Overwatch 2 Season 3 Support Heroes With The Highest Win Rate

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Overwatch 2 Season 3 Support Heroes With The Highest Win Rate

The best support picks in Season 3 of Overwatch 2.

Season 3 of Overwatch 2 is here, and with it, we got all sorts of changes to keep an eye on. Although we didn’t receive a new hero, we can now play on new maps, and some of our favorite heroes have received numerous changes. Speaking of the devil, after covering the most successful DPS and Tank Overwatch 2 heroes, now it’s time to focus on support.

Despite being the most underrated role in the game, Supports have a key role in Overwatch 2. In fact, it is impossible to win a game without having good support, especially if you’re playing against people who’re good at the game. 

Although not everyone can be a good support player, after the Overwatch 2 Season 3 changes, some heroes have become substantially better than others. So, let’s look at which names stand out and learn how to use them.


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The first name on the list will most likely shock some of you, especially if you haven’t played Overwatch 2 in a while. However, according to the stats on some of the popular platforms, Brigitte has a 55.37% win rate. This makes her the best support in the game right now.

Interestingly, Brigitte is probably the only Overwatch 2 Support hero that received several buffs in the last couple of months. Even before the arrival of Season 3, the devs decided to bring the hero back in the meta by giving her an interesting buff. With that said, the hero received even more new things in S3.

Following the changes, Repair Pack now heals for 50 per second instead of 55 per second. However, the hero can heal 25 HP instantly after applying a Repair Pack. What’s even more impressive is that Rally, her ultimate, now costs 10% less than before.

All of those changes made Brigitte one of the best in the game.


Overwatch Summer Games Lucioball

The second option on the list is a hero that has been in the meta since Season 1. Lucio is that type of support that can fit in well in pretty much every combo. His win rate is 52.72%, which is good for a popular hero in every bracket.

In terms of the changes the hero had to go through in Overwatch 2 Season 3, the only buff he received is to his ultimate Sound Barrier. After the new patch, it costs 7% less than before, so he will be able to use it more often.

This buff might not seem impressive on paper, but it makes a huge difference because Lucio’s ult is enough to win every team fight. 



The third support in the list is Zenyatta, a hero who received a significant buff in Overwatch 2. Even though he was pretty popular before the new game’s arrival, he is slowly but steadily rising, which explains why we can see him a lot more often.

In addition to his high pick rate, Zenyatta has an impressive 52.68% win rate. One of the reasons for this increase after the arrival of Overwatch 2 Season 3 is the buff to Orb of Destruction. This ability’s ammo is no 25 instead of 20, which allows Zenyatta to be even more dangerous than before.

According to the developers, Zenyatta is in a delicate position because even the smallest changes to his HP can make him overpowered. Due to his high damage output, the devs couldn’t increase his mobility, which is why they’ve decided to give him more orbs to work with. By doing this, they allow the hero to reload less often, which means he’s not as vulnerable.


Moira Guide

Next, we have Moira, a hero who has been on and off the meta in Overwatch 2 so far. She hasn’t been that good in Season 2, but it seems like this is no longer the case. 

Following the changes in Overwatch 2 Season 3, Moira’s ultimate now costs 5% less than before. This buff was needed because the hero relies heavily on the ult to pressure her opponents. It seems like this change affected the hero because her win rate is 50.91%.

What’s more interesting is that Moira’s pick rate is at 4.22%, making her the most-picked hero yet. That said, the next name on the list has almost twice the pick rate.


Overwatch 2 Mercy Guide

Mercy has always been one of the most popular supports in Overwatch, regardless of the patch and the meta. Even though she is hard to master, Mercy can work in all kinds of setups and combos, which is why she has a 7.02% pick rate.

Despite her popularity, Mercy’s win rate sits at 49.96%, which means she’s the first Overwatch 2 support on the list with less than a 50% win rating. Even though she is really strong, the fact that most people don’t know how to play with the hero is one of the big reasons for her low win rate.

Speaking of Mercy, the hero got loads of changes in Overwatch 2 Season 3. Starting with Guardian Angel, the ability’s cooldown is now 2.5s instead of 1.5s. What’s more, holding the backward direction input and canceling the ability with Jump now moves 20% slower.

Caduceus Staff’s healing is down to 45 per second, but it now heals 50% more of the target’s under half HP.  Finally, Mercy also has a new passive ability that allows the hero to heal herself for 25% of the healing done with her staff. In other words, it makes her really hard to kill.


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The last hero on the list is Ana and she is the most popular support hero in the game. With more than an 8.57% pick rate, this hero dominates almost every skill bracket.

When it comes down to the win rate, Ana’ has a 49.48% win rate, which means she is just below Ana. One of the reasons for her slightly lower win rate is because of the nerf to Biotic Grenade. The latter now lasts 3.5s instead of 4s.

Overwatch 2 Season 3 Support Heroes With The Highest Win Rate
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