Valorant Maps Guide: The Best Agents for Every Map in 2024

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Valorant Maps Guide: The Best Agents for Every Map in 2024

Dominate your matches with the best picks for every map in our Valorant maps guide for 8.05

Valorant's biggest moments take place in it's maps. The Riot shooter's international game maps not only showcase the game's interdimensional conflict, but set the stage for memorable plays.

The way Valorant maps are designed majorly influences each competitive meta. A team's entire playstyle shifts when small aspects of a map get changed or reworked, making it all the more important to get familiar with each active map.

Seasonal reworks and map pool rotations can make it hard for newer players to rank up, so knowing the best line-ups and the kill angles ASAP can make all the difference. That's why we've compiled the complete list of Valorant maps to provide pointers on the best angles and which agents to watch out for, while separating the maps out of rotation.

Memorize important angles on all of the active maps this patch, and stay updated with everything you need to know about Valorant maps in 2024.

All Valorant Maps

Valorant Maps In Rotation

These Valorant maps are included in the current competitive season's map pool.


valorant maps credit: riot games

The very first map that was made for Riot's tactical FPS, Ascent is made out of large chunks of Venice that were ripped from Alpha Earth after the first Spike was detonated. As a map, Ascent features two planting sites, and a large courtyard in the middle.

Ascent is the most straightforward map in the game. Players can choose to play long-ranged firefights by going A, or control the tight corners of B-site with Sentinel agents when they're on Defense. Additionally, a ton of line-ups have been done in the map ever since the game's release in 2020.

Riot's done an excellent job in Ascent's design by making sure every type of Agent can get a chance to shine. But when discussing which agents reign supreme, Sentinels like Sage and Killjoy are huge assets that can lock down or help retake an Ascent objective.


valorant maps credit: riot games

Known as Valorant's smallest map, Bind's less traditional design sees firefights within the first few seconds of each match. In place of a connecting “midlane”, Bind features multiple teleport entryways that instantaneously bring players closer to the other plant site.

Despite having the teleporters placed closer on the Attacker's side, Defending teams find more success on average (53.82% more wins according to an official stat revealed during VALORANT Champions 2023.) That said, Duelists are a must when you're on the attacking team.

Like Ascent, site A on Bind offers more breadth and space for fun gunplay while site B will have you checking multiple corners around a cargo hold which acts as its default plant site. Moreover, use your utility to deny the enemy's push with Controller agents like Brimstone, Omen and Viper.


valorant maps credit: riot games

Taking the fight to a tropical paradise, Breeze stays true to its name by giving players two wide-open plant sites to fight for.

Duels are common very common in the early-game due to extended sightlines, so teammates will have to work together to control as much ground as possible. Breeze's open design forces players to strategize and plan out which areas they want to control before heading into the objective. Going in guns blazing also works, but your team will likely get forced into a lengthy rotation if things go south.

Sentinels like Cypher and Killjoy are invaluable when you're locking down a site. On the other hand, Skye's AEO heal is a big advantage that gives the Attacking team a bit more sustain. Chamber's long-ranged works especially well in either side of the map. Lastly, if you've got a good Astra or Viper on your team, a well-timed ultimate can shift the odds strongly towards your favor.


valorant maps credit: riot games

This “Alpha Earth” Kingdom excavation complex hides two plant sites which are separated by stacked cargo containers and snowed-in buildings.

Sub one-minute skirmishes are extremely common in Icebox due to its architecture. But eitherway, Defenders have a clear advantage due to long sightlines and better vantage points. But agents like Viper totally erase that by being able to wall off a small portion of the plant site and retreat to play at range.

A vertical zipline at “A” offers the fastest route to a plant site. As a result, firefights usually happen here first. Put down smokes by the entrances into the site when you're defending, and place them on default plant sites if you're attacking.

Post-plant, take things slow to recapture the site if you're on Defender side. Usually, you'll want to coordinate a flank so that your entire team won't be fish in a barrel. Similarly, Attackers have most of the team hold down B Alley or A Rafters while someone goes out to flank converging enemies.


valorant maps credit: riot games

Lotus' lush map design is complimented with motifs from Indian architecture and Buddhism as a whole, but that's where the journey to enlightenment ends.

