Bind Returns: Riot Games’ Revamped Map Launches With Valorant Patch 6.08

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Bind Returns: Riot Games’ Revamped Map Launches With Valorant Patch 6.08

Bind is getting back on the map pool in the Valorant Patch 6.08 update on April 25 after significant changes to Teleporter, Bath, and A & B sites.

We will see the return of the ‘beloved and hated’ map in Valorant at the start of Act 3 on April 25. These changes are part of Valorant Patch 6.08, as announced on the official PlayValorant Twitter.

The Teleporter Exit outside A Bath has been relocated close to the Bath’s entrance. Also, it seems as though the Bath’s entrance is now a bit wider. 

Similar to A Bath’s entrance, the exit is also wider, and attackers can not enjoy and bit more space when they approach the A site from this part of the map.

The A site is also seeing significant updates with Triple boxes (Radianite crates), giving players more cover when planting, hiding from the attackers, or as a post-plant spot. 

Attackers will have less option to hide in the close left angle on the A site back wall to catch defenders coming out of Spawn due to new changes. Also, the wall near A tower will now have an elevation point for the players to have a cheeky angle.

B site’s doorway will be better for defenders as the chokepoint is now a bit wider, letting players get out of spawn easier than before. 

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