Best Weapons In Return To Moria- Everything From A-Z

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Best Weapons In Return To Moria- Everything From A-Z

Are you having difficulty defeating a boss? Here are all the best weapons in Return To Moria! Find the right weapon to bludgeon those who have taken Moria from the Dwarvens!

In a lot of games, weapons are super important and in Return to Moria, they're a big deal too. The game hooks you up with loads of weapons to choose from. You can find 'em while exploring, get 'em as rewards, or even craft your own in the forge. 

Having all these weapon options makes the game more strategic and customizable. This guide will walk you through all the available weapons and pick out the best ones that can help you strategically run through the game.

Crafting Weapons In Return To Moria 

Before crafting weapons you have to create a makeshift axe. To do this you have to grab 3 Metal Fragments, 4 Wood Scraps, and 2 Cloth Scraps. Combine them and you've got yourself an axe! Equip it by selecting it in your hotbar. But if you're eyeing something fancier, you'll need more gear.

Best Weapons In Return To Moria- Everything From A-Z

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If you want to level up from just a basic tool, you gotta set up at least two structures. First, craft a Furnace using 20 Stone. You'll also need coal and Iron Ore to make that Furnace do its thing.

Once you've got the Furnace sorted and you've gathered 5 Iron Ingots, build a Forge. This baby is where you make proper gear. At the start, an Iron Sword might be the coolest thing you can whip up. To unlock cooler recipes for your Forge, you gotta do some exploring in the depths of Moria.

Early on, broken statues scattered around are goldmines for recipes. Gather those pieces, add some stone, and use a hammer to put them back together. For the big league recipes, you'll need to complete scavenger quests in each game area or fix the missing statues at the Muznakan altars.

What Are The Best Weapons In Return To Moria

Picking the best weapon in Return to Moria is all about the context. Generally, your go-to choice is the best one you can craft. Here is a list of the best weapon to use when conquering Moria longside the Dwarvens

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First Age Greatsword: This sword is incredibly powerful, with high damage and attack speed. It can easily cleave through most enemies, even armored ones. However, it is a two-handed weapon, so it leaves you vulnerable to attacks while you are swinging it. 

Last Alliance Maul: The Last Alliance Maul is a powerful two-handed mace best for defeating the boss Bolgakh. It was made of forged steel and had a large, spiked head. The maul was so heavy that it could easily crush an orc's skull with a single blow.

Steel Battleaxe: The Steel Battleaxe is another powerful two-handed weapon with high damage and armor penetration. It is especially effective against heavily armored enemies, such as trolls and orcs. However, like the First Age Greatsword, the Steel Battleaxe leaves you vulnerable to attacks while you are swinging it.

Shieldwall: The Shieldwall is a very versatile one-handed shield that provides a large amount of protection. It can also be used to bash enemies, dealing damage and knocking them back. This makes the Shieldwall a great choice for both defensive and offensive playstyles.

Eregion Spear: The Eregion Spear is a well-rounded one-handed spear with good range, damage, and piercing ability. It is also relatively fast to swing, making it a good choice for both single-target and crowd control.

First Age Bolts: These bolts are incredibly powerful and can deal massive damage to enemies, even armored ones. They are also very accurate, making them easy to hit targets with. However, First Age Bolts are rare and expensive to craft, so they should be used sparingly.

All The Weapon Tiers In Return To Moria

Here's a rundown of the different weapon tiers available in Return to Moria, including their damage stats and other important info. Check back as we'll keep adding more as we uncover new stuff.

As you progress through each area in the game, you'll likely need to level up in weapon tiers. This move up is crucial either to dish out decent damage to enemies or just to gain access to certain areas.

It's vital to note the type of damage your weapons deal. Some enemies are susceptible to specific damage types (like Bludgeoning, Slashing, or Piercing), resulting in critical (yellow numbers) damage.

Tier 1 Weapons

  • Improvised Axe: A one-handed Slashing weapon for quick, close combat.
  • Iron Sword: Another one-handed Slashing option, great for precise strikes.
  • Iron War Axe: One-handed Slashing weapon with a heavier impact.
  • Iron Hills Shield: A one-handed Bludgeoning defense for close combat.
  • Eregion Shield: Another one-handed Bludgeoning option, sturdy for defense.
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Tier 2 Weapons

  • Arrow: A Piercing weapon, ideal for ranged attacks.
  • Belegost Shield: A one-handed Bludgeoning defense, robust and reliable.
  • Durin's Greatshield: One-handed Bludgeoning shield, offering strong protection.
  • Eregion Spear: A one-handed Piercing weapon for swift attacks from a distance.
  • Last Alliance Maul: A one-handed Bludgeoning weapon, designed for heavy hits.
  • Last Alliance Shield: One-handed Bludgeoning shield, providing solid defense.
  • Shieldwall: Another one-handed Bludgeoning defense option, ensuring protection.
  • Steel Battleaxe: A two-handed Slashing weapon, delivering powerful strikes.
  • Steel Sword: A two-handed Slashing choice for versatile combat.

Tier 3 Weapons

  • Belegost Halberd: A two-handed Slashing weapon, inflicting heavy, wide-range damage.
  • Elven Arrows: Piercing projectiles, perfect for precise long-range attacks.
  • First Age Bolts: Piercing bolts designed for powerful, long-distance assaults.
  • First Age Greatsword: A two-handed Slashing weapon for devastating strikes.
  • First Age Sword: A one-handed Slashing choice, embodying ancient power.

How To Repair Weapons in Return to Moria

All your gear in Return to Moria can be fixed up using the Repair Smithy. You can snag the building plans for the Repair Smithy from the Handycraft section in the Essentials & Crafting menu—it takes 8 Iron Ingots.

But, snagging those Iron Ingots means unlocking the furnace first. Break walls, grab Iron Ore, and melt them in the furnace to craft Iron Ingots.

Once you've got those 8 Iron Ingots, you're ready to construct the Repair Smithy. This nifty spot lets you check your gear's durability. Weapons, tools, and armor can all be fixed using Metal Fragments. The cost varies based on the damage and the item type.

Metal Fragments are all over Moria. Smash furniture for more, or spot them lying around. Fast-travel back to a Repair Smithy whenever you need to keep your equipment in top shape.

Swing Away And Reclaim Moria!

So that is the complete list of weapons you’ll find in Return to Moria! We have provided insights into their crafting process, aiding players in arming themselves for the challenges that await within the game's immersive world. 

Understanding these weapons and their crafting methods is crucial for players seeking to gear up and prepare for the various encounters and obstacles found throughout the realm of Moria. As you progress into the game these weapons will become an indispensable asset, guiding your path to success within the game's gripping narrative.

Best Weapons In Return To Moria- Everything From A-Z
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