Overwatch 2: 5 Heroes That You Should Pick in Season 2

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Overwatch 2: 5 Heroes That You Should Pick in Season 2

Which picks should you focus on in Season 2? Our latest Overwatch guide tells you which heroes make the cut.

It’s been two months since the arrival of Overwatch 2, and we already have access to Season 2. The first one was very interesting because it allowed us to play three new heroes, new game modes, maps, and more. Unsurprisingly, Overwatch 2 Season 2 is also full of surprises, and we even have access to a new hero.

Speaking of Overwatch 2 heroes, this article will review some of the names you should focus on in Season 2. Some of the heroes you are about to see on the list received substantial buffs, meaning that we will see them more often than before. Playing with them will also help you in your quest to reach the highest possible ranks in Overwatch 2.

Before we share some of the details, keep in mind that Season 2 arrived just a few days ago. Needless to say, we do not have enough playtime on the new patch, but judging from what we’ve seen and the patch notes, these heroes will shine.


The first name on the list will definitely surprise many of you, especially if you’ve players S1 in Overwatch 2 a lot. Doomfirst became a tank in Blizzard’s latest game, but he was not popular at all. In fact, he was one of the worst tanks in the game, which is why people were not interested in him at all.

Unsurprisingly, Overwatch 2’s devs decided to buff the hero, so they’ve provided him with a lot of new things that make him stand out. According to the dev’s comments, the idea behind the changes is to increase his presence as a disruptive brawler-style tank. After testing him several times, it is safe to say that they’ve succeeded.

Doomfirst receives a lot of new things in Season 2 of Overwatch 2, starting with his Rocket Punch:

  • This ability now deals between 25-50 damage instead of 15-30.
  • Wall Slam’s damage range is down from 20-40 to 10-30.
  • The empowered rocket Punch wall slam stun duration is down from 0.5-1s to 0.25-0.75s
  • Non-Empowered Rocket Punch will stun for the minimum 0.25-second duration.
  • The Empowered Rocket Punch knockback radius is down from 4 to 3.
  • Following the changes, the ability now has a 3 instead of 4s cooldown and its minimum time before the cancel option becomes available is down from 0.25 to 0.12s.

Other Doomfirst Changes & Their effect

Aside from his Rocket Punch, Doomfist received substantial changes to his Power Block. The ability now has a 7s cooldown and lasts for 2.5s instead of 2s. Moreover, the minimum damage mitigated required to have an empowered Rocket Punch is 80 instead of 90.

Meteor strike also received buffs because its slows enemies for 3s instead of 2s and empowers Rocket Punch on landing. Lastly, Doomfirst also received a buff to his passive, which gives him 200 temporary HP instead of 150. In terms of his temporary HP gain per target, it is up to 40 from 30.

All of these changes are a clear sign of one thing – the hero will be stronger than ever before. In fact, almost everyone who had the chance to play on the new Overwatch 2 season before it became available to the public agrees that Doomfirst is the S-Ter tank right now. This is bad news for all support players because he can rip through them like a knife through butter.



Moving on from tanks, the second hero that you should focus on in Overwatch 2 Season 2 is Echo. Even though she did not receive any buffs or nerfs in the new patch, the hero is powerful.

Echo was one of the many names that were nerfed after Overwatch 2 arrived. However, the hero’s incredible mobility and damage output allowed her to survive in the meta and become a really strong situational pick. 

Some people consider her to be a “sleeper” when it comes down to picks, and we agree. The hero can kill all squishies in seconds, and she is capable of doing some insane plays. Needless to say, the hero is also one of the best when it comes down to combos with names like Mercy.

Another thing that people often forget is Echo’s ultimate and the fact that she can copy tanks. The latter is incredibly strong in Overwatch 2, so having 2 of them can make a serious difference.


One of the best Overwatch 2 Season 2 heroes that you should keep an eye on is Reaper. Despite not being the fan-favorite in some skill brackets, this hero is excellent and can do wonders. The fact that heroes like Sojourn received some nerfs is also a good sign for Reaper because he will be an even more popular pick.

Like Echo, this Overwatch 2 DPS did not receive any specific nerfs ot buffs for Season 2. This means he is as good as before and will be a huge pain for some tanks. Although it will be hard to keep up with Doomfirst, Reaper is one of the few DPS that can do that. Needless to say, this will make him an even better option in the current meta.


After taking a look at the DPS, it is time for the last role in Overwatch 2 – Support. There are a couple of big names that you should focus on, and Kiriko is undoubtedly one of them. Despite the changes that took place in the most recent patch and the nerfs, she continues to be one of the best heroes in the game.

Speaking of changes and nerfs, here is what you should be aware of:

  • Kiriko’s arm hit volumes width is reduced by 15%, and she now has an auto-wall climb option.
  • Her Kitsune Rush costs 10% more, and the movement speed bonus is down from 50% to 30%. Furthermore, the cooldown rate reduction is down from 3 to 2 times faster. This is a substantial nerf, but the abilities continue to be strong in all sorts of scenarios.
  • Protection Suzu’s cast time is now 0.1s instead of 0.15s.
  • Kunai’s ammo is increased from 12 to 15.
  • Swift Step – the ability input can now be held to activate.

The fact that the hero has more ammo to do damage with and can cleanse herself easier than before is enough to put her on the list. 


Lastly, we have one of the strongest Overwatch 2 heroes from Season 1. Lucio will continue to be one of the leading Supports in the game and one of the heroes that people will go for, especially when they want to carry their team. His insane mobility, healing, and damage output make him a good option in all sorts of situations. Let’s also not forget that he can also peel for his team, which is something that not all Overwatch 2 supports are capable of.

Overwatch 2: 5 Heroes That You Should Pick in Season 2
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