VALORANT Agent Guide: Raze

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VALORANT Agent Guide: Raze

Most Valorant Agents are equipped with tools to play mind games, but Raze is one loud and proud duelist.

Raze is an unapologetic and explosive agent that focuses on disrupting and destroying the enemy team. All of Raze’s abilities can damage your teammates so think twice before throwing caution to the wind. Raze was considered a cheesy broken agent, but has since gone through several balance changes. In the duelist class, Raze is the middle ground for utility versus frag potential. Her tools have multiple uses, and how they are implemented in team fights determines her effectiveness.


Raze’s signature ability is Paint Shells, a cluster grenade that explodes in two stages. The first initial explosion does a significant amount of damage, only to open up into a group of five small grenades that do lesser damage. The grenade can be bounced off of walls to clear out tricky areas and pin the enemy into tight corners. If you get the first stage to detonate in the air, the cluster grenades will cover a larger area when they spread out. Paint Shells can be useful at clearing out small rooms or forcing back the enemy to allow you to reposition. Neither Raze nor her teammates are immune to her explosives, so keep teammate positions in mind when chucking the grenade into small rooms.

Raze’s second ability Blast Pack, is a sticky explosive satchel that is used for positioning or to displace the enemy. Blast Pack doesn’t do a lot of damage, but just enough to finish off a low health enemy or stop a spike defuse. The Blast Pack will detonate when the timer expires or detonated by hand from the raze who set it down. Her last main ability is Boombot, the handy yet dangerous Roomba of Valorant. This little guy rolls forward in a straight line, bouncing off walls and seeking out the enemy to clean up. When Boombot locates an enemy, he rolls forward in an excited state and explodes when he gets close enough. Boombot’s explosion will damage you too, so be wary of following him too close into a confined space.

Master of destruction

Raze’s ultimate ability is Showstopper, the overpowered rocket jump of Valorant. Raze whips out an insanely large single-shot RPG for her ultimate, clearing out rooms, chokepoints, and objectives with ease. The rocket propels Raze into the air when fired, and a lot of skilled players use Blast Pack to get even more air. The rocket has splash damage, so even if you are not right on the dot, there is a chance to take out a camping enemy.

Most of Raze’s abilities telegraph exactly where she is, but give her the potential to kill. Raze has a low barrier to entry, but a high skill cap if her abilities are used correctly. Boombot is an ideal tool for scouting corners and small rooms. Once she finds an enemy, chucking a Paint Shell in their general direction will more than likely end up in a kill. Raze’s entire skillset is aimed at disrupting the enemy while being as boisterous as possible. Raze can rip apart the map and ensure that the enemy team never feels safe.

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