Return to Moria Recipes: How to Unlock Them

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Return to Moria Recipes: How to Unlock Them

In a game like Return to Moria, there are many things to take into account in the world created by the developers. One of these, while you are engaged in your missions, is how to unlock the Return to Moria recipes. In fact, this is a very important issue for the economy of the game, since recipes allow you to obtain better tools, weapons, and armor. For this reason, in this article, we will explain how to unlock the Return to Moria recipes.

How to unlock recipes in Return to Moria

Crafting, as you've probably guessed if you've already started playing the game, is a very important part of Return to Moria. In fact, thanks to it, you will be able to forge more powerful weapons that will allow you to have an easier life in the game world and that will allow you to defeat certain bosses, such as the Watcher in the Water. Luckily for you, Return to Moria offers several ways to unlock recipes. Below are what they are.

Find new resources

The first method you have to unlock recipes in Return to Moria is to find new resources. In Return to Moria, in fact, there are many resources that can be acquired, such as Black Diamonds, which can be found almost anywhere. In Giaco, in fact, you will be called to dismantle old buildings, cut down trees, and many other similar activities, all of which will allow you to acquire new resources and, consequently, new crafting recipes.

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Return to Moria Recipes

Repair damaged statues

As you have surely discovered, in Return to Moria there are some damaged statures that you will have to repair. To continue this activity, however, you will need an Iron Hammer and ten stone blocks. To be able to create an Iron Hammer you won't need who knows what resources, in fact, you just need to be in possession of four Wood Scraps and two Iron Ingots, resources that can be found practically everywhere. Once you have the object, all you have to do is approach the statue and interact to fix it.

Once the statue is as good as new, you will receive a crafting recipe or part of it as a reward, although it is not possible to know which one since it is random. However, the game world is full of these statues to repair, so this opens the door for you to acquire many crafting recipes that you can use to build many different things.


Finally, the last way we want to show you to be able to acquire these crafting recipes in Return to Moria is to interact with the Muznakans, or shrines that are scattered in various areas of the map. To be precise, you can find these shrines right outside the Ori's Outposts. What you will have to do to get recipes is to complete the incomplete shrines, finding the missing pieces scattered around the ruins of Moria.

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Return to Moria Recipes

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