Survive Longer in Battles with These Items in 7.32e

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Survive Longer in Battles with These Items in 7.32e

You can survive longer in battles by purchasing these items in the new 7.32e update for Dota 2. 

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The latest 7.32e patch has enhanced particular items to make you last longer in battles. You can purchase several items in the new version of Dota 2 to increase your health and health regeneration rate to become more durable during battles. 

Take a look at the most effective items in Dota 2 that you can buy in 7.32e to survive longer in team fights. 

Shadow Blade


Legion Commander attacks Sniper using Shadow Blade

Shadow Blade can be bought for 3000 gold in the 7.32e update. You can use Shadow Blade to turn any hero invisible for up to 14 seconds. People can increase their movement speed by 20% for the duration of their invisibility by using Shadow Blade. The item grants 35 attack speed and 20 attack damage to players in combat, helping carry heroes deal more damage to their enemies. 

People who love playing carry heroes can purchase Shadow Blade to boost their durability. Legion Commander is a fierce melee hero with amazing attack speed. She can use the bonus attack speed granted by Shadow Blade to move into positions before annihilating enemy heroes in lanes. Legion Commander can cast Press the Attack on herself to increase her attack speed by an additional 140 in Dota 2 matches. Press the Attack can last for up to 5 seconds, letting Legion Commander swing her blade to destroy her opponents. 

Legion Commander can roam the map while being invisible to hunt for easy targets to use Duel on. Her ulti, Duel, can be used to taunt enemy heroes for up to 5.5 seconds, preventing enemies from attacking your allies in battles. You can deal bonus damage of 175 after breaking invisibility to increase your chances of winning a Duel. Successful Duels can grant permanent attack damage of 30 to Legion Commander, making Shadow Blade resourceful to the carry hero. She can easily escape enemy encounters by turning on Shadow Blade after decimating enemies to earn bonus gold and experience.

Shadow Fiend can use a Shadow Blade to surprise his enemies in team fights. He can collect over 20 souls from neutral creep camps around the jungle to be able to deal maximum damage to enemy heroes with his ulti. It can take over 1.5 seconds to channel his ulti, Requiem of Souls, to release the souls captured throughout the game. Shadow Blade allows Nevermore to plan fights better with his team in the recent 7.32e patch. The item might not be suitable for carry heroes like Clinkz that gain bonus damage for their physical attacks during the fade time of Shadow Blade. 


Dazzle heals allies using Mekansm

Mekansm is an item that can help save the lives of your allies in team fights. Support heroes can cast Restore using Mekansm to replenish up to 275 health to allies in a radius of 1200. Mekansm has a cooldown of 50 seconds and requires 100 mana to be used per cast. The item also provides an aura that increases the health regeneration rate of your teammates by 2.5. 

You can purchase a Mekansm for 1775 gold in the game. Heroes like Dazzle can cast Restore using Mekansm to help his allies escape enemies. You can use several instances of Shadow Wave on your teammates to replenish 135 health per cast to 7 allied units. Dazzle can cast Shallow Grave to prevent his allies from dying for up to 5 seconds. Mekansm can provide adequate health to Dazzle and his teammates to perform a counterattack after taking a significant amount of damage from the enemy team. 

Keeper of the Light is an excellent hero to buy a Mekansm. Ezalor can restore up to 320 mana to his allies using Chakra Magic and reduce the cooldown of their abilities by 6 seconds. He can use Mekansm to provide bonus health to allies during battles to help them survive longer. You can also use Recall while playing Keeper of the Light to teleport enemies away from certain death before using a Mekansm to restore 275 health to them. 

Chen can be a solid support hero in the 7.32e update by purchasing a Mekansm in his games. He can use his ulti, Hand of God, to instantly heal all allied units and heroes on the map for 400 health. Teammates around Chen have their health regeneration rate increased by 4 and gain bonus armor of 4, boosting their chances of surviving ambushes from enemies. Chen can upgrade a Mekansm to Guardian Greaves to restore 350 health and 200 mana to his allies. 

Pipe of Insight

Clockwerk protects his team using Pipe of Insight

Pipe of Insight provides 30% magic resistance and 8.5 health regeneration to heroes. Gamers can cast Barrier on allies around them in a radius of 1200 using Pipe of Insight to absorb up to 450 magical damage for 12 seconds. Insight Aura granted by a Pipe of Insight also increases the health regeneration rate and magic resistance of nearby allies.  

You can purchase a Pipe of Insight for 3475 gold in the game. Strength heroes, such as, Clockwerk, can use Pipe of Insight to increase his survivability. Clockwerk can use his ulti, Hookshot, to latch onto enemy heroes from up to a distance of 3000. Once he grabs onto his opponents using Hookshot, Clockwerk can use Pipe of Insight to absorb damage from incoming spells. You can turn on Power Cogs to prevent enemy heroes from fleeing battles and prevent other enemy heroes from attacking Clockwerk for 8 seconds. You can nuke enemies with Battery Assault while playing Clockwerk to stun them during battles in the 7.32e patch for the strategy game. 

Tidehunter can buy a Pipe of Insight to become a reliable tank hero in Dota 2 matches. The melee hero gains 3.5 Strength per level, giving Tidehunter loads of health to withstand damage from enemy attacks. Pipe of Insight can drastically reduce the damage Tidehunter takes from targeted spells. His passive ability, Kraken Shell, can be used to block up to 70 damage per hit. Tidehunter will apply a strong dispel after absorbing 450 damage by maxing out Kraken Shell in his games. You can stun all enemy heroes around Tidehunter in a radius of 1250 by using Ravage to deal 450 damage to your opponents. The increased health regeneration rate provided by Pipe of Insight lets Tidehunter walk out of team fights without getting killed. 

Force Staff

Bloodseeker uses Force Staff on Necrophos

Force Staff is a handy item to survive battles during the early game. The item costs 2200 gold and provides 175 health to heroes. You can activate Force Staff to push yourself, your allies, or enemy units in the direction that they are facing. Force Staff displaces units for up to a distance of 600 in an instant, making it effective to evade incoming spells like Dual Breath from Jakiro and Dead Shots from Muerta. The mana cost required for using Force Staff has been increased from 100 to 150 in the 7.32e version of the online game. 

Bloodseeker can cast Rupture on enemy heroes and make them retreat by using Blood Rite. You can use a Force Staff to displace enemies affected by Rupture to deal Pure damage to them in battles with Bloodseeker. His passive ability, Thirst, will provide bonus movement speed to Bloodseeker, letting him kill his opponents without being crushed by his enemies. He can also use Force Staff to get across ledges to survive lethal hits. 

You can also buy a Vanguard for Bloodseeker to protect him in battles. Vanguard provides 250 health and 7 health regeneration to the melee hero, improving his ability to tank damage from enemy attacks. Bloodseeker can upgrade his Vanguard to an Abyssal Blade in the 7.32e update to gain 30 attack damage.

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