Dota 2 Marathons: Reliving The 5 Longest Dota 2 Games In History

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Dota 2 Marathons: Reliving The 5 Longest Dota 2 Games In History

Journey through the grueling battles as we relive the five longest Dota 2 games ever played in the game’s competitive history

The Bali Major witnessed an epic showdown between Western European sides Gaimin Gladiators and Quest Esports in the group stages that went on for nearly three hours. The first match of the series, in particular, caught the attention of Dota 2 enthusiasts around the globe as it took a whopping two hours and 16 minutes to conclude. 

The Gaimin Gladiators vs Quest match reminded us of some of the other marathon sessions we have seen in competitive Dota 2 in the past. Does the Bali Major DPC WEU derby make it to the list of top 5 longest Dota 2 games ever played? Let’s find out. 


5. Team Empire vs IG Vitality (2:08:15)

  • Date: August 5, 2017
  • Competition: The International 7 Group Stages
    • Winner: IG Vitality
  • Game: 2

This unforgettable 128-minute showdown featured the Anti-Mage, a hero synonymous with enduring battles like this one, Divine Rapiers, an astonishing count of 10 Roshan kills, and an exhilarating series of back-and-forth teamfights that kept spectators on the edge of their seats. As the minutes turned into hours, a growing feeling of eternal struggle permeated the air, leaving players and spectators alike yearning for the game's conclusion.

iG Vitality kicked off the game with a strong start, dominating their opponents and accumulating a substantial net worth advantage of 5,000 gold. As the game progressed and approached the 40-minute mark, their lead expanded further to an impressive 10,000 gold. The tides of fortune shifted, nonetheless, when Roman “Resolut1on” Fominok's Anti-Mage made a remarkable recovery in farm, erasing iG Vitality's lead and introducing a new dynamic to the game.

Empire’s remarkable recovery brought them to the precipice of victory by the 80th minute, but iG Vitality held on for more than 40 minutes to drag the match beyond the two-hour mark. The Russian outfit, sensing the urgency of the moment, launched a desperate assault on iG Vitality, hurling their heroes into the fray in a last-ditch attempt to secure a decisive victory. Despite their valiant efforts, however, the Great Wall of iG Vitality proved impenetrable, withstanding the onslaught and refusing to crumble.

iG Vitality produced one of the best mega creeps comebacks to claim the spoils in this two-hour-plus fight. It set the record for the longest LAN match in Dota 2 history and it stood for no less than six years. 


4. compLexity vs Team Archon (2:11:15)

  • Date: January 9, 2016
  • Competition: Shanghai Major 2016 Americas Qualifiers 
  • Winner: Team Archon 
  • Game: 1


The third longest competitive game in Dota 2 history took place during the 2016 Shanghai Major Qualifiers, lasting a staggering 131 minutes and 15 seconds. The match involved two now defunct teams competing for a spot in the tournament. CompLexity Gaming, featuring brothers Rasmus Johan “Chessie” and Linus “Limmp” Blomdin, along with future Alliance member Simon “Handsken” Haag, went head-to-head against Team Archon, which comprised a roster of talented North American players. 

The path to the first Winter Dota 2 Major was fraught with difficulties for both teams. Teams in both South American and North American regions back then focused on a passive style of play. This approach resulted in a distinct lack of aggression and kills during gameplay, often leading to the first kill of the match taking more than ten minutes to occur. The match in question exemplified the conservative nature that defined American teams at that time.

The first kill did not happen until the clock hit the eight-minute mark. In a recurring pattern, the teams take turns eliminating Roshan and acquiring the Aegis, only to falter in capitalizing on their advantage and concluding the game. The majority of kills occur during their concerted efforts to breach the enemy's defenses, leading to an unusual concentration of deaths away from the typical lanes.

As the game went past 80 minutes, glitches became more noticeable, particularly in particle effects like fire and lightning. Rasmus “Chessie” Blomdin, playing as Razor, left trails and artifacts while moving across the map. The game hung precariously during this period, as one wrong move could have been decisive. Surprisingly, that critical mistake didn't happen until the game surpassed the 130-minute mark. With another Aegis of the Immortal, CompLexity launched a strong attack on their opponent's base, but extended themselves too far, allowing Archon to strike back. Seizing the opportunity, Archon aggressively subdued their opponents with buybacks, relentlessly pursuing them to the dire side. Despite CompLexity's attempt to resist, they ultimately conceded defeat, losing their throne after an epic two-hour gameplay session.

