Unlocking Durin’s Axe In Return To Moria

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Unlocking Durin’s Axe In Return To Moria

Here’s our in-depth guide to unlocking Durin’s Axe in Return to Moria!

In the expansive world of Khazad-dûm, the tale of Durin I, famously dubbed “The Deathless,” and his renowned Axe reverberates across time. This guide will lead you through the intricate path of obtaining Durin's Axe in LOTR Return to Moria. Discover the mysteries of Khazad-dûm, the age-old kingdom, and set forth on a quest to reclaim the scattered shards of this legendary weapon.

A Little Backstory On Durin’s Axe

Durin I, renowned as The Deathless, laid the foundation for the lineage of Dwarves known as Durin’s Folk within the kingdom of Khazad-dûm, later named Moria. The enduring legacy of Durin’s Helm and Durin’s Axe met a tragic fate as the Balrog overran Khazad-dûm, shattering the Axe into five pieces scattered throughout Moria. Embark on a quest to reclaim these fragments and restore the might of Durin’s Axe.

According to The Book of Mazarbul, when Balin led an expedition to re-establish Dwarf presence in Moria, he uncovered Durin’s Axe and Durin’s Helm, claiming them as his own. Assuming the title of “Lord of Moria,” he ruled over the Dwarves for five years. The Axe, however, met its second loss as the Dwarf colony faced destruction.

Unlocking Durin’s Axe

Embark on your quest at the First Balin Camp, where players encounter Ori’s Records. This invaluable resource holds crucial information about the lost pieces of Durin’s Axe, guiding you on the path to reassemble this iconic weapon.

Gathering The Axe Fragments

You have to travel to various corners of Moria to unearth the fragments of Durin’s Axe. At each outpost, individual chests have been placed, each housing vital clues to guide the search for the axe fragments.

  • Ori’s Akhfur Chest – Clue to the First Axe Fragment: Within Ori’s Outpost in the Western Halls, Ori’s Akhfur Chest holds the key to discovering the initial fragment of Durin’s Axe. Navigate this section of Moria by following the clues provided to unravel the mystery.
  • Loni’s Akhfur Chest – Clue to the Second Axe Fragment: Located in Loni’s Outpost within the Mines of Moria, Loni’s Akhfur Chest safeguards the second clue leading to the location of Durin’s Axe fragment. Delve into the dark tunnels, exploring the Mines of Moria to uncover the hidden secrets within.
  • Oin’s Akhfur Chest – Clue to the Third Axe Fragment: Oin’s Akhfur Chest, situated in Oin’s Outpost above the Eastern Stairs in the Eastern Bastion, contains crucial information for locating the third fragment. Repair the stairs to access this outpost and reveal the next piece of the puzzle.
  • Balin’s Akhfur Chest – Clue to the Fourth Axe Fragment: Found in Balin’s Outpost near the Chamber of Marzabul in Dwarrowdelf, Balin’s Akhfur Chest serves as your portal to the fourth fragment. Thoroughly explore this area to piece together the legacy of Durin’s Axe.
  • Frar’s Akhfur Chest – Fifth Axe Fragment: Frar’s Akhfur Chest, positioned in Frar’s Outpost amidst the Desolation of Durin’s Bane in Dwarrowdelf, bravely guards the crucial clue to the fifth and final fragment. Embark on a courageous journey through the desolation to gather the last piece of the legendary Durin’s Axe and complete its storied legacy.
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Locations Of The Axe Fragments

The journey to unearth these fragments presents a blend of challenge and reward, demanding players to navigate diverse landscapes and confront a myriad of foes. The randomized map introduces an extra layer of challenge, as fragment locations may vary, intensifying the complexity of your quest. 

Even without specific quests, delve into each region to uncover the hidden pieces scattered within Moria’s depths. Explore the distinct regions of Moria to reclaim the Axe fragments:

The Western Halls

Unlocking Durin’s Axe In Return To Moria
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Discover the first fragment in the ruins of Westgate, once a bustling Dwarven outpost. The weathered handle bears ancient runes, hinting at its profound significance.

