How To Defeat Dragon Narag-Shazon In Return To Moria

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How To Defeat Dragon Narag-Shazon In Return To Moria

Check out our guide on how to defeat Dragon Narag-Shazon In Return To Moria.

Narag-Shazon, the dragon of Khazad-dûm, is one of the most challenging boss fights in Return to Moria. Narag-Shazon is the last fight that will help you conquer Moria. So gear up to face the ultimate challenge. 

Among the adversaries in the game, none match the might of the Dragon Narag-Shazon. When you discover her Dragon's Hoard, make sure you're equipped with your finest Weapons and Armor before engaging in battle. Keep reading to uncover the tactics to defeat the final boss in Return to Moria!

Preparing for the Dragon Narag-Shazon Boss Fight

To emerge victorious in the Narag-Shazon Boss Fight, swift movement is key. Encourage the dragon into a corner, setting the stage for a not-so-epic battle – more like a puzzle once you grasp the strategy.

Preparation is vital. Arm yourself with the Mithril Spear, an exceptional weapon to inflict significant damage upon Narag-Shazon. Acquiring Mithril is a prerequisite. Regarding Armor, crafting a robust set is advisable. The Durin's Guard Armor or Mithril Armor would be optimal, yet I successfully completed the battle wearing the Belegost Armor.

Consider brewing some helpful aids. Carrying Evening Ale and Ironheart Stout will fortify your defenses, proving advantageous.

Ensure you're equipped with the necessary resources:

These items are crucial for repairing the two Map Stones during the fight and constructing Quick Platforms – necessitating at least two stacks of Wood Scraps. Supplementary resources for establishing a Camp and repairing equipment may prove beneficial, although not mandatory:

  • 30 Charcoal
  • 99 Metal Fragments
  • 10+ Iron Ingot
  • 30+ Cloth Scraps

Lastly, Rations are essential for healing. Expect significant damage from attacking Orcs and Shadow. Narag-Shazon's potent attacks and Shadow's passive damage demand consistent healing, even if you execute flawlessly.

Base Camp Near The Domain of The Shadow Orcs

Consider establishing a camp right on the outskirts of The Domain of the Shadow Orcs. Equip it with a Bedroll and a Map Stone. I strongly suggest constructing a Repair Smithy as well to ensure that you can mend your Armor when necessary.

Despite being well-prepared, there's a fair likelihood that you might meet your demise at least once. The last thing you want is to trek halfway across Barazinbar to retrieve your remains and rejoin the battle!

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How to Defeat Dragon Narag-Shazon Boss: The Ultimate Return to Moria Guide

When fully prepared, the journey progresses towards entering Narag Shazon's Lair. To reach the Dragon's Hoard, one must traverse through The Domain of the Shadow Orcs, a path fraught with several Orc Camps offering the chance to unveil Orkish Chests.

With Orkish Strongholds, expect a formidable boss encounter. It's highly recommended to clear the area of Orcs and dismantle their camps to ensure a smooth retreat if the need arises during the confrontation with Narag-Shazon. The last thing you'd want is to encounter more Orcs while retreating from the battle.

How To Defeat Dragon Narag-Shazon In Return To Moria
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Well of Shadow

After passing through The Domain of the Shadow Orcs, you'll reach the Well of Shadow. This room, similar to where you've fought Orc WarChiefs, emits the purple smoke spreading through Moria. Your goal is to “Reseal the Wards,” but hold off on that until after beating Narag-Shazon. Get ready to move swiftly into the next room.

Rest Up Before Proceeding

After the Well of Shadow, you'll find a small room with the first of two damaged Map Stones. This spot is perfect for setting up a small Camp if you want a closer respawn point for the boss fight. Put up barricades to protect it; Orcs and Wargs will follow you into this room and cause chaos if it's left unguarded!

Circle of Spikes

In the next room, you'll come face to face with Narag-Shazon. She's shielded by a ring of spiked rocks, while the area around it is swarming with Orcs and Wargs.

Although it might seem like a boss arena, it's not. You can't destroy the spikes or breach the circle's interior – and even if you could, you wouldn't want to. Your main objective is to circle the room's perimeter and locate a door blocked by several planks. You'll need to break through these planks using a Weapon or Pickaxe.

While you're in this room, Narag-Shazon will unleash bolts of Shadow energy at you, which can harm you, the Orcs, and the Wargs. Concentrate on breaking through the barrier while evading Narag-Shazon's attacks and defending against the Orcs and Wargs as effectively as possible.

The Balrog's Lair

After a challenging ground battle, Narag-Shazon takes flight and settles atop the towering cliffs encircling her lair. Your task is to ascend these heights in pursuit of the dragon. The path forward isn't always obvious, with few natural footholds on the sheer cliff faces. 

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This is where your Quick Platforms skill becomes crucial. As you climb, strategically position these platforms to form a makeshift staircase, allowing you to overcome the gaps and persist in your relentless pursuit

At the cliff's summit, you'll discover the second damaged Map Stone. Fix it, then proceed down the hallway for your ultimate face-off with this formidable dragon.

Facing Narag-Shazon

Upon entering the final chamber, Narag-Shazon stands before you. The room, albeit small, confines you and the dragon in an intimate survival dance.

Resist the urge to launch an immediate assault. Instead, be strategic, as victory hinges not on sheer force but on calculated maneuvers.

Note the pillars encircling the chamber; they aren't just decoration. They act as Narag-Shazon's primary target. Amid dodging her fiery breath and sharp claws, position yourself behind these pillars, using them as shields against her assaults.

Narag-Shazon's Shadow Breath, holds a weakness. Aimed at the pillars, it gradually erodes their structure until they crumble. As the pillars succumb a skylight gradually opens, letting sunlight in, blinding Narag-Shazon and rendering her vulnerable.

Locate a small rock within the chamber and use it as a platform. With swift precision, drive the Mithril Spear into Narag-Shazon's blinded face. This unexpected strike staggers the dragon, disrupting her focus. Seize the opportunity to unleash a series of attacks, maximizing damage in this fleeting opening.

Remember, the battle isn't solely about strength; it's a test of strategy and precision. Maneuver around the crumbling pillars, waiting for the opportune moment to strike. With cunning and determination, victory in this epic encounter is within reach.

Reclaiming Moria!

Upon defeating Narag-Shazon, you'll gain access to the Adamant Hammer. This is a crucial Tool necessary for repairing the Bridge of Khazad-dum and exiting Moria via its eastern gates. Head back to your base to craft it.

The Adamant Hammer can be used to restore the statue of Durin in the Well of Shadow. This will revive the magical protections, putting an end to Morgoth's malevolent energies and eradicating the threat of darkness in Moria permanently.

Once the statue is restored, return to the Eastern Bastion in Dwarrowdelf. Utilize Durin's Axe to break the sealed door and access the open pathway, marking the end of your journey through Moria as you exit and conclude the game.

How To Defeat Dragon Narag-Shazon In Return To Moria
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