What to Expect in the Dead Reckoning Chest – Tier 2 and Tier 3

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What to Expect in the Dead Reckoning Chest – Tier 2 and Tier 3

These are the hottest skins you can unlock with Tier 2 and Tier 3 sets from the Dead Reckoning Chests in Dota 2. 

You can earn more points on the final day of the Dead Reckoning to open chests with exciting new skins for your beloved heroes. Players can collect up to 10 flowers for Muerta by beating enemy heroes in the Dead Reckoning mini-game during their matches. Each kill provides 2 points and an assist can provide 1 point in the Dead Reckoning. These points can be used to receive the Dead Reckoning Chests that have exquisite sets to add to your collection. There’s only 1 day remaining to win the Dead Reckoning Chests, urging Dota 2 players to win points before it ends. 

Take a look at the Tier 2 and Tier 3 sets for heroes that are available with the Dead Reckoning Chest.

Lina – Dead Heat

Lina looks freakishly hot  in the new Dead Heat set

The Dead Heat set for Lina drapes the damsel in a red and grey outfit. Her dress is embroidered with golden threads that run through Lina’s mythical set. She wears a crown burning with 5 candles that presents her in a tantalizing form to make her enemies flee battles in fear. 

You can equip the Dead Heat set for Lina to fight enemy heroes and leave a blazing trail in her footsteps. Lina can cast Dragon Slave to burn her opponents to the ground. Dragon Slave can be used in team fights to deal 310 damage to multiple enemy units in lanes. The Dead Heat set makes players look stunning while casting magical spells to get more kills in Dota 2 games. 

Anti-Mage – Spectral Hunter

Anti-Mage gets maroon hair in the Spectral Hunter set

Anti-Mage is a carry hero with a radiant new look in the Spectral Hunter set. Inspired by Mexican and Aztec designs, the Spectral Hunter set gives the Agility hero a warrior’s appeal. Both of his arms are protected by feather-like material in metallic armor. These items are colored in blue and are hung around large purple orbs that cover the melee hero’s neck. 

His blades are structured to let Anti-Mage swing his weapons to slit his enemies apart. The weapons featured in Spectral Hunter set can definitely impress your friends while increasing your kill counts in the game. His waist is engraved with a diamond pattern that makes Anti-Mage shine with a hero’s radiance. Anti-Mage has maroon hair that extends to his shoulders in the new set. 

Dawnbreaker – Dying Light

Dawnbreaker gets a stunning new skin with the Dying Light set

Dawnbreaker can be seen in Dota 2 games playing the role of a sturdy tank hero. She carries a huge weapon with her hands that can be thrust into enemies to deal bonus damage. It has a glowing orange edge that makes Dawnbreaker’s fights surreal in battles. Most of her outfit has tinges of bright red to let Dawnbreaker dominate her enemies in her lanes while farming for gold. 

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The Dying Light set for Dawnbreaker comes with a new ability icon for Celestial Hammer. Her ability, Celestial Hammer, can be used to crush enemy heroes during battles. Dawnbreaker can deal 140 damage using her hammer by casting Celestial Hammer on any location on the map. She can retract her weapon after using Celestial Hammer to scorch a trail of fire across the map to slow the movement speed of enemies by up to 36% for 2.5 seconds. Celestial Hammer has a cooldown of 12 seconds and requires 140 mana per cast.  

Sniper – Expired Gun

Sniper assassinates enemies in the Expired Gun set

Sniper is an outstanding carry hero in the online game. He can get plenty of kills in the Dead Reckoning by casting his spells to deal damage to enemy units. The Expired Gun set for Sniper lends him a star-studded look that can be unlocked from the Dead Reckoning Chest. He wears a stylish purple and yellow hat that appears gruesome to enemy heroes who are tough enough to face Sniper in battles. 

Sniper has pink flowers decorated on one side of his shoulder and 3 candles that are burning with a blue flame on the other side. The Agility hero wears a large glowing mask made of emerald and gold on his back to push enemies back while attacking his foes in the massively multiplayer game. Sniper sports a full dark beard that keeps him warm throughout the match in the Expired Gun set. 

