Return to Moria Black Diamond: Where to Find it

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Return to Moria Black Diamond: Where to Find it

Given the game structure of Return to Moria, the developers have decided to make many resources available to their players that can be collected to create different objects. Among them, we cannot fail to mention the Return to Moria Black Diamonds, a type of rare resource which is very useful for various purposes. In fact, thanks to these resources, you will be able to repair and build things, such as the Map Stones that you will need for fast travel around the game world. For this reason, in this article, we have decided to explain where to find this particular type of resource.

Where to find Black Diamonds in Return to Moria

To be able to sharpen these resources, although they are very useful and quite rare, there are actually several ways you can use. Below, therefore, we have decided to list them all for you, so that you can have a greater understanding of the matter and decide which of these ways to use to acquire what can be considered the most important resource in the whole game.

Loot Orkish Chests

The first way you can use to acquire Black Diamonds in Return to Moria is to loot Orkish Chests. This is, in principle, the most reliable way you have available to obtain this type of resource. Orkish Chests are found in Orc camps which, in turn, can be found practically anywhere in the game world.

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However, keep in mind that, to open these chests, you will need an Orc Key which can be obtained by breaking the totem located near the chest using your pickaxe. At this point, any enemy nearby will disappear and this will allow you to open the chest without having to fight enemies. As for the number of Black Diamonds you can find inside it depends on the chest, but the number is between 1 and 3 pieces per chest.

The content depends on the region you are in. In fact, the Orkish Chests found in the Western Halls and Orc Town areas are the ones that contain the most Black Diamonds. On the other hand, however, the chests found in the Eleven Quarters area do not contain this particular type of resource. Consequently, if you open one and don't find any Black Diamond, don't worry because it's completely normal.

Return to Moria Black Diamond

Defeat bosses

Another very effective way to get Black Diamonds in Return to Moria is to defeat the bosses that are present in the game. In fact, by defeating enemies like Bolgakh, you will be able to acquire at least 10 Black Diamonds at a time. For this reason, our advice is to also focus on facing and defeating these bosses, in order to have another effective way that allows you to acquire this type of resource which will become increasingly important as you continue through the game.

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Horde events

The last way we want to show you to acquire Black Diamonds in Return to Moria is to participate in the horde events. However, this is a non-guaranteed method, as it will not always reward you with the acquisition of Black Diamonds. In any case, in case you want to take this path, things will be very simple. All you have to do is take part in the activities that can be done in the mines and start making noise. At that point, enemies will begin to spawn and, once they have all been eliminated, you will be able to obtain up to a maximum of three Black Diamonds per event.

Return to Moria Black Diamond

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