Dota 2 Medusa Guide – One Of The Strongest Carries

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Dota 2 Medusa Guide – One Of The Strongest Carries

The Dota 2 Medusa guide will unveil the secrets behind one of the strongest heroes in the game.

There are a couple of late-game heroes that are considered to be really strong, and Medusa is one of them. Although she needs time to come online, this Medusa Dota 2 guide will show you that the hero is extremely dangerous and definitely worth the pick.

Despite going through a lot of changes, today, Medusa is a ranged Agility hero that has 275 movement speed and 2.7 armor. The hero starts the game with around 48-54 damage and has a 600 range. There are a lot of other important things about her, so let’s learn what makes Medusa so dangerous.


One of the reasons for the impressive Dota 2 Meduas win rate is the hero’s abilities, so let’s learn more about them.

  • Split Shot – This ability allows Medusa to hit multiple targets for up to 85% of the outgoing damage. However, the additional targets can’t benefit from specific attack effects, such as critical strikes.
  • Mystic Snake – This is Medusa’s primary damage ability that deals up to 220 base damage and has a 35% damage increase per jump. The snake “jumps” from one target to another for up to 6 jumps and also gives Medusa 20% mana. Moreover, the ability slows down the target’s movement speed by 30% and turn rate by 50%.
  • Mana Shield – This shield allows Medusa to absorb 98% of incoming damage in exchange for Mana. 
  • Stone Gaze – This ultimate lasts for 6s, slows down the enemy’s movement speed by 35%, and turns into stones for up to 2.4s if they look at Medusa for 2s. Once that happens, these targets take 55% additional physical bonus damage.

People who read the Dota 2 Medusa guide and get an Aghanim's Shard will get a new ability called Cold Blooded. This will automatically release a single-target Mustic Snake once someone targets the hero with an ability. 

Players who get an Aghanim’s Scepter will be able to turn enemies into a stone with Mystic Snake.

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Most of the Dota 2 Medusa changes affect the hero’s abilities, but the talents are also not left behind, so let’s go over them.

  • Level 10 – +5% Stone Gaze Bonus Physical Damage or +15% Mystic Snake Turn and Movement Speed Slow
  • Level 15 – -3s Mystic Snake Cooldown or -10% Split Shot Damage Penalty
  • Level 20 – +1.5s Stone Gaze Duration or +2 Mystic Snake Bounces
  • Level 25 – Split Shot Uses Modifiers or +1.7 Mana Shield Damage per Mana

Dota 2 Medusa Guide – Tips

The Dota 2 Hero Medusa appears in her Eye of the Beholder set, weilding a mighty bow with a draconic green eye set into it

Medusa is one of the special Dota 2 heroes because she can work in all three core positions. However, if you take a look at the most common Dota 2 Medusa build, you can see that the hero is usually the team’s carry. As such, her job is to farm as much as possible and carry her team to victory.

During the laning stage, Medusa can lane against almost anything, and she has some kill potential if paired with the right support. Once the laning stage is over, Medusa players need to prioritize farming and clean the jungle stacks and all lanes. Of course, this doesn’t mean the hero can’t fight because she can always teleport and use her ultimate when needed.

Once the mid-game is over, Medusa should become the strongest hero in the game, which also makes her the number one target. Albeit extremely difficult to kill, the enemy heroes can bring her down, so you have to ensure you’re not farming in locations where your team won’t help you.

Your goal as a Medusa player is to get the items you need and start pushing the enemy’s towers. They will be forced to take a fight with you, which is where you need to carry your team by doing as much damage as possible. Although you may play against a Dota 2 Medusa counter, you can defeat it because of your insane damage.

Dota 2 Medusa – Pros and Cons

Aside from the many Dota 2 Medusa skins, the hero has a lot of other advantages, as well as a few drawbacks.

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  • One of the best hard carries
  • Insane damage output
  • Extremely hard to kill
  • Fast farmer
  • Easy to play


  • The hero has a lot of counters
  • She needs a lot of farms to be effective

Starting Items

The Dota 2 Hero Medusa raises her sword as she slithers in to battle with fangs bared

Whether you play Dota 2 Medusa 7.33 or on another patch, you need to get some HP regen and stats as your starting items. Ideally, you need Iron Branches because they will help you get the Magic Wand.

Early Game

Medusa is a carry, which means the Medusa Dota 2 build for the early game includes a Wraith Band, Wand, Power Treads, and even a Dragon Lance (depending on the game).

Mid Game

When it comes down to the mid-game items, it all depends on the Medusa Dota 2 update. Depending on the meta, people can go for items like Hurricane Pike, Maesltorm, Aghanim’s Shard, Manta Style, and so on.

Late Game

If you look at the Dota 2 Medusa Reddit threads, you can see that almost all late-game items can work on Medusa, it just depends on the enemies she has to face. The items include things like Monkey King Bar, Butterfly, Eye of Skadi, Manta Style, Daedalus, Mjollnir, Bloodthorn, and more.

Dota 2 Medusa Counter

Medusa hits multiple enemies at a time in a team fight


In terms of the heroes you need to be aware of after reading the Dota 2 Medusa Guide, there are a couple of big counters to keep in mind:

  • Anti-Mage – AM’s Mana Burn with Manta Style counters Medusa really hard in every meta.
  • Invoker – Even though the latter is not a counter in the late-game if you check the Dota 2 Medusa Reddit, you will see that the hero is good against Dusa early on. His EMP and high AoE damage are good against Mana Shield.
  • Nyx Assassin – The hero has Mana Burn, which is incredibly dangerous against Medusa.
  • Phantom Lancer – One of the Medusa Dota 2 counters that are really effective against the hero is Phantom Lancer. His damage output and overall prowess make him one of the best in the game.
Dota 2 Medusa Guide – One Of The Strongest Carries
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