When is the Next Fortnite Season Launching? C5 S4’s Big Day

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When is the Next Fortnite Season Launching? C5 S4’s Big Day

Is there going to be a big change on the horizon, and when is the next Fortnite season going to release?

Fortnite is always moving forward, so when is Chapter 5 Season 4 releasing? While the new content is fun, if you’re pining for a more classic Fortnite meta there won’t be too long to wait.

The current season has some wacky gameplay, but it’s changing constantly. The game is nearly always having big alterations, especially this season. The meta seems to be developing every week.

Metallica is fun and everything, but it’s no secret this has been a bit of a controversial season. The normal balance of power in weapons and items abandoned, and gameplay completely changed. It’s one of the most out there additions across Fortnite’s history. So, when is the next Fortnite season?

It’s not like players are leaving the game until next season, but numbers are down and it’s clear the current season’s changes are a bit unpopular. A lot of players are currently asking when is the next Fortnite season. A little earlier than they normally would.

That’s not to say Epic is doing work to try and fix it. They’ve been massively altering how things work pretty much every week.

If you just don’t want to bother until a whole new set of the game’s evolution comes though, there’s only a few months to wait for the next Fortnite season release date.

When is the Next Fortnite Season?

when is the next fortnite season

If you’re looking forward to the next drop of fresh content for Fortnite, you don’t have too long to hang around! Well, not that long in the grand scheme of things. We’re actually still quite early in this season.

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The next Fortnite season is due to start on August 16. This is the end date for the C5 S3 Battle Pass in-game this season.

The game never lingers on anything for all that long. Sometimes that’s a huge positive, like when the game got crafting for a season. However, others, it’s a shame as a perfect season feels like it’s earning just a bit too soon.

August is the most likely date for the end of the season. This an be altered from time to time though. In the past we’ve seen these season start dates delayed, like with C5 S2 Fortnite servers being down for much longer than we thought. Next season will probably start on time though.

Before that, there’s plenty more changes planned though. We’re getting new items pretty regularly. Plus, there’s a Pirates of the Caribbean collab coming pretty soon. There are tons to look forward too. But, the time comes when the next Fortnite season launches isn't too far away.

What’s Coming Next Season?

This season might be all cars, but Epic rarely stays with a gameplay gimmick for longer than it’s welcome. We’re already looking at a major change for next season.

According to the Fortnite leaks for it, this is going to be another marvel season. This time looking at the X-Men.

The natural assumption for this is that the season is going to feature superpower Mythics once again. These are a good fit for mythic weapons, but they might be different from last time.

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In the seasons since our last major superhero collab, Mythics have gotten quite a bit better balanced. Hopefully, we can expect the super hero items to similarly fit into the game’s general gameplay a bit better.

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Outside of Superheroes, there’s more unknowns about next season. There are other details for Rocket Racing and Lego we already know about. Like the return of Klombo, the undisputed highlight of Fortnite’s recent few Chapters. However, for Battle Royale at first glance it feels like it won’t be a return to classic style gameplay. At least for a little bit.

Epic is Already Teasing FN Chapter 5 Season 4

One factor that might have people a little inpatient for the next season is that Epic has started teasing it. Literally, a week or so into the season they’ve began to tease it.

We’ve started seeing these interesting pylons pop up all over the map. What exactly does this mean? If you were part of the Fortnite player base back in Chapter 2, you’ll likely recognize these. They’re from the Stark Industries POIs.

when is the next fortnite season

These plyons are clearly teasing a return to Fortnite Marvel content. The Roadmap leak we saw quite a while ago already leaked that next season is Marvel again. Since players instantly recognize these pylons as from C2 S4, clearly, it’s intentional.

Epic’s started teasing things a little sooner. We do have the summer break to get through first, before Chapter 5 Season 4 arrives and rounds off the current age of the game. The break in particular is beginning to feel a little cursed, with summer seasons often not being the most popular.

There’s still plenty more content to come though. Even Magneto releasing in Fortnite hasn’t happened just yet. Plus, more collabs lined up that could see gameplay return to a more classic Fortnite style.

We can expect these teases to increase as we get closed to when the next Fortnite Season starts. We don’t even have that long to wait.

When is the Next Fortnite Season Launching? C5 S4’s Big Day
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