The International 12 Grand Final – Can Team Spirit Win a Second TI?

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The International 12 Grand Final – Can Team Spirit Win a Second TI?

We are just a few hours away from The International 12 Grand Final, so let’s learn more about it.

After waiting for almost one year for Dota 2’s biggest and most competitive event, we are a few hours away from its Grand Final. There were tons of surprising results and matches, but in the end, Team Spirit reached the Grand Final from the Upper Bracket. We are yet to see who’s going to win the clash in the Lower Bracket, but one thing is certain: TI12 Grand Final will be epic.

Speaking of this match, it’s time to take a step back and look at the three remaining teams, as well as their chances of winning. Remember that all sites where you can wager on Dota 2 matches will allow you to choose from this option. 

The International 12 Grand Final – Road To Glory

Even though we are not aware of the second finalist, TI12 Grand Final already has one team – Team Spirit. Some people may be surprised by the squad’s results, but there is no arguing that TS deserves to be here. 

If we take a look at the team’s performance at TI12, we can see it is nothing short of impressive. Larl and his team started the event in Group A, where they had to play alongside EG, Entity, 9P, and Team SMG. Although TS was the favorite, the team finished first in the group without losing a single game, which was a clear sign that Team Spirit would try to win a second Aegis.

Following the TI12 group, Team Spirit had a tough challenge in the face of Shopify Rebellion. The North American team had good results prior to the event, but it wasn’t able to do anything against TI10 champs. TS ripped through them and secured a slot in the Upper Bracket.

The first challenge in the Upper Bracket for Team Spirit was against Virtus.Pro. Even though fans expected TS to annihilate them, VP actually won one game, which was TS’s first loss of the event. Unfortunately, VP’s lack of experience did not allow the team to continue its winning streak, and lost the series.

Team Spirit’s success against the EEU team gave them a chance to go up against the other TI12 favorite – Team Liquid. In an epic three-game series, Yatoro’s crew managed to defeat Dota 2 zai and his teammates and sent them to the Lower Bracket.

Upper Bracket Final

After defeating VP and Team Liquid, it was time for the Team Spirit vs LGD Gaming clash. The two met in the Upper Bracket Final, and its safe to say this was one of the most anticipated matches because LGD was also flawless before this event. It goes without saying, but these two teams have a lot of history with each other because they have played many times together, including at TI10's Grand Final.

Game 1 between the two powerhouses was probably the best game at TI12 so far, and it lasted more than 76 minutes. LGD tried to surprise their opponents with a Dota 2 tinker pick, and it worked up to a point. However, Team Spirit’s draft was more suitable for the ultra-late game, and the team defeated their powerful Chinese counterparts.

Game 2 at TI12 Upper Bracket final was also interesting, but this time, Team Spirit controlled it from the beginning. LGD had a few good situations where they could’ve bounded back because of their Spectre. However, Yatoro’s signature Morphling ripped through them and allowed TS to secure a slot in the final.

Which Dota 2 team will join Team Spirit?

After walking you through Team Spirit’s journey to TI12 Grand Final, it is time to take a look at the two contenders. Following the loss, LGD Gaming has to go up against none other than Gaimin Gladiators in the LB final. Those who followed the Dota 2 scene throughout 2023 are probably not surprised GG is here. In fact, they may be surprised by the fact that the Western European powerhouse is not in the Upper Bracket because it won almost all tournaments.

Going back to the LB final, if we take a look at the Dota 2 betting websites, we can see that most places agree that Gaimin Gladiator is the big favorite here. The team’s journey so far is impressive, to say the least, because it was eliminated 5 times before the fight against LGD.
After the solid results in the Group Stage, GG was unable to defeat Talon Esports and dropped to the Lower Bracket. Some Dota 2 expects thought this was the beginning of the end, but GG rose from the dust and annihilated all of its opponents after that. The team defeated EG, 9Pandas, nouns, Team Liquid, and Azure Ray before reaching the LB Final.

We’ve already mentioned that LGD Gaming also did not lose any matches before the UP Final. The Chinese team dealt with Keyd Stars, 9Pandas, and Azure Ray before losing to Team Spirit. Unfortunately, the clash against GG will be as hard, if not even more difficult, so it will be interesting to see the final results.

TI12 Grand Final Prediction

Considering that The International 12 Grand Final begins just a few hours after the end of the LB final, we won’t have enough time to make a proper prediction. However, judging by the previous results of all teams and their determination, we believe the final will be a Team Spirit vs Gaimin Gladiator clash where TS will win. Yatoro’s crew looks more motivated than their opponents, and the team won the last 2 big tournaments. However, GG will definitely not go down without a fight, so we think we’ll see a classic 5-game thriller.

The International 12 Grand Final – Can Team Spirit Win a Second TI?
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