VALORANT Agent Guide: Omen

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VALORANT Agent Guide: Omen

Omen is a Valorant agent that is equipped with shadowy abilities, inducing paranoia, and taking calculated flanks to eliminate the enemy.

For anyone who has played Overwatch, Omen looks a lot like Reaper and shares his teleportation skill. The controller class takes advantage of smoke abilities to cut off vision, and Omen uses this opportunity to induce fear. Omen traverses the map and gains information while his abilities put the enemy at a disadvantage.

Omen: Valorant's Own Reaper

Dark Cover is Omen’s signature ability, and it can be placed nearly anywhere on the map. Dark Cover conjures a dark purple orb of smoke that blocks enemy sight for a short period. Where Dark Cover will be placed is visible on the minimap when using the ability, but you can switch the mode of how it is placed. In the primary mode, Omen simply pushes Dark Cover forward to the desired location. In the alternate view, he views the map through the shadow realm, gaining more control over where these end up. The alternate view is incredibly useful at determining the precise location and elevation of Dark Cover. Dark cover travels from Omen to its location, allowing enemies to gain insight as to where Omen is located.

Omen’s second ability, Shrouded Step, is this Valorant agent’s way to get from one place to the other safely. As mentioned previously, this is very similar to Reaper’s Shadow Step, and Omen will disappear and materialize wherever he marks after a short delay. This is a short-range teleportation ability that Omen can use to gain the high ground or simply reposition. The ability can be canceled and has a noticeable audio queue when activated. Professionals will use this ability and cancel it to psyche out the opposition and keep their heads on a swivel. Dark Cover can be placed on an objective and then teleported to with Shrouded Step to conceal Omen’s location.

Playing Mind Games

Paranoia is a way for Omen to get into the heads of the enemy team and restrict their vision. This ability is sent forward by Omen, and it near-sights anyone it hits. Near-sight is a unique, flash-like ability that restricts the vision of those affected by it. Near-sight places a shadow over the agents’ eyes and makes it impossible to see past a few feet in front of you. This valuable tool will push back the opposition and deter them from peaking long sightlines.

Omen has more movement capability than most other agents in Valorant except for Jett. Omen’s ultimate ability, From the Shadows, is a powered-up version of Shrouded Step. Once activated, Omen will select anywhere on the map he wishes to teleport to and he will appear there as a Shade before completely teleporting. The Shade can be destroyed, and in this period, if Omen chooses to, the ability can be canceled. Omen uses this ability to scout out enemy positions, make a rotation for a sneaky spike plant, or simply psyche out the enemy.

Omen’s abilities are at their most powerful when used together to make the enemy team second guess their every move. Valorant’s release of Patch 1.0 brought quality of life changes to a few agents, and Omen received better control over where Dark Cover is placed. Omen is a somewhat passive agent who thrives on confusion and gains the most utility when carrying out a flank. Being able to cancel out two of his abilities opens up opportunities for mind games and makes Omen deadly against uncoordinated teams.

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