Since the release of Lotus, fans of the popular FPS have been at odds with each other when deciding if Lotus even deserves to be in the game. In any case, up to 55% in winrate has been recorded for Attackers in major tournaments. Knowing this (and the huge scope of the map) try to opt for the fast push between C or B before the defenders regroup.

Rotating doors and elevated plant sites are unique aspects that make Lotus a challenging spot to play in. That said, take the most direct route to the plant site using Raze utils and Brimstone stim packs and lock it down before the rest of the enemy team can react. Five-man rushing the same site 12 times in a row won't fly in Diamond rank, however. Vary your approach, and be wary of Viper-Killjoy comps playing defense.


valorant maps credit: riot games

Highly favorable towards Defender side, Split's complicated (and often frustrating) design presents tons of challenges when you're playing offense. With the most straightforward paths to either site being chokepoints, Attackers often choose to force a push instead of using the alternate routes from mid, which is an uphill battle more often than not.

Killjoy and Cypher run the show when you find yourself Defending on Split. Sage's support can also provide valuable utility to slow any straight pushes without putting herself in any risk. Inversely, Fade and Skye offer the best ways to gain information fast before a push with their utility/ultimate abilities. All in all, preparation is key when you're attacking on Split, so plan well with your fellow agents.


valorant maps credit: riot games

The setting sun on this L.A. shopping district makes for a pretty fun return to basics. With only two places to plant your spike and 3 ways to get there, Sunset lets games run faster the more you play, rewarding your team's macroplay more than anything.

But don't let it's simplicity fool you. The corners on this Valorant map are more advantageous on Defender's side. That said, Attackers will need to plan around well-guarded positions to make it to the site unscathed. With that in mind, agents with long-distance smokes are king when you're invading.

Guard chokepoints when you're on Defense, but always leave one man to keep their sights on mid. This lets a person from either side rotate around the map to flank the attacking team and deny areas around mid. Finally, if you're attacking, smoke around long-distance angles to make your enemy pull resources away from either site.

Valorant Maps Out-of-rotation

These maps were removed from the current competitive map pool.


valorant maps credit: riot games

Fracture's design has earned the Valorant map its fair share of criticism ever since it dropped in 2021. Dubbed by many as “the hardest map in Valorant”, strategy and team coordination both play a crucial role here since you'll need to track where enemies will be coming from (in a circular map).

Map geometry, verticality and spacing all determine how well an agent's abilities perform. Successful line-ups from professional matches had Cypher, Breach, Jett and Viper on their teams. Astra also gives a ton of value to her team due to the number of chokepoints around Fracture and her ability to smoke anywhere on the map.

Always fight for Defender spawn or the upper tower on B-site when you play offense. Doing so lets your team see every Defender angle from that position. And while risky, most pro-matches saw Defending teams take a 4-1 split where the solo player would sneak behind Attackers for a deep positional advantage.


valorant maps credit: riot games

The first map to feature 3 plant sites, Haven is one of the more recognizable maps in the Valorant maps list. It features stunning architecture and sharp turns that exhibit some references to the overarching story. As a result, Haven offers a balanced playground that lets every playstyle shine.

The characteristic that sets Haven apart from the other Valorant maps is how each site demands a different approach. Going A gives you two paths made for a split push (opens your team up to flanking enemies if otherwise), B-site has 3 entryways leading directly into a close-quarters objective, and C has open sightlines that strongly favor aggressive comps if you're on Attacker side.


valorant maps credit: riot games

Pearl's long, interconnected corridors lead to open plant sites and a bloodbath at Mid. Here's how you can start winning on this map.

First and foremost, if your team is playing B-site, clear the entire area before planting. Don't be afraid to use your utilities early on, especially if you're playing Viper or Brimstone. And if you're making a play for mid control, don't push all the way in to avoid getting funneled.

A big mistake we see a lot of newer players make is planting near the small box on the rightmost wall. Planting there technically works, but doing so will make post-plant awkward since you're leaving the spike in a blind spot.

Instead, use Sage's wall (if you have a Sage) to give you more cover to plant along B Main. And if you're playing Viper or Brimstone, cover Tower, Hell and B Link long enough for your team to plant along B Main and retreat to a safe position.

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Valorant Maps Guide: The Best Agents for Every Map in 2024
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