The Best Ramattra Interactions in Overwatch 2 So Far

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The Best Ramattra Interactions in Overwatch 2 So Far

We take a look at our favorite Ramattra hero interactions in Overwatch Season 2.

If there's one thing to look forward to with every new hero, its their conversations with other heroes. Witty dialogue and small jabs amongst the game's 36 heroes sometimes occur before the start of every match. These are one of the unique things that breathes life into Overwatch's characters, and Null Sector's general is no exception.

Sometimes, these lines can even reveal some tidbits about a hero's backstory, enticing new players to look deeper into Overwatch's narrative world that Blizzard built. Take a crack at some of the best voice lines that came with Season 2, and see how the former Shambali monk is received by some of his teammates.

Ramattra and Zenyatta – Counting Stars

Zenyatta interactions were what many of the game's fans counted on happening, and Blizzard didn't disappoint. When 2 players in a match choose Ramattra and Zenyatta, it will sometimes prompt a meaningful exchange between the two omnics. In their dialogue, Ramattra reminisces with his brother Zenyatta about their days at the Shambali monastery.

Ramattra: Do you remember when we sat up at night… counting stars?
Zenyatta: Yes. We wondered how many other omnics were doing the same.
Ramattra: Yes. Well, I've learned that too few of them look up at all…

ramattra and zenyatta in shambali monastery

Ramattra and Genji – I Agree

In this scathing exchange between Genji and Ramattra involving their mutual friend, Genji answers the Null Sector leader's insult with a snide retort.

Ramattra: My brother wasted too much of his life teaching you!
Genji: I agree.
Ramattra: Really?
Genji: Yes. And like you, I was undeserving of his patience.

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Ramattra and Hanzo – Is That a Bow and Arrow?

It seems that even Null Sector's leader was confounded at Hanzo's weapon of choice, especially considering the game's futuristic backdrop. Here's what the Shimada brother had to say:

Ramattra: Is that… Is that a bow and arrow?
Hanzo: Yes.
Ramattra: Are firearms not to your taste?
Hanzo: They make killing too simple.

Ramattra and the Lindholms – How Gracious

One of the more rare interactions involves Ramattra, Brigitte and Torbjorn sounding off before the match starts. These father-daughter lines are just too precious.

Brigitte: Papa, is there anything you'd like to say to our teammates?
Torbjörn: *awkward tone* I'm… Looking forward to working with you.
Ramattra: How gracious of you.
Torbjörn: Yes, well. Let's get this done.

Ramattra and Lúcio – What’s Your Favorite Animal?

Few characters within Overwatch's roster share a voice line with as many heroes as Lucio does, but given his extremely positive vibe, we can see why. One of his well-known interactions is where he asks another hero what his favorite animal is. The freedom fighter DJ asks for Ramattra's, and he responds appropriately.

Lúcio: So, I'm tryna ask everybody this: What is your favorite animal?
Ramattra: Ants. They build marvelous structures and cooperate when threatened. I find them… Inspirational.
Lúcio: Uh… yeah, I can see it.

Ramattra and Junkrat – Tactical Precision

Jameson Fawkes A.K.A. “Junkrat” had an interesting inquiry about the tempo-tank's “Nemesis” form.

Junkrat: How come you don't stay a big bloke all the time?
Ramattra: I prefer tactical precision over brute force.
Junkrat: Oh, likewise, likewise. Some of my favorite bombs are extraordinarily precise!

Ramattra and Bastion – A Bird

In this adorable interaction, Ramattra asks Bastion why he has a bird following him. Bastion gives a precise and detailed answer in response.

Ramattra: You appear to have a… bird following you. Why?
Bastion: (explanatory beeps)
Ramattra: Interesting. Well, if I see any twigs, I will let you know.

Ramattra and Sombra – RAM-attra

Overwatch 2 still hasn't patched out dad jokes. In this humorous back and forth between Ramattra and everyone's favorite hacker, Sombra cracks a real “clever” one.

Sombra: So, how much RAM do you have… RAMattra?
Ramattra: Do humans find comfort in such petty humor?
Sombra: Just trying to break the ice!

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The Best Ramattra Interactions in Overwatch 2 So Far
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