Overwatch 2 Battle for Olympus Divine Ultimates Revealed!

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Overwatch 2 Battle for Olympus Divine Ultimates Revealed!

Here are the complete details for the empowered ultimates in Overwatch 2's first Battle for Olympus event!

Overwatch's boost in popularity started last year. Amidst business controversies and in-game balance woes, fans of Blizzard's FPS sequel remain hopeful for more content. With the game entering the new year, tens of thousands of eyes are on the team-based RPG to see what their next big event will boast.

Overwatch 2's Season 2 trailer showcased huge updates for the game, while giving fans a glimpse into future skins and future events.

Battle for Olympus is Overwatch 2's latest seasonal event that holds a deathmatch that stars 7 Overwatch heroes wielding new abilities that stack on top of each hero's ultimates. A mighty statue of the hero with the most total kills throughout the event will be erected on the Ilios Ruins arena map.

The magnificent announcement trailer that arrived days in advance gave us our first look at the glorious gameplay of Battle for Olympus. Watch the anticipated event's teaser below!

It's also been confirmed that the heroes will have unique interactions amongst themselves during the event. When players finally get duke it out for the treasures of Olympus come January 5, you can expect a few wisecracks from your favorite characters.

This limited-time game mode gives its players new power-ups that match their hero's Greek-themed skins, some of which are already available on Season 2's Game Pass. These “Divine” ultimate abilities will be front and center in Battle for Olympus' chaotic free-for-all matches.

Overwatch 2: Strongest Heroes in Season 11

Players who win matches can progress through challenges to earn player titles and voice lines until you obtain Mercy's Legendary “Winged Victory” skin. Get acquainted with these augmented versions to up your winrate and speed up the process of bagging those event rewards!

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Battle for Olympus Divine Ultimates

Cyclopes Roadhog

Divine Whole Hog

  • 15 seconds duration
  • Your size gets doubled
  • 600 health boost
  • Launches boulders instead of his regular Scrap Gun rapid fire
  • Melee deals 5x damage and knocks back enemy combatants

Hades Pharah

Divine Rocket Barrage

  • 20-second duration
  • Pharah can move during Rocket Barrage
  • Hades Pharah fires 3-headed rockets
  • Significantly less fuel used during Rocket Jump
  • Regain health and lengthen Divine Rocket Barrage duration with every kill

Hermes Lucio

Divine Sound Barrier

  • 20-second duration
  • Double jump after bounding off of walls 
  • Soundwave wallslams targets for more damage and a short stun
  • Attack speed and overall movement is boosted
  • Infinite ammo

Lucio is seeing a lot of play in the current meta. Due to intensely powerful Tank characters being left unchecked right now, the speed boost he grants to nearby allies sometimes becomes crucial. His extremely high mobility gives him some of the best survivability stats in the Support class. Find out what makes him a viable pick in 2023 here.

Medusa Widowmaker

Divine Infra-Sight

  • Enemies that look at you while you are scoped-in are petrified
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Minotaur Reinhardt

Divine Earthshatter

  • 20-second duration
  • Pinning an enemy to a wall with Charge grants heals
  • Charge pins up to 3 enemies at once
  • 3-second cooldown reduction for Charge
  • Wall slamming with Charge is an insta-kill
  • Wall slamming stretches Divine Earthshatter's duration
  • Wall slamming reduces the next Charge cooldown to 0.5 seconds

Poseidon Ramattra

Divine Annihilation

  • Ravenous Vortex knocks ensnared opponents upward
  • Pummel's attack damage and reach is extended

Amongst the 7 playable heroes, Ramattra was the only hero that received buffs in Overwatch 2's recent hotfix. Find out what makes him an even better viable pick for Battle for Olympus here.

Zeus Junker Queen

Divine Rampage

  • 20-second duration
  • Using Scattergun has a chance to give her abilities passive lightning damage

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Overwatch 2 Battle for Olympus Divine Ultimates Revealed!
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