TA2000 Achieves 23-Game Winning Streak with Medusa in Pro Dota 2

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TA2000 Achieves 23-Game Winning Streak with Medusa in Pro Dota 2

Quest Esports carry Aybek “TA2000” Tokayev has extended his winning run with Medusa to 23 games

Aibek “TA2000” Tokayev, the renowned player from Quest Esports, has showcased incredible prowess with Medusa since the dawn of 2022. The recent clash against KZ Team during the WEU qualifiers for The International 2023 bore witness to his remarkable journey, as he marked his 23rd consecutive triumph with this hero.

TA2000: The Medusa Maestro

The series concluded with a resounding victory for TA2000's contingent, propelling them gracefully into the second round of the upper bracket playoffs. A different fate awaited KZ, as they find themselves relegated to the lower bracket arena. Amidst these contrasting fortunes, TA2000's Medusa expertise shone through, resulting in a formidable 9/3/20 KDA.

TA2000's ongoing streak of victories has notably encompassed a series of high-profile encounters. Among these remarkable feats stands Quest's historic clash against Gaimin Gladiators during the Bali Major 2023—a colossal showdown that resonated for over two hours. This epic engagement, rife with suspense and strategic maneuvers, showcased TA2000's Medusa mastery in all its glory, steering his team to five wins on the revered battlegrounds of Bali.

He also bagged two victories for his team at the Riyadh Masters 2023 with Medusa. Both of those victories came against Team Spirit, who went on to win the tournament. 

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TA2000 Achieves 23-Game Winning Streak with Medusa in Pro Dota 2

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TA2000’s Medusa record over the last 23 matches (Photo Credit: Dotabuff)

What’s Next For Quest Esports?

Running through the digital battlegrounds from August 27 to 31, The International 2023's Western Europe qualifiers are in full swing. Among the contenders, eleven resilient teams hailing from the DPC echelons are locked in fierce combat, each harboring the aspiration to seize the last available ticket to TI's illustrious spectacle. This year's twist sees European contenders contending for a pair of coveted slots up for grabs via the regional qualifier route. 

As the dust settles on their victory against KZ Team, Quest finds themselves on the brink of their next challenge, with their upcoming opponent poised to be either Level Up or Luna Galaxy.