3. Gaimin Gladiators vs Quest Esports (2:16:39)

  • Date: June 29, 2023
  • Competition: Bali Major 2023 Group Stages 
  • Winner: Quest Esports
  • Game: 1

Amongst a day filled with spectacular matches, the final series of the Bali Major's Group Stage between Gamin Gladiators and Quest Esports stood out. Spanning nearly three hours of in-game time across both games, this series not only shattered Dota 2 records for its duration but also left a lasting impact on hero statistics.

The reigning Lima and Berlin Major champions demonstrated their remarkable prowess by amassing an astonishing 14 Divine Rapiers, 11 Roshan kills, and resorting to buybacks on 42 occasions. Their considerable total death time of 61 minutes, nonetheless, in contrast to Quest's 33 minutes, played a decisive role in sealing their defeat.

This match surpassed the 128-minute marathon between Empire and IG Vitality in TI7, making it the longest LAN Dota 2 match to date. When considering both online and offline matches, however, it secures the third spot in terms of duration.

2. Vega Squadron vs. Team Empire (2:20:30)

  • Date: June 28, 2017
  • Competition: TI7 CIS Qualifiers
  • Winner: Empire
  • Game: 2

Team Empire entered this match with the advantage of winning game one, putting them in a position where they only needed this victory to secure a spot in the finals and potentially attend TI7. Following a grueling 49-minute battle in the previous game, they were likely anticipating a faster-paced encounter this time around.

The match kicked off with a relentless display of brutality that went on till the end. Both sides exhibited an extraordinary level of aggression, with Empire consistently holding the reins. 

Vega Squadron took a different approach, emphasizing kills above all else. They punished Empire relentlessly at every opportunity and deliberately extended the game's duration. Despite having their structures decimated and their Throne vulnerable, Vega displayed remarkable resilience. Ilya “ALOHADANCE” Korobkin delivered an outstanding performance on Queen of Pain and Weaver, respectively, almost reversing the game's momentum. A critical turning point occurred around the 104-minute mark when Vega capitalized on an excellent catch on Empire's high ground, finally presenting a genuine chance for victory.

In the end, after an epic battle lasting nearly two and a half hours, Vega Squadron would succumb, paving the way for Empire to advance, and solidifying this game's place in the annals of history.

1. Cloud9 vs. ScaryFaceZ (3:20:34)

  • Date: March 20, 2015
  • Competition: StarLadder StarSeries Season 12 Europe and CIS qualifiers
  • Winner: ScaryFaceZ
  • Game: 2

The record for the longest Dota 2 match is held by Cloud9 and ScaryFaceZ, whose epic encounter endured for an astounding three hours and 20 minutes. Yes, you have read that right! The game went for a whopping 200 minutes! The historic clash took place on March 20, 2015, in the StarSeries Season 12: Europe and CIS Qualifiers. 

Cloud9 fielded a lineup that featured Dota 2 legends such as Johan “N0tail” Sundstein and Jacky “EternaLEnVy” Mao. While ScaryFaceZ's roster may have lacked star power, it did include the promising talent of Roman “RAMZES666” Kushnarev, who would go on to shine brightly with

At the onset, the game followed a conventional pattern, with both teams exercising caution and avoiding major blunders. The calculated approach from both sides endlessly stretched the match. It was the second match in a best-of-three series, so both teams desperately wanted to win. 

After the 53-minute mark, the game transformed into an endurance test, dragging on for a grueling two hours. It consisted of repetitive cycles of resets, occasionally interrupted by ScaryFaceZ's barracks crumbling or EternaLEnVy meeting his demise. 

After 100 minutes, the game descended into a chaos of visual glitches, creating the illusion that some hero models were engulfed in flames. Then, in a remarkable twist, after an astonishing 200 minutes of gameplay, the match reached its culmination with an unexpected surge of activity. As Cloud9 ventured out of their base, aiming for a decisive move, ScaryFaceZ swiftly capitalized on the opportunity, launching a relentless assault down the middle lane and ultimately securing victory by toppling Cloud9's throne. It was an ending that carried a hint of anticlimax to the longest competitive game in Dota 2's history.

Dota 2 Marathons: Reliving The 5 Longest Dota 2 Games In History
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