Top 3 Broken Dota 2 Laning Duo Heroes For Easy MMR

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Top 3 Broken Dota 2 Laning Duo Heroes For Easy MMR

Here is our pick for the top 3 most broken Dota 2 laning duo Hero combos that will ensure you dominate your lane for some easy MMR

If you have been playing Dota 2 for long enough, you know that winning the lane is the first step to winning the game in this realm of strategy and dominance. Choosing the perfect combination of Heroes to create the ultimate duo will help you secure farm, map control and dictate the game’s tempo. With smart choices and cheesy combos, you and your duo will ensure your lane paves the path to victory. 

So without further ado, let's head into some tried and tested Hero duos that you can abuse to secure some easy MMR and climb the rank tree with dominating vigor. 

Top 3 Dual Hero Combos

Here are our picks for some of the most powerful and unstoppable Hero duos that will dominate any lane.

1. Pudge and Crystal Maiden Laning Duo – Ice and Bile 

Top 3 Broken Dota 2 Laning Duo Heroes For Easy MMR

Crystal Maiden (CM) is a spellcaster Intelligence Hero who is well known for her early-game dominance, especially in lane. Her abilities also allow her to spam powerful nukes while sustaining her Mana. Her abilities Crystal Nova deals massive damage and also allow her to slow enemies. Her ability Frostbite holds an enemy in place, making it easy for her allies to move in closer. 

Pudge is a tanky Strength Hero who great at dealing large amounts of spell damage with the help of proper Mana regeneration, such as with Crystal Maiden's Arcane Aura. His Meat Hook ability helps him drag enemies closer to him while dealing pure damage. Furthermore, his Rot also deals damage per second, while slowing enemies around him. This allows his allies to focus down any dragged-in enemies trying to flee. 

  • Frostbite + Meat Hook – Meat Hook is one of the highest damage spell in the early-game, dealing 150 pure damage in level 1. This is because the ability is difficult to land. But with CM's Frostbite holding the enemy down, the hook is easier to land.
  • Crystal Nova + Rot – Crystal Maiden's Crystal Nova does massive 110 damage in level 1, and slows enemies for up to 5 seconds. This is more than ample time for Pudge to reach the target and slow him down further with Rot. If proper timed, he can deal up to 150 damage (30 per second for 5 seconds) in combination with Crystal Nova. 
  • Arcane Aura + Flesh Heap – With a few Mangoes and Arcane Aura mana regen, CM can easily help Pudge sustain his Meat Hook mana in the early game. Furthermore, by securing kills in lane, she will allow him to build up his Flesh Heaps and become tankier.
  • Dismember + Freezing Field – If timed properly, a Frostbite followed by a Dismember from Pudge will lock down an enemy target for up to 5.75 seconds under the Freezing Field. This can be a devastating lock-down combo capable of melting almost any Hero. 

2. Visage and Undying Laning Duo – Undead Keepers

Top 3 Broken Dota 2 Laning Duo Heroes For Easy MMR

Visage is a spellcaster Universal Hero who is capable of exerting large amounts of burst damage in a very short time. He can slow his enemies with Grave Chill and after surviving damage with Gravekeeper's Cloak, can return large bursts of damage with Soul Assumption. 

Undying is a tanky Strength Hero who has an incredible teamfight focused arsenal of abilities. He can steal Strength from enemies and add it to his own with Decay, and can heal or deal large amounts of damage with Soul Rip depending on the number of nearby units. Finally, his Tombstone and Flesh Golem are powerful abilities that let him lead and tank fights with ease. 

  • Decay + Soul Assumption – When using decay, Undying steals away the maximum HP of the enemy unit and adds it to his own, making himself tankier. The damage dealt and taken during scraps increases the count of Visage's Soul Assumption, and with the lower maximum HP of the enemy, can end up dealing deadly amounts of burst damage. 
  • Tombstone + Soul Assumption – When engaged upon, Undying can easily counter by placing a Tombstone. The damage and slow from the Tombstone can be paired well with a Soul Assumption to punish any gankers who still lingers. 
  • Tombstone + Grave Chill – Tombstone slows enemies the lower their HP is, and when paired with Grave Chill, can make life very difficult for enemies who are focused on. Finishing them off with a Decay and Soul Assumption is also common way to adding insult to injury. 
  • Gravekeeper's Cloak + Soul Rip – Visage's Gravekeeper's Cloak is powerful against nuke damage, but has difficulty against damage over time sources. Undying's natural tankiness can help Visage stay in the backlines, and if needed, his Soul Rip can be used to ensure his teammate's survival.

3. Nature's Prophet and Treant Protector Laning Duo – Nature's Protectors

Top 3 Broken Dota 2 Laning Duo Heroes For Easy MMR
Credit: Karzahnii

Nature's Prophet (NP) is a highly mobile Intelligence Hero capable of split-pushing with unmatched global presence. His ability to trap Heroes with his Sprout and summon treants with Nature's Call to tear them apart is well-known. But, his Teleportation and Wrath of Nature is what makes him a global threat.

Treant Protector (TP) is a tanky Strength Hero who is powerful when around trees thanks to his Nature's Guise. His Nature's Grasp and Leech Seed are great spells to initiate with, both dealing damage and slowing enemies severely. Finally, his Living Armor and Overgrowth are spells which can both be used globally (with Aghanim's Scepter)

  • Orb of Venom + Blight Stone – Treant Protector has massive early game attack damage, and paired with Orb of Venom, can slow down enemies with every rightclick. NP is also a great carrier for Blight Stone, and paired with TP can deal high amounts of damage just by attacking. 
  • Nature's Grasp + Sprout – Nature's Prophet can trap an enemy by trees using Sprout, and enable Treant Protector to use Nature's Grasp to slow and deal additional damage as it passes through the summoned trees. 
  • Overgrowth + Wrath of Nature – With the Eyes In The Forest Aghanim's Scepter upgrade, Overgrowth can be used globally, trapping enemies and dealing massive damage, as well as giving vision for the Wrath of Nature's bounces to finish them off. 
  • Living Armor + Teleportation – Treant Protector's Living Armor can be cast globally, so any aggressive or behind-the-enemy-lines Teleportation from Nature's Prophet can be assisted with Living Armor to ensure risky plays are executed unscathed. 

Stay Tuned For More Broken Laning Duos

In Dota 2, duo combinations are vital and can greatly impact the game. Winning the lane is key to success, and the right Hero Duo helps control the map and game tempo.

The top 3 broken duos, like Pudge and Crystal Maiden (“Ice and Bile”), bring early-game dominance with their synergies. “Undead Keepers” – Visage and Undying – excel in burst damage and tankiness, while “Nature's Protectors” – Nature's Prophet and Treant Protector – showcase split-pushing and global presence.

Try these combos in your games! Master their strengths and enjoy the rewarding impact. Try out different Hero Duos and stay tuned for more combos, as we'll be posting them soon for you to experiment with.



Top 3 Broken Dota 2 Laning Duo Heroes For Easy MMR
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