Valorant: New Agent Reyna Shown And New Map Teased

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Valorant: New Agent Reyna Shown And New Map Teased

A new agent and map will be released with Valorant's full launch.

Riot Games has unveiled the 11th and final Agent coming to Valorant ahead of the game’s full release on June 2. The game’s wildly successful beta ended on May 28, with the final release dropping on Monday, Riot Games is looking to get the final version of the game in order. The latest Valorant agent video, which clocks in at 32 seconds, gives us our very first look at the stylish stealth, and very purple Mexican Agent, Reyna.

Reyna Reveal

Reyna certainly seems to follow the vampire theme that’s been teased over the past few weeks, with one ability draining life from a downed enemy. She also looks to have a fairly unique set of skills, with a reveal orb being one, but most curiously are her self-heal or damage amplifying spell. It gives the feeling of what Moira in Overwatch does, with her use of offense and defense, though Reyna seems mostly focused on killing others while sustaining her own life, rather than her allies. As for her ultimate, we know it’s called Empress, but as of right now we don’t know what it does.

We also got a very brief look at the promised new map. While we basically have nothing to go on, we can say that the style reminds us a lot of the training map that we all start out on. Obviously, with the game out in just a matter of days, we’ll get a good look at Reyna and this new map in no time at all.

Aside from the new map and Agent, Riot Games is also likely to drop some changes to the game on launch day. With improvements and fixes for some of the beta’s biggest issues promised. As is typical with Riot, we’ll likely get full patch notes on the day before or the day of Valorant’s release.

Check out below for a video preview of Valorant’s Agents’ full list of skills and abilities or see the written version here.

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Images via Riot Games.

Valorant: New Agent Reyna Shown And New Map Teased
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