Overwatch 2: Ramattra following the Season 2 Hotfix Patch

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Overwatch 2: Ramattra following the Season 2 Hotfix Patch

Despite the fact it’s been just 9 days after the start of Overwatch 2 Season 2, Blizzard decided to release a hotfix that addresses some of the problems, specifically with Ramattra.

Speaking of the devil, certain heroes felt way stronger than others, which had an effect on the OW 2 community. It seems like Blizzard is listening to us more than ever because, as we’ve covered in our complete update review, heroes like Doomfirst are not as strong as before.

Speaking of Overwatch 2 heroes, not all of them received nerfs. In fact, there are a few names that got slightly better, and Ramattra is one of them. Overwatch 2’s latest tank became available in Season 2, but he wasn’t as popular as people thought. Although he wasn’t that bad, other tanks (Doomfirst) were stronger. Consequently, players decided to focus on them.

It seems like Blizzard wasn’t quite happy that people were not interested in the latest hero. As a result, Ramattra received a couple of notable changes that people must be aware of. So, let’s go through everything.


Ramattra’s movement speed

One of the first big things you will notice once you start playing with the hero is that he has extra movement speed. Sadly, this is not a permanent buff because the new patch will only grant the hero a 20% MS buff while in his Nemesis Form. This buff was much-needed because this ability added a movement speed penalty, which made Ramattra an easy target.

The good news is that this is no longer the case. The 20% MS buff means that the hero will have his normal MS even while in Nemesis Form. Needless to say, this will result in more damage and definitely more pressure.

The hero has extra armor

While we are on the topic of Ramattra’s Nemesis form and the fact that he has more movement speed, Blizzard gives the hero another buff. This time, he gets 225 bonus armor instead of 150 when using this ability. As a result, instead of having 600 HP, the numbers reach 675, meaning he is much harder to kill

It is safe to say that this is one of Overwatch 2 Ramattra’s most important buffs yet because it makes the hero tankier. His barrier is not easy to work with, so having more HP will make him more viable.

Having access to more HP also means that Ramattra may become a viable option for aggressive combos. Doomfirst and Hog dominated this meta, but now that the changes are live, we wouldn’t be surprised if this hero becomes more popular.

Ramattra’s Void Barrier has less cooldown

The last Ramattra buff in the latest Overwatch 2 updates is related to the hero’s Void Barrier. This is an interesting ability that takes some time to get used to, but it can do wonders when used right.

Unsurprisingly, this is not a barrier that you have to use for no reason because it has a pretty substantial cooldown. In fact, most people used it to block certain abilities, such as Deadeye and other ultimates.

It seems like the 15s cooldown was a bit too much because Blizzard decided to reduce this ability’s CD by 2 seconds. As a result, it is now on a 13s cooldown, meaning that Ramattra can use it more frequently.

How will the updates help Ramattra?

The fact that Overwatch 2’s newest tank received three big updates will undeniably have an effect on the current meta. In fact, they solve one of the hero’s biggest problems - his inability to close distance. Besides the fact that he was slow, the hero’s barrier wasn’t good enough, which is why enemy heroes often killed him before he was able to do something.

Speaking of being slow, the 20% movement speed debuff made his Nemesis form feel kind of useless. Sure, he was able to hit other tanks, but his damage wasn’t that impressive, he couldn’t do much against them. Needless to say, hitting DPS and Supports was easier said than done because they could just hide and kite him because they are faster.

The fact that the hero’s barrier is better will help him a lot, but there are still a few things you should be aware of. For example, you need to decide when to use his block and when it is better to just tank the damage because you will be too slow to catch up to your opponents.

You are even stronger against heroes like Pharah and Widowmaker

Even though Ramattra’s second ability did not receive any changes in the latest Overwatch 2 hotfix, the buff to his MS makes this ability even more dangerous. As you probably know, besides doing damage, Ramattra’s spell can also bring down enemies in the air or the high ground. This makes him unique and really strong against certain heroes, such as Pharah, Widow, and Echo, for example.

However, the bad thing prior to the buffs was that these heroes could use their movement speed/jump/fly ability and run away, and Ramattra didn’t have a way of catching them, especially while in Nemesis form. Needless to say, this is no longer the case because the hero does not lose any of his mobility.

Ramatta’s ultimate is even better

The last important thing we’d like to point out about Ramattra is that hero’s ultimate feels even stronger than before. Despite not receiving direct buffs or nerfs, the MS boost to Nemesis means that he is faster when using his ult. As you know, it will put you in Nemesis form, and you can do damage to any target that is near you, allowing you to keep your ult active until you stop doing damage.

As you can probably guess, the extra movement speed will allow you to be more effective against some targets. By the way, don’t forget that you can actually use your block during your ult and get value off it because it will continue to do damage on all targets near you.