Riot Games Announce Valorant Release Date

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Riot Games Announce Valorant Release Date

Valorant private beta will close on May 28, and the official release date is scheduled for June 2.

Valorant, the most popular FPS on Twitch so far, finally has a release date. The game will be available publicly on June 2.

In less than two weeks, Riot Games’ FPS will be available to all players. Riot has announced that the worldwide release of Valorant is scheduled for June 2, except in India, Vietnam and in the Middle East.

Players with beta access can keep on enjoying the game until May 28. Afterward, beta players will not be able to log into their accounts until the official release date. All accounts will also reset, so everyone can begin playing at the same time.

Scheduled to last for decades according to Anna Donlon, Valorant’s Executive Producer, the game will offer new content, modes, agents and maps when it comes out. Riot Games also plan on opening new servers worldwide to prevent latency issues.

Valorant already broke many records, including the number of total viewership for a video game. The hype around Riot Games’ FPS is real, and players were ready to watch hours of streams to get a private beta key. On June 2, there won’t be a need for a beta key anymore, as Valorant will be available for free for all players.

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Riot Games Announce Valorant Release Date
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