What to Expect in the Dead Reckoning Chest – Tier 1

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What to Expect in the Dead Reckoning Chest – Tier 1

You can earn points in the Dead Reckoning to unlock chests with stunning skins for your beloved heroes in Dota 2. 

The Dead Reckoning is a fun mini-game people can play in the latest 7.32 E update to the strategy game. Players can get kills and assists against specific enemy heroes in their matches to earn more points for the Dead Reckoning. Each kill provides up to 2 points and an assist can provide 1 point in the Dead Reckoning while partying with your friends. 

You can earn at least 1 point in the Dead Reckoning to collect 2 flowers for Muerta, the brand-new carry hero who has joined the Dota 2 roster in the recent update. The winner of the Dead Reckoning earns a bonus of 2 flowers at the end of the match. These flowers can be used to open the Dead Reckoning Chest
till April 4, 2023. 

Here’s what you can expect in the Dead Reckoning Chest – Tier 1 by collecting Muerta’s flowers from your games. 

Broodmother – Ruby-Ridged Recluse

Broodmother attacks enemies in the Ruby-RIdged Recluse set

The Ruby-Ridged Recluse for Broodmother can instill fear into your enemies while farming for gold in lanes with the Agility hero. The Rare set for Broodmother includes a grey perforated head piece, sharp and sturdy spikes on the back, ruby red legs that resemble nails soaked in passion, and an adorable model for the spiderlings that make the little ones shine with glaze. 

You can also unlock a loading screen with the Ruby-Ridged Recluse set that features Broodmother attacking her enemies in rage. She can be seen emerging out of a volcano to destroy the lives of her foes in the loading screen. Pushing lanes can be loads of fun with Broodmother in the Ruby-Ridged Recluse set. 

Ancient Apparition – Gilded Decay

Ancient Apparition slows enemies in the Gilded Decay set

Ancient Apparition is a support hero with a number of spells that can slow the movement speed of his enemies. The Gilded Decay covers Ancient Apparition in royal blue attire that makes him look majestic in battles. The armor of the Intelligence hero includes golden markings all over his body that can make his opponents fret during team fights. 

The skull of Ancient Apparition looks visceral with glowing red eyes and blue horns extending upward from his crown. His arms are protected by hard rocks that are calcified with blue ice in the Gilded Decay. The shoulder pads of the support hero have golden faces imprinted on them to intimidate the enemies of
Ancient Apparition.  

Bane – Feasts of Fear

Bane disables enemies in the Feasts of Fear set

Bane can deal Pure damage to multiple enemy heroes in battles to give his team an advantage. The Feasts of Fear set for Bane provides pointy edges to his body that can horrify his enemies during team fights. The top of his head and the back of his head look abysmal to the eyes of his opponents in the Feasts of Fear set. It also includes a melancholic loading screen for Bane that can be unlocked with the Dead Reckoning Chest. 

Windranger – Songs of the Soulfinch

Windranger shackles enemies in the Songs of the Soulfinch set

Windranger is an Intelligence hero who can stun multiple enemy heroes with Shackleshot. She can use her ulti, Focus Fire, to annihilate enemy towers within moments of entering a lane in Dota 2. The Songs of the Soulfinch set for the Windranger turns the carry hero into a luminescent lady of the wild.  

Her large bow is decorated with vines from the forest. The shoulders of Windranger in the Songs of the Soulfinch set are adorned with feathers of exotic birds. Her back is guarded with long layers of fiber that make her Windruns a pleasure to watch unfold in Dota 2 matches. Windranger’s quiver is filled with organic arrows that can stop the heartbeat of her enemies in an instant after being shot from her beautiful bow. The Songs of the Soulfinch set will definitely be a welcome addition to your collection in the game. 