Medusa – Death Adder

Medusa fights multiple enemy units in the Death Adder set

Medusa can slide between lanes to push towers and mutilate enemy heroes. She can toggle Split Shots to hit multiple enemy units at once, letting Medusa mitigate her opponents within seconds. The Death Adder outfit for Medusa covers her tail in ancient armor that are yellow and green in color. 

Her back has 2 wings that make Medusa look angelic in battles. The serpents on her head are masked with golden armor and are lit by green fluorescent eyes that can shake her enemies and send shivers across their body. She wears large bracers on her hands to make her attacks look mesmerizing in battles. Her bow in the Death Adder set have maroon feathers to bring balance to her physical attacks. 

She can release a Mystic Snake to deal a base damage of 220 and an additional 35% damage per bounce. Mystic Snake can jump across up to 6 enemy units to drain a portion of their mana pool with every jump. Medusa can enable Mana Shield to protect herself from incoming attacks. She can activate Mana Shield to absorb up to 70% of damage from enemy attacks by consuming mana. Each point of mana can be consumed to absorb up to 2.5 damage using Mana Shield. A level 4 Mana Shield can provide up to 300 mana to Medusa. The Death Adder set for Medusa can be a fine addition to your collection in Dota 2. 

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Viper – Soul Serpent

Viper casts Viper Strike on enemies in the Soul Serpent set

The Soul Serpent set for Viper gives the Agility hero a wild look that suits his poisonous nature. Viper is guarded with green metallic armor that appears magnetic in battles. His jaws are framed with a red panel that can be used to cast Nethertoxin on enemy heroes. Nethertoxin can be cast by Viper to deal up to 125 maximum damage for 4 seconds in a radius of 400. 

Viper can make kills spectacular to glance at during team fights with the Soul Serpent set equipped on the Agility hero. He can release his ulti, Viper Strike, to deal up to 160 damage per second (DPS) to enemy units. Any opponent targeted by Viper Strike has its movement speed reduced by 80% for 5 seconds. Viper’s tail has a bushy end in the Soul Serpent set to give his fluttering movements a flair in battles. 

Pudge – Doll of The Dead

Pudge uses Meat Hook to grab enemies in the Doll of the Dead set

Pudge gets an adorable makeover by unlocking the Doll of the Dead set for the Strength hero. The Butcher wears a monstrous hat on his back with 6 white bones stitched on top of it. He wears thick dark gloves to cover his hands in the Doll of the Dead set. The 2 weapons in his hands resemble dangerous toys that can be used to surprise enemy heroes in Dota 2 matches with Pudge. The shoes included in Doll of the Dead set have sharp rollers at the back of his foot and has vibrant markings in the front to make his movements unique in the game. 

The Legendary set has a custom icon for the Meat Hook ability that lets Pudge deal Pure damage to enemy heroes. Meat Hook can be used to pull an enemy unit from a distance of 1300 and deals 360 Pure damage to them. His ability, Meat Hook has a cooldown of 12 seconds and requires 110 mana to be used per cast. Doll of the Dead is a Tier 3 set for Pudge that can be unlocked by earning points in the Dead Reckoning. 

IO – Altar Ball

IO gets an astounding new set in the Dead Reckoning Chest

Players will be delighted to find out that IO has a brand-new skin in the Dead Reckoning Chest to entertain its community. The Alter Ball set gives the support hero a fascinating 3D model for IO to make his attacks and spells appear awe-inspiring during team fights. All the abilities of IO, including Tether, Spirits, Overcharge, and Relocate have entirely new icons. IO also gets new sound effects with the Legendary Tier 3 Altar Ball set. 

You can Tether allied units and teleport them to safety in style by putting on the Altar Ball set for IO. Players can use items like Force Staff with IO to distract enemy heroes with the Altar Ball set during key moments in Dota 2 games.  

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