Orctown in Mines of Moria

Unlocking Durin’s Axe In Return To Moria
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Venture into the depths of Orctown, a stronghold of Bolgakh, a formidable Orc chieftain. Defeat Bolgakh and reclaim the second fragment.

Troll Cave in The Lower Deeps

Unlocking Durin’s Axe In Return To Moria
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Delve into the treacherous Troll Cave, a perilous labyrinth inhabited by monstrous trolls. Unearth the third fragment, a forged eye fragment, a testament to the craftsmanship of Dwarven smiths.


Unlocking Durin’s Axe In Return To Moria
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Explore the Dwarrowdelf, a hidden realm deep within Moria, once a thriving Dwarven kingdom. Retrieve the fourth fragment, an oddly shaped piece resembling a chisel, hinting at the Axe's unique design.

The Desolation of Durin’s Bane Orctown in Dwarrowdelf

Unlocking Durin’s Axe In Return To Moria
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Face the perils of the Orc Town in the Desolation of Durin's Bane, a desolate wasteland scarred by conflict. Secure the final fragment, bearing ancient runes with the decipherable words “Shadow” and “Victory.”

Crafting The Necessary Keys To Open Chests

Master the skill of crafting keys to open the chests housing the axe fragments. Engage with each chest to unveil the recipe and collect the necessary materials:

  • Ori’s Key: 2 Iron Ingot
  • Loni’s Key: 2 Bronze Ingot
  • Oin’s Key: 2 Shanor Ingot
  • Balin’s Key: 2 Khazad Steel Ingot
  • Frar’s Key: 2 Khazad Steel Ingot
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Crafting Durin’s Axe

Durin’s Axe can only be crafted at the renowned Great Forge of Durin in Dwarrowdelf, adding an air of mystery to this iconic weapon. The forge, echoing with age-old potency, stands as the exclusive location for crafting this formidable axe, though caution is advised due to the potential threat from the Troll King.

Unlocking Durin’s Axe In Return To Moria
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Required Resources

To reclaim the legendary Durin's Axe, you must gather the essential materials to reforge it. These precious resources, scattered throughout the depths of Moria, hold the key to restoring the Axe to its former power.

Durinol Iron Ingot

Deep within the fiery depths of Moria, seek out 3 Durinol ore. This exceptional metal, known for its resilience and strength, forms the foundation of Durin's Axe. 


Journey to the sunlit peaks overlooking Moria, where you can gather 3 Sunstones. These gems, imbued with the power of the sun, will infuse Durin's Axe with a radiant glow.


Venture into the ancient Ironwood forests that once thrived near Moria, and find 4 Ironwood. This sturdy timber, resistant to both fire and time, will provide the Axe with an unyielding grip.

Fine Leather

In the depths of Moria, hunt for remnants of 1 Fine Leather. This supple yet durable material will craft the Axe's handle, offering both comfort and control.

What Can You Do Once You Unlock Durin’s Axe

Once you have unlocked Durin’s Axe you can move forward with certain missions in the campaign

Uplifting the Shadow Curse

During your exploration of Moria, you'll come across the ominous Shadow Cursed Door, distinguished by its shadowy purple hue. Durin’s Axe possesses the power to dispel the curse. Alternatively you can restore Durin’s lamp or activate Durin monuments to lift the curse too. 

Approach the door with determination, strike it with the legendary axe, and witness the gradual illumination that lifts the curse, granting you access to Barazinbar.

Unlocking Barazinbar 

As the curse dissipates, Barazinbar unveils itself as the next area awaiting exploration. However, the journey doesn't conclude there. Before exiting Moria and concluding the game, players must confront Narag-Shazon, the destructive dragon threatening to bring Moria to ruins. Only by defeating this formidable foe can you ensure the safety of this mystical realm.

Summing Up 

That’s all you need to know about how to unlock Durin’s Axe in Return to Moria. Hope this guide helps you find the final puzzle peace to eventually finishing the game with ease!

Unlocking Durin’s Axe In Return To Moria
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