Zeus Fortnite Skin – Epic God Teased Ahead of C5 S2

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Zeus Fortnite Skin – Epic God Teased Ahead of C5 S2

The Zeus Fortnite skin from next season’s Battle Pass has just been teased, what will the God of Thunder look like in the Battle Royale?

Fortnite is in the countdown to its next season right now. This weekend we saw the Giant Hand emerge on the map and drop Pandora’s Box. Now it’s opened up all we have to do is wait for what comes next.

What exactly will that be? Epic has already started teasing that. They’re showing off in a cryptic form some of the new content we’ll be seeing hitting the game soon.

Most notably, they’ve just teased one of the biggest Battle Pass skins. The latest teaser shows off the Fortnite Zeus skin.

If you’ve seen any of the Fortnite Chapter 5 Season 2 leaks, you’ll likely know it’s going to be Mythology-based. Zeus as a Battle Pass inclusion and in-game NPC has been teased for quite a while too.

With this latest info drop though, Epic is giving us our clearest look at the newest character yet. This is what we know about the new Zeus Fortnite skin.

Zeus Fortnite Teaser Revealed by Epic

As we’re now in the build-up to the release date of Fortnite Chapter 5 Season 2, Epic is starting to tease upcoming content. They’ve released this image on Twitter, which seems to show off the Fortnite Zeus skin.

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Zeus Fortnite

This first look is a little tricky to see clearly. The skin is being hidden by a constellation effect. We have gotten a decent look at the character underneath though.

His lightning seems to be firmly in view here. This might confirm one of the bigger Chapter 5 Season 2 leaks we’ve seen.

The skin is also a little different from what most people imagine when they think Zeus. It feels a bit younger! The details of the skin will likely see Epic doing their own original creative take on the character. Same as they’ve done for most Fortnite characters.

Zeus is one of the best-known figures from this part of Mythology. He’s the king of Gods, and of lightning. He’s one of the gods you’d expect from a Greek mythology-themed season.

Zeus typically resides in Mount Olympus. This is currently rumored to be one of our new POIs for the new season. With the Zeus Fortnite skin already teased, this now looks more likely.

Lightning Confirmed in New Fortnite Zeus Skin Teaser

Aside from a sneak peek at the skin itself, seeing his lightning highlighted as a projectile here is interesting. This has been in the files as an attack for a while.

In leaks till now, we’ve known there’s a mythic item coming associated with lightning. Some kind of offensive use of lightning bolts will likely come from it.

By the looks of the Fortnite Zeus teaser, this is coming next season! In-game characters are currently discussing how the medallions were crafted from older godly powers. Zeus’ lightning might be one of these.

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This would mean that the Zeus Fortnite skin is a character on the map that players can approach. Likely a boss character who you have to take out to get their power.

It’s been common over the last few Fortnite chapters to deal with Battle Pass skins in-game. They appear on the map as characters, who you have to fight. Having the Fortnite Zeus skin on the map makes a lot of sense if he’s a key part of the new Battle Pass.

Zeus Fortnite

All New Bosses Teased

Zeus’ has also been shown off in other teasers. With the Fortnite Weekly Quests concluded, we’ve got a big questline right now to collect mosaic pieces in-game. The prize is a new screen featuring mosaics teasing the new season.

The mosaic teases one of the new skins Cerebus. However, it matches the art featured around Pandora’s box. That shows off all of the new bosses we’ll be seeing next season, including the Zeus Fortnite skin teased here.

So far, it looks like the Fortnite Zeus skin will be a boss. He’s joining Ares, Hades, and Cerberus in this role. It’s definitely shaping up to be an interesting season. Their powers especially could be some of the best Fortnite items.

Once we get to the release date later this week we’ll know more. These mythology skins and mythics look like an interesting change from the gun-heavy bosses over the last season.

Zeus Fortnite Skin – Epic God Teased Ahead of C5 S2
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