Ringmaster Dota 2 – The New Hero Is Here

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Ringmaster Dota 2  – The New Hero Is Here

Let’s learn more about Ringmaster, Dota 2’s newest her who is going to bring the circus to town.

Like all other years before, prior to The International final, Valve reveals the newest hero that will be added to Dot a2. This time it is no exception because we learned that a hero called Ringmaster will be added to our favorite MOBA.

Dota 2 Ringmaster

After the addition of Muerta, Dota 2 fans will now get the chance to see Ring Master in action. We do not know that much information about the hero, other than what we’ve seen from the official trailer. By the looks of it, Ring Master Dota 2 will be a completely different hero that we haven’t seen so far.

Ringmaster Dota 2

If you analyze Valve’s newest trailer, you can see that the Ringmaster does not show himself. Instead, he is in a “competition with Axe and lures him into hitting a target. Once that happens, Ring Master Dota 2 grabs Axe with the mechanical hands and drags him inside.

By the looks of it, Dota 2 Ringmaster will be some sort of a trickster and a hero who should be able to copy others or use some of his abilities. Also, it seems like Ring Master Dota 2 may also have the ability to spawn non-hero units, similar to Techies. One thing is certain – Ringmaster will be one of the most interesting new heroes in Dota 2, and we can’t wait to learn more about him.

In the meantime, don’t miss out on TI 12’s Grand Final, and make sure to follow us for more information. Expect to learn more about the final once it is over, and don't forget to check some of the big websites where you can wager on it. As for the new hero, we will make sure to provide you with more information about Ringmaster Dota 2 once it becomes available.

Ringmaster Dota 2  – The New Hero Is Here
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