boolk” Ivanov, midlaner Danil “gpk” Skutin, and manager Luka “Lukawa” Nasuashvili, expressed their reactions in a recent YouTube video following the team's successful qualification for TI12. While their accomplishment brought about a sense of euphoria, the excitement was tempered by the presence of visa uncertainties, casting a shadow of uncertainty over their upcoming journey.

Boolk and Gpk couldn't contain their excitement, but Lukawa urged caution, advising them to hold off on celebrating until all the members of BetBoom Team receive approval for their visas. Once everyone's visa applications are granted, they can fully embrace the joy and celebrate together in a fitting manner.

The TI12 will be held in Seattle, USA between October 14-29. In response to the Russian invasion of Ukraine, the USA has implemented stricter visa policies for Russian nationals. As a result, last year, Russian CSGO star Ilya “m0NESY” Osipov was unable to obtain a US visa to attend IEM Dallas 2022. In May of this year, however, Cloud 9 received visas for their Russian majority roster to participate in IEM Dallas 2023. BetBoom Team, therefore, can remain hopeful of getting visas for the US. 

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BetBoom Team have become the third Eastern European team to secure a spot in TI12, joining the ranks of 9Pandas and Team Spirit. One more team from the region is expected to qualify for the tournament through the qualifiers, marking a historic moment as four Eastern European teams will participate in The International for the very first time.