Shadow Shaman – Bantam Blaze

Shadow Shaman nukes his foes in the Bantam Blaze set

Shadow Shaman can play a wide range of roles for his team in Dota 2. He can nuke enemy heroes with Ether Shock to deal 320 damage to up to 7 enemy units at once. Shadow Shaman can transform his opponents to animals and disable them for 3.5 seconds by using Hex on them in battles. Players can use Shackles to hold enemies and carry heroes in place to help their allies during team fights. Shadow Shaman can summon Mass Serpent Wards with his ulti to wipe out an entire enemy team and destroy enemy structures to win matches. 

The Bantam Blaze set for Shadow Shaman gives a sportive look to the support hero. The head piece of the Bantam Blaze set looks like a drum that is made from the findings of the forest. His weapons on both of his hands are lit with golden orbs that add a touch of class to Shadow Shaman’s attacks. 

He carries an enchanted scroll on his back that is engraved with cryptic code. Shadow Shaman wears an aquatic blue cloth around his body and holds Clarity potions over his waist. The Bantam Blaze also includes a piping hot model for his Mass Serpent Ward to enhance the visual and animation of Shadow Shaman’s ulti. The loading screen of the Bantam Blaze set has a vibrant display of his finest features. 

Phantom Lancer – Darkwater Dominion

Phantom Lancer gets Killing Sprees in the Darkwater Dominion set

Phantom Lancer is an Agility hero with several spells that can be used to dominate his enemies. He can cast Spirit Lance to deal 280 damage to enemy units from a distance of 750 in lanes while farming for gold. The Darkwater Dominion is a Rare set that brings out the wisdom of his ancestors during battles. Phantom Lancer wears a long white beard that exemplifies his skills in team fights. His ears are long and improve the responses of Phantom Lancer while fighting enemy heroes
in Dota 2. 

The crown of Phantom Lancer in the Darkwater Dominion is adorned with a red crystal that emanates a glow while performing kills with the carry hero. His shoulders are protected by stylized bones from fallen enemies. Phantom Lancer’s weapon has a cylindrical handle that is coated in maroon. The Darkwater Dominion set for Phantom Lancer will surely impress your friends and fans during Dota 2 competitions and tournaments. 

Leshrac – Fruits of Wane

Leshrac stuns enemies in the Fruits of Wane set

Leshrac can cast a number of spells to deal damage to his enemies in lanes. The Fruits of Wane set for Leshrac gives the support hero a surreal glow in Dota 2 matches. His purple horns can be seen on top of his head piece and resemble the eyes of mystical birds that fly around the forests. The back of his body has fleshy mushrooms that reach out to his horns. Leshrac wears a ponytail that sits between the mushrooms that extend from his back in the Fruits of Wane set. 

His weapon has a large lantern hanging from a hook that looks amazing in matches. The top of his weapon makes his staff look similar to an Aghanim’s Scepter. Players can enjoy watching Leshrac strain his enemies using his spells. Abilities like Diabolic Edict and Pulse Nova can make his opponents surrender to him in battles with the Fruits of Wane set equipped for Leshrac. 

Death Prophet – Flights of the Crimson Queen

Death Prophet uses Crypt Swarms to attack her enemies in the Flights of the Crimson Queen set

Death Prophet is a splendid carry hero in the online game. Millions of people choose Death Prophet to silence enemy heroes and drain their health during battles. She can cast waves of Crypt Swarms to deal 310 damage to enemy units, making her opponents retreat before getting a chance to defeat Death Prophet in her lane. Her ulti, Exorcism, can be used to summon spirits that deal massive amounts of damage to enemy heroes and towers to help Krobelus own her enemies
in team fights. 

The low cooldown of her spells and the reduced mana cost of her abilities make Death Prophet a destructive hero in most Dota 2 matches that are played online. The Flights of the Crimson Queen gives Death Prophet a metallic edge to her appearance. The crimson clothing of Death Prophet can seduce the mightiest of heroes in Dota 2 to their decay. 

She has a pair of leathery wings that make Death Prophet look tantalizing in team fights while wearing the Flights of the Crimson Queen set. It includes a special model for the spirits summoned by Exorcism that can haunt her enemies in their most dire dreams. 

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