Valorant 9 Best Off-Angles on Bind

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Valorant 9 Best Off-Angles on Bind

In this guide, we bring you the best off-angles on Bind that you must know

Are you tired of consistently being pre-fired by your opponents while holding angles in the game? Well, chances are you are positioning yourself in the most common spots that are easily anticipated. To ensure that it does not happen from now on, check out this guide to learn the best off-angles you can hold on Bind, whether you're attacking or defending.

What are Off-Angles?

Once you reach a certain rank, you'll notice opponents landing instant headshots when you attempt to hold conventional angles. To effectively counter them, that is where off-angles come into play.

Off-Angles are angles where the enemy is less likely to aim. In other words, it is an angle where the enemy does not naturally place his cross-hair. By utilizing off-angles, you catch them off-guard, gaining a split-second advantage that allows you to eliminate them before they can adjust their crosshair, giving you the upper hand in engagements.

Here are the 9 best Valorant off-angles on post-patch Bind that you must know to win your ranked games:

Defense Side



Without a doubt, this is one of the most effective off-angles in Valorant, especially in ranked games. The opposing team approaching from B-long mostly expects someone in the B-site cubby area or close right in the octagon. Hence, this spot stays uncleared the majority of the time. The platform there gives you an elevated position making you even harder to shoot at. 

Position yourself like the image above and keep your crosshair at headshot level. It's better to hold that angle with an agent that can get away instantly after a kill, like Jett, Chamber, or Reyna. However, it's still viable to employ this strategy with other agents. The potential for obtaining multiple kills from this position is high, meaning that even if you do get traded, your team will still maintain a man advantage. To further enhance your chances of success, you can ask one of your teammates to bait for you. 



Another great off-angle, but you cannot be alone in Hookah to pull it off successfully. Even in the lower ranks, hookah always gets cleared, either with scouting utilities or flashes. Playing alone in hookah is almost suicide. At best, you can get one kill and get traded instantly. 

To work this spot, you need one of your teammates to break the enemy utilities and also trade you if necessary. Since playing close right or left in the Hookah is more common, if your teammate can sell the bait, it will significantly lower the chance of you getting pre-fired on top of the box in the corner. If the opponent team has a flashing agent in their team, you can play anti-flash to increase your chance of securing multi-kills.

B-site Container


It is a risky angle, no doubt, as it will have you exposed both from Hookah and B-long. But it can prove effective if you correctly predict the enemy’s attacking approach. If they play more focused on Hookah and delay their push towards B-long, ask your teammate to smoke off Octagon and hold this angle. Again, it is best to play this spot with an agent capable of the kill-and-evade tactic to lower the chance of getting traded. 

A-site Generator

a site generator

This is a great spot to secure the first kill early into the round. Not all agents can get on top of the generator, though. Considering how good that spot is for operator players, Jett and Chamber, the two primary choices to OP with, can bring the most out of this off-angle. 

If opponents opt not to dry peek and instead clear angles with utilities first, which is the most likely scenario in higher ranks, you can still effectively play in this spot. Position yourself at the furthest back of the generator, ensuring maximum concealment, and coordinate with a teammate on-site to break the enemy's utilities. Once you hear the sounds of a rush, take the opportunity to peek out and catch them off guard, capitalizing on the element of surprise.

A-back site #1

a back 1

This spot is more suitable for the later stages of a round. In case of a rush, it's highly probable that you will be smoked off. In late rounds, however, when enemies try to lurk their way into the site or need to push without smokes, this position becomes incredibly advantageous. The enemies coming in from Showers will be more focused on A-Haven or Lamp area. Hence, you can easily catch them unaware, turning the round in your favor.

A-back Site #2

a back site 2

Here's another spot in the A-back site that offers an excellent opportunity to secure the first blood for your team. This spot is a new one, introduced in the latest Bind rework. You can hold this angle either with a Sniper or a Rifle and get a clear sight of anyone trying to get in from A-short. If you hit your shot, there is a massive chance that you won’t get traded, as only your head will be visible to the enemy, making you both hard to track and hit.

Attack Side



A solid angle to hold once you get the bomb planted. Of course, you must have the Lamp control and ensure no one is flanking from A-short. Considering both conditions are met, hold this angle for easy elimination of whoever’s playing in Heaven. This spot grants a perfect line of sight, making it easy to land a headshot. Unless you are holding this same angle repeatedly, the chances of you getting pre-fired by the Heaven player are minimal. 


a site bench

Another off-angle for the attacking side that provides you an opportunity to get a free kill. While it is technically possible to reach this spot by entering from A-short, crossing the entire site can be extremely dangerous. Hence, it's best first to get the complete Shower control and hop on the bench once you enter the site.

Standing on top of the bench, you can aim at the entrance of the Lamp near the Spawn. The opponent will try to take the Lamp control first before retaking the site. It will give you the perfect angle to land a headshot to whoever enters Lamp.

B-site Radianite Box

b box

The B site on Bind is notoriously challenging to retake in Valorant. You can make it even more difficult by holding this off-angle.

Once you take the site, get on top of the box while the smokes remain. As soon as the smokes dissipate, you can catch the opponent at Spawn off guard. However, ensure your teammates hold the elbow for you, as you will be wide open from there when Elbow is not smoked.

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Valorant 9 Best Off-Angles on Bind
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