Paper Rex Secure Champions 2023 Grand Final 

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Paper Rex Secure Champions 2023 Grand Final 

The Kings of APAC, Paper Rex, are going to the Champions 2023 Grand Final after defeating Evil Geniuses in a nerve-wracking series

A Pacific team has made it to the Grand Final of a Champions event for the first time, with Paper Rex winning the Upper Final against Evil Geniuses. With a 2-1 victory, the Singaporeans will now be competing for the $1M prize and the title of the best Valorant team in 2023. The Best of 3 was one of the closest series we had at this event, as both teams looked on top of their games. 

Evil Geniuses Had a Head Start on Ascent

Paper Rex were following their classic “W gaming” strategy right from the pistol, and we were seeing fast rounds from the Singaporeans. With a 7-5 half in favor of the Asian squad, Evil Geniuses needed a hero to step up, and it was Corbin “C0M” Lee.

The Initiator for EG, C0M made huge impacts by winning multiple clutches and ending the match with a 28-12 K-D. Thanks to his prowess, the North Americans won the first map 13-10.

Paper Rex Fired Back on Bind

Ilya “something” Petrov picked Reyna again on Bind, and even though he had a slow series with an 8-14 K-D, the rest of his team took control of the map, especially Wang “Jinggg” Jing Jie with his classic Raze plays.

The first half went to EG with a 7-5 score, and it was looking like a 2-0 from the Americas roster. However, they only managed to win the pistol rounds in the next half, and PRX had control of their defensive side.

Paper Rex Manage to Secure Huge Comeback on Pearl

Paper Rex Secure Champions 2023 Grand Final

Credit: Riot Games

EG were up 11-6 on Pearl, and it was looking like an easy victory with Ethan “Ethan” Arnold making excellent plays on Yoru. Max “Demon1” Mazanov was also looking much stronger compared to Bind, as his classic Jett plays were keeping EG on top.

From the 17th round, PRX started planning a great comeback, and they managed to take the map to overtime. 

This was the second PRX vs EG encounter, and in their first meeting on Masters Tokyo’s Lower Bracket Final, the North Americans sent PRX home. However, this time, the Singaporeans came with their full force as, instead of their substitute, something was back with the squad. Winning the Champions will be a historical victory and also Paper Rex’s first trophy in an international tournament.

Paper Rex Secure Champions 2023 Grand Final 
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