VALORANT Agent Guide: Reyna

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VALORANT Agent Guide: Reyna

One of the concerns of Valorant in closed beta was the minimal pool of agents to choose from. Riot answered this issue with Reyna, a pub stomper with a broken toolkit if not shut down early.

Reyna's abilities

Reyna is a disgustingly powerful Agent, and fans had no idea the slaughter that was coming with patch 1.00. Reyna is an effective solo-queue killer, holding all the tools necessary to wipe out the enemy team on her own. Two of the three abilities require Reyna to kill an enemy before being able to be used, setting steep requirements for the latest duelist to be successful. Reyna’s first ability Leer is her Eye of Sauron flash that can be pushed through walls to near sight enemies looking in its direction. The orb doesn’t last long and is effortless to destroy. Leer is one of the weaker flashes in Valorant and is primarily useful at clearing corners or baiting a sniper.

Reyna’s other two abilities run off of a resource known as ‘Soul Orbs’. For anyone who played Reaper back in the old days of Overwatch, these will give you a sense of Deja Vu. The Soul Orbs drop whenever Reyna kills an enemy, but only last for a few seconds. Reyna’s first ability is Devour, and when used on a Soul Orb, it will begin healing her for 100 health. If Reyna is at 30 health and she uses Devour, the leftover 30 health will be applied as an Overheal, which is a temporary shield. If you break the line of sight with the orb while Devour is active, the healing will be cut off. Her second ability, Dismiss, is identical to Reaper’s Wraithform. Reyna becomes ethereal and enters into a ghostly form where she can be seen but not hurt. There is a slight window coming out of Dismiss where Reyna doesn't have her gun out and can be eliminated with ease.

Ultimate killing machine

Empress is a cracked out version of Reyna’s normal abilities, with a few extra bonuses. During her ultimate, Reyna gains increased firing rate, equip rate, reload speed, and reduced recoil. In her ultimate form, if Reyna secures a kill, she will immediately begin absorbing the orb to heal herself. When Dismiss is used in Empress form, she becomes completely invisible for a few seconds, only to reemerge with a cackle.

Reyna thrives when she is chaining kills together, healing herself and relocating at a moment’s notice. In Empress form, Reyna can partially consume Soul Orbs to heal a small portion and still use Dismiss to vanish. Balancing when is the correct time to heal, engage, or disengage is vital with Reyna, otherwise she will get destroyed. Reyna needs to kill in order to be an effective agent. This condition makes her a target for teams looking to stunt the opposition.

Reyna provides little to no utility to organized teams, but in solo matches and Spike Rush, she can be an unstoppable force.

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