When Is the Fortnite Live Event? C5 S1 Ends With Big Event?

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When Is the Fortnite Live Event? C5 S1 Ends With Big Event?

Is there going to be a Chapter 5 Season 2 live event? This is what we know about the end of this season and if they’ll be a big blowout.

Some of the most exciting moments in Fortnite’s history have come from its live events. These can be huge. We’ve seen Kaiju fights, the end of the world, tons of exciting events. Lately though, they’ve slowed down.

At one point, when is the Fortnite live event was a question that players asked at the end of every season. These days they only happen at the conclusion of Chapters. Is that changing though?

In the build-up to the new season’s release date, we’ve seen some hints at something new happening. What looks like the precursor to the next Fortnite live event has shown up in-game. What can we expect from a Chapter 5 Season 2 live event and is one going ahead?

Is There a Chapter 5 Season 2 Live Event?

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Fortnite live events used to happen in most seasons. More recently though, we’ve only been seeing them to wrap up full Chapters.

Our last season ending got one, the Big Bang. However, the event just prior to this was to close out Chapter 3. Despite them getting rarer and seemingly down to a set schedule, fans are anticipating a new one soon.

In recent days, changes have shown up on the C5 FN map. We’ve seen major cracks form on the floor of the map. Now, they’re shooting out steam and lava is forming below. What exactly is happening?

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It all ties in with some changes coming to close the season. As move into next season, a giant hand will come out from these cracks. Is it just the cracks we’ll see though or is something more coming?

The Titan Hand

When is the Fortnite Live Event

Looking at Fortnite C5 S2 leaks, the current version of the game has things in the mode that indicate something is coming. We don’t have confirmation that it’s a full event just yet though.

Rather than being a full-on party like the Big Bang, it looks like we’re getting more of a mini-event. It’ll see a monster’s hand rise from these cracks, along with lava to remake the map.

It’s supposedly even going to be intractable. Players will have to work together to knock down a chest, apparently containing Pandora’s box in Fortnite! That’s what we know about the Chapter 5 Season 2 live event.

As this isn’t a completely full event, we might not be getting a Fortnite live event countdown in the lobby. However, we do have some information on when the Titan Hand will start to be interactable in-game.

When Is the Fortnite Live Event?

When is the Fortnite Live Event

We don’t have an in-game countdown, but some leakers have come in clutch with timing information. A new Fortnite live event will supposedly be gradually happening over the course of the week. It’s going to reach its next stage on March 2nd.

We’ll likely then continue to see the hand rise upwards over the next few days. That’s before the final day of the season sees the chest drop from the Titan’s hand. Players then work together to shoot down.

We don’t know what comes out yet. Rather than some of the best Fortnite weapons, we’re expecting its contents to be lore focused.

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We’ve already seen some daily changes about the Chapter 5 Season 2 live event. We’ve had cracks form. Now they’re even shooting lava! The titan hand emerging seems to be the next stage.

That’s our best answer to when is the Fortnite live event. At the moment, it doesn’t like it’ll be a full-fledged event with its own playlist. However, that could change.

Will We Get a Fortnite Live Event Countdown?


So far, the event seems like more of a main-game progression than its own separate thing. Similar to Kevin the Cube gradually rolling around the map. Epic might change that though.

If we see the Titan Hand emerge over the weekend, it’s possible this is just the start of a bigger event. In that case, we might see an in-game countdown appear in the lobby. That will make it simple to track when you can catch the live event.

At the moment there isn’t a single answer to when is the Fortnite live event since we don’t know if a full one is happening. These mini-events are exciting still though. Although, it might just be the beginning

A more surprise live event would definitely be a fun way to round off the season. Things have been a bit quiet since the FNCS Finals concluded. The once per Chapter schedule has gotten a bit dull too.

It’s nice to see Epic pushing the boat out a bit more with live events recently. These smaller season handover events have been missed since Chapter 2 and they keep things interesting outside of Chapter resets.

When Is the Fortnite Live Event? C5 S1 Ends With Big Event?
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