When Does the Fortnite Magneto Skin Release? C5 S3 Bonus

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When Does the Fortnite Magneto Skin Release? C5 S3 Bonus

When does the Fortnite Magneto skin release and how can you unlock them in-game once they do?

Chapter 5 Season 3 is off to a fun start, now a couple of quick hotfixes in. We’ve had a while to play with the new skins, but there’s one big feature still missing.

As is tradition, the Battle Pass isn’t everything. We’ve still got bonus styles to come, and maybe more excitingly the Bonus Skin. This season, that’s Magneto. The metal-controlling mutant will be our latest crossover character.

Arriving a little ahead of the rumored Marvel themed Season 4, we’ve got the villain as the bonus skin this time. He’s called Wastelander Magneto, a slightly more ramshackle look for the character to fit this season’s map.

The Fortnite Magneto Skin won’t be unlocked from the start of the season. When is the release date for the skin and how can you unlock them?

When Does Fortnite Magneto Skin Release?

Fortnite Magneto Skin

The Magneto Fortnite skin will be released a few weeks into the season. It’s nice to get these drops partway through as they keep things interesting. Even once you’ve grinded through a lot of the Fortnite Battle Pass for C5 S3 there’s more to unlock.

The release date is currently set for July 2nd 2024.

This could change as we get closer. It’s just the unlock time currently listed in game. Fortnite can get off schedule sometimes, with updates in Season 3 having moved to days other than Tuesdays already. This could delay the release of Magneto. We’ll expect him and the quests associated with him to hit around July 2ndthough.

All Magneto Fortnite Skin Items

Fortnite Magneto Skin

 That’s when you can get the skin, but what’s coming? We know we’re getting the Fortnite Wastelander Magneto skin. Most likely, we’ll also get a more comic-accurate skin style too. The other items are currently a mystery though! Going off past Bonus skins, these are the items we can expect:

  • Loading Screen
  • Back Bling
  • Harvesting Tool
  • Glider
  • Alt Style
  • Alt Style for Other Cosmetics
  • Lego styles for Each Skin

We don't know the exact items until they unlock in July though.

In-Game Magneto Content

Since the Fortnite Magneto skin hasn't been released yet, we don't know about in-game content for certain. However, the trailer looked promising.

We've already seen a kind of Magneto shield and metal-throwing attack in the trailer. This could even mean he's on the map as a boss! Hopefully, the metal-controlling Mythic is helpful against the powerful cars dominating the C5 S3 weapons at the moment.

Fortnite Magneto Skin

How to Unlock Fortnite Wastelander Magneto Skin

If you actually want to get your hands on the skin, we don’t have too much longer to wait. It won’t be unlocking for everyone though. It’s not one of our free Fortnite skins, unfortunately. The Fortnite Magneto Skin won’t break the back though.

However, it is available to everyone who’s purchased the C5 S3 Battle Pass. Provided, that you complete some challenges.

Bonus skins get a series of quests, active to those who bought the pass. Finishing off each one should unlock a different item. Getting them all completed on a page unlocks the Magneto Fortnite skin. The second page then completes the other style for the character.

Fortnite Magneto Skin

The first page of quests typically goes active when the skin first unlocks. That'll be the opening of June. More recently, the second batch has been held back for a few weeks.

By mid-July though, players should be able to get their hands on Magneto in-game. There are already loads of Marvel skins out there, but Magneto will flesh out our X-Men characters.

We only have a short while to wait before the Fortnite Wastelander Magneto skin unlocks. The skin will drop on July 2nd, so start prepping your locker slot now for its release.

When Does the Fortnite Magneto Skin Release? C5 S3 Bonus
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