Team Spirit vs Gaimin Gladiators Recap TI12 Grand Final – Spirit Lifts The Aegis For The Second Time

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Team Spirit vs Gaimin Gladiators Recap TI12 Grand Final – Spirit Lifts The Aegis For The Second Time

Let’s learn more about what happened in the Team Spirit vs Gaimin Gladiators match, which was The International 12  Grand Final.

After several weeks of action, TI12 is finally over, and we have our new champion. Despite not having the best results throughout 2023, Team Spirit ripped through everyone The International 12 deserved to win the Aegis for the second time after lifting in at TI 10. The team’s stellar performance helped it overcome all obstacles, including Gaimin Gladiators.

Speaking of the Team Spirit vs Gaimin Gladiators TI12 Grand Final, the last series of the event allowed us to watch quality Dota 2 games. Even though we expected to see 5 full games, this was not the case because Team Spirit was clearly better. So, let’s learn more about everything that happened. Don't forget to learn more about Dota 2 Ringmaster, the latest hero added to the game.

Team Spirit vs Gaimin Gladiators Recap 

Even though TS secured a clean 3-0 victory, each game had something to offer, which is why it is important to go through everything.

Game 1

The important thing to remember in this Team Spirit vs Gaimin Gladiators Recap TI12 Grand Final is that the first game was the most one-sided series we had. It only lasted  32 minutes because Team Spirit ripped through their opponents like a knife through butter.

GG was eager to put its Lone Druid to the test, but Yatoro’s Weaver demolished the hero. The CIS legend gave its team a solid start as Team Spirit kept pressuring GG. Even though the team from Western Europe tried to delay the game and give its cores a chance to bounce back, TS did not let that happen and secured a lead in the series.


  • Teams – Team Spirit vs Gaimin Gladiators
  • Kills – 32-12
  • Game Duration – 32:27 min
  • Top Networth – Yatoro/Dyrachyo
  • Towers – 8/0
  • Roshan Kills – 2

Game 2

After the impressive victory in the first match at TI12 Grand Final, it was time for the Team Spirit vs Gaimin Gladiators Game 2. This one was definitely a bit more interesting than the previous game because GG was better and looked more motivated to win. Moreover, the team had the better draft.

The laning stage in the second game of the series was fairly even because both teams traded kills and weren’t able to secure a solid advantage. This also continued in the early stages of the mid-game. We also saw a few swings near the 20th-minute mark as GG took the lead and even secured the first Aegis.

Sadly, this was not enough for the Western European team to win because they weren’t Team Spirit was just better. The team controlled the game’s tempo and took full control of the game after the big fight near the 35th-minute mark. GG lost 3 players, which was enough for Team Spirit to gain a big advantage and win the game in the next couple of minutes.


  • Teams – Team Spirit vs Gaimin Gladiators
  • Kills – 33-21
  • Game Duration – 42:59
  • Top Networth – Yatoro/Ace
  • Towers – 8-5
  • Roshan Kills – 1-1

Game 3

Following the success in the first two matches, it was time for Team Spirit to step up its game and win the third clash in the series. We watched the series closely for our Team Spirit vs Gaimin Gladiators recap TI12 Grand Final, and it is safe to say this was the most interesting match so far.

Both teams decided to use interesting heroes, especially Team Spirit. Quinn finally got the chance to use his favorite Pangolier, but Team Spirit countered him with an interesting Dazzle pick for the mid-lane. Larl is known for its innovations, and it definitely worked well for him.

As expected, the early and mid-game were neck and neck because both teams were trying to secure a lead for their team. Having said that, GG was in a much better position because it had more kills and objectives.

With more than 7k lead 20 minutes after the game’s start, we expected Gaimin Gladiators to win this match and push the series into a Game 4. However, the squad from Eastern Europe did not want to go down and won an extremely important clash near their bottom T2 tower. This happened 23 minutes after the start and brought Team Spirit back into the match. Of course, losing one team fight was not enough for them to win, so GG quickly bounced back after this fight and even took the Aegis.

Everything seemed as if it would go in their favor, but this was when things went downhill. Despite having more than 7k lead and an Aegis, the team lost a team fight 30 minutes after the start that allowed TS to equalize the net worth and even secure a small lead. TI10 champions used this to their advantage and slowly took full control of the match.

The last nail in the coffin was the big team fight around 37 minutes after the game began, where Yatoro’s crew killed all 5 of GG. Needless to say, this resulted in a lane of rax, and, eventually, the match and the Aegis.


  • Teams – Team Spirit vs Gaimin Gladiators
  • Kills – 32-36
  • Game Duration – 42:05
  • Top Networth – Ace/Yatoro
  • Towers – 9-4
  • Roshan Kills – 1-1


Following the Team Spirit vs Gaimin Gladiators Recap The International 12 Grand Final, it became clear that the team from Eastern Europe lifted the Aegis. This is Team Spirit’s second triumph after winning TI 10. However, only 4 players got the Aegis for the second time because TORONTOTOKYO, their mid-laner, is no longer a part of the team. This allowed Larl to step up his game and lift his first Aegis.

It will be interesting to see Team Spirit’s performance in 2024 because the team has never looked stronger than it is right now. After winning several events prior to TI12, the squad achieved massive success in Seattle.

Team Spirit vs Gaimin Gladiators Recap TI12 Grand Final – Spirit Lifts The Aegis For The Second Time
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