All Skins in the Fortnite C5 S3 Battle Pass Leaks

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All Skins in the Fortnite C5 S3 Battle Pass Leaks

These are the Fortnite C5 S3 Battle Pass skins that have been leaked before the season kicks off including new collabs for the game.

Fortnite Battle Pass leaks are always some of the most exciting. These are the skins and characters that will dominate an upcoming season. Often, they’re not public knowledge until update day. For the Fortnite Chapter 5 Season 3 skins though, we’ve got some major early leaks.

The recent Fortnite C5 S3 Battle Pass leaks have shown off quite a few of the characters we can expect. That includes a new collab which has been confirmed, but also a selection of survey skins that also seem likely. That’s a good handful of new styles we’re fairly sure are coming with the next Fortnite season. It’s an interesting batch coming this time.

Fortnite C5 S3 Battle Pass Leaks

For a new Battle Pass, there’s a couple of ways we get leaks for skins. The first is the surveys which show off concept art of characters far in advance. Some leakers can narrow these skins down to those that fit the theme and in-code references.

Last season is a good example of this, as god skins are fairly easy to spot. The skins that match the wasteland sandstorm theme seem look good fits for next season.

Then, there’s those that are in the game’s files. These can sometimes take longer than expected to come, but we know Epic has got them in the game and they’re ready to go.

For this season, there are some of these and some which are coming from dataminers specifically. These are the skins we think are coming for the new season.

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Nitro – Fortnite Battle Pass Leaks

Fortnite C5 S3 Battle Pass Leaks

One of the major teases for this season has been Nitro. This is apparently connected to a new POI called the Nitro Dome. This is going to be an area that will be a new spot to land in Fortnite Chapter 5 Season 3. One skin has leaked which seems pretty familiar.

It doesn’t have a name yet, but FN_Assist on Twitter is suggesting this skin will be part of our next Battle Pass. This skin would definitely fit the wasteland vibe of the upcoming Fortnite C5 S3 Battle Pass.


The Fortnite Crash Test Dummy skin is a fun character in-game that’s even gotten a big questline at the end of this season. This might turn out to be just a precursor. There’s a new version of him coming in the Fortnite Chapter 5 Season 3 skins.

This new Dummy features some post-apocalyptic twists on the character. He’s got a Mohawk, face paint, and some accessories. Since vehicles are supposed to be a bigger part of the season, maybe this is a leftover dummy come to life.

These new versions of Fortnite characters are pretty common, but Dummy hasn’t had a lot of styles. It’s usually Peely and Fishsticks that gets more love. This new version will be a fun twist though. This skin seems like a great fit for the Fortnite Battle Pass leaks, but it could be item shop.

Transforming Skin in Fortnite C5 S3 Battle Pass

Fortnite C5 S3 Battle Pass Leaks

One skin that has been highlighted by @Nanxss on Twitter is a transforming character. This will be a human-style character who transforms into a big burly monster. Kind of like Bane, using “Nitro” fluid to become a more muscular creature.

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This skin will likely have an in-game emote to turn from one form to another. Epic often uses this kind of mechanic to add a bit of variety.

Big Skin

Fortnite C5 S3 Battle Pass Leaks

One of the Fortnite C5 S3 Battle Pass leaks that’s still pretty mysterious is this large hulking skin. We can clearly see a bit of battle armor on the character. That’s about it though.

We have a full silhouette on this skin. However, not much detail on what they actually look like. We’ll have to wait a bit longer to see how this character looks properly.

Collabs – Fortnite Chapter 5 Season 3 Skins

Fortnite Fallout - Fortntie C5 S3 Battle Pass Leaks

One area of the new Fortnite Battle Pass leaks which we do have confirmation on is a collab. This is going to be a new Fallout crossover. It’s already been confirmed by Epic with a teaser image.

It looks like we’re definitely getting a Power Armor skin in the game. It’s not clear right now if it’ll be part of the Fortnite C5 S3 Battle Pass or just a skin that’s in the item shop.

Another crossover that’s heavily rumored right now is Mad Max. There is a new spin-off movie in the series coming out and it’s a perfect fit for the theme. Especially with all the vehicle and nitro hints we’ve had so far.

Mad Max is getting teased too. It might just be a mad max-esque season though, rather than an actual skin coming to the game.

Those are all of our new Fortnite Battle Pass leaks. We’re expecting quite a few new characters to show up in the new season. These probably won’t be any of the rarest Fortnite skins anytime soon. It’ll definitely be fun to see unlock a load of fresh styles for the game.

All Skins in the Fortnite C5 S3 Battle Pass Leaks
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