Fortnite: Clix Leaves Misfits Gaming, Joins NRG Esports

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Fortnite: Clix Leaves Misfits Gaming, Joins NRG Esports

One of Fortnite’s best young talents has joined one of esports most prominent organizations.

Professional Fortnite player and popular Twitch personality Cody “Clix” Conrod announced his departure from Misfits Gaming after spending over a year with the organization. The 15-year-old double Fortnite World Cup finalist began teasing an announcement earlier this week. Many believed that Clix would be taking his talents to another esports organization. He spent the last year growing his brand on Twitch, where he currently sports over 1.5 million followers. Earlier this evening on his Twitch stream, Clix revealed his plans and the organization that he will be joining.

Clix Leaves Misfits Gaming for NRG Esports

Clix officially announced that he has signed with NRG Esports in front of over 120,000 viewers live on Twitch. NRG produced a video featuring team member benjyfishy, communicating with organizational investor and NBA hall-of-famer Shaquille O’Neal. The video served as a welcoming party to the NRG organization for Clix. It featured some of Clix’s most impressive Fortnite clips in his signature Sparkplug skin. During the announcement, Clix’s stream crashed as he reached catastrophic viewership numbers.

The two-time Fortnite World Cup finalist and four-time Fortnite Champion Series finalist will join the star-studded roster of Zayt, benjyfishy, EpikWhale, Edgey and FNCS Invitational rival Unknown. He leaves behind a legacy full of accomplishments with the Misfits organization. Clix’s legacy will continue with NRG, who has added another crucial piece to an already impressive lineup. Benjyfishy referenced the signing of Clix, stating, “NRG got the best fortnite roster by far that’s crazy.”

Successful Streamer and Competitor

One of Clix’s definable qualities deals primarily with his ability to manage both streaming and competing simultaneously. NRG’s newest competitor consistently averages anywhere from 20,000 to 50,000 viewers. He places consistently well in tournaments, including the Fortnite Champion Series and Cash Cups. Clix does so despite the number of stream snipers targeting him daily. No matter the opinion on Clix, there is no denying his mechanical ability at Fortnite and the following that his personality garners. It will surely be interesting to see what more Clix can accomplish with an organization like NRG behind him.

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