Team Liquid COO Meets With Stretch, Cented and Riversan, Teases Fortnite ‘World Domination’

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Team Liquid COO Meets With Stretch, Cented and Riversan, Teases Fortnite ‘World Domination’

Could Team Liquid be looking to add more Fortnite players?

Popular esports organization Team Liquid is one of the many brands involved in competitive Fortnite. Along with FaZe Clan and Team SoloMid – Liquid has stood the test of time in the fast-paced Fortnite scene with almost no developer support. Their roster currently boasts some of the best players in Fortnite, including European player mitr0, former NA West players Cented and Riversan and recent DreamHack Champion Stretch. Despite the strength of its roster, Liquid recently parted ways with two of its foundational players. Vivid and Chap moved on to Cloud9, leaving behind them a roster filled with brimming young talent.

Team Liquid COO Mike Milanov sent out a curious tweet yesterday evening that may hint toward some more roster moves coming through the pipeline.

Mike Milanov’s Cryptic Tweet

After a conversation with current Team Liquid players Stretch, Cented and Riversan, Mike Milanov tweeted a cryptic message to nearly 5K of his Twitter followers:

“Had a great meeting with @LiquidSymbolic @Stretched @Cented7 @DamianEstrada @LiquidRiversan today planning world domination.”

For those who don’t know, Symbolic manages Team Liquid’s Fortnite team and Damian Estrada embodies the Creative Director role. Some are wondering what Team Liquid’s COO could mean by “world domination.” Could it mean the organization plans on building upon its already impressive lineup? It’s possible – rival organizations Team SoloMid and NRG Esports have not slowed down even slightly since embarking on each of their competitive Fortnite endeavors. Both reputable brands have acquired some of the best free-agents out there as of late. NRG signed Clix, UnknownArmy and Ronaldo. On the opposite side, Team SoloMid added FNCS Chapter 2 – Season 2 Champion Saf. Team Liquid has not added a single new Fortnite player since mitr0 back in January.

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In general, the tweet above is not a whole lot to go off, but the rumor mill is undoubtedly swirling. Competitive Fortnite players are on a collision with this season’s flagship Fortnite Champion Series (FNCS) competition; Epic Games will dish out $5 million spread across two platforms and seven regions over the next month. Contrary to popular opinion, competitive Fortnite is alive and well.

Who Are The Top Fortnite Free Agents?

There’s no shortage of talent up for grabs in competitive Fortnite. ESTNN recently produced a list of the top free agents. Of that list, five players – Rezon, Scoped, Furious, Favs and Acorn – still do not have an organization to represent. Could Team Liquid look to add one of those five to their roster in the future? Another player to look at is FNCS Chapter 2 – Season 3 Champion TaySon. He recently announced that his current contract with E11 Gaming would expire after this season’s FNCS. If that is Liquid’s next move, TaySon would be the second Fortnite player in history to join the organization.

It’s important to temper expectations in this regard. There are no guarantees that Team Liquid plans to add to its existing roster. But the cryptic aspect of Mike Milanov’s tweet certainly raised an eyebrow.

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