VALORANT Agent Guide: Jett

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VALORANT Agent Guide: Jett

Valorant has a lot of agents, each will have a toolkit specialized at providing specific utility to their team. Duelists are one of the classes of Valorant that play aggressively and Jett is no exception.

One of the initial poster children for Valorant is the pseudo-Airbender Jett. Jett uses a host of abilities to obtain new positioning as rapidly as possible to keep the enemy second-guessing. Other Duelists may focus on brute force but Jett is an agent of skill. Most of her abilities only provide utility to herself, which is a common theme in the duelist class.

Jett's Abilities

Her first ability, Cloudburst, is a throwable smoke that can be curved to be placed in creative locations. The smoke doesn’t last long, proving most useful to conceal her location when entering or exiting an objective. Jett’s second ability, Updraft, gives her vertical momentum to claim the high ground. Her passive ability is activated by holding ‘space’ while falling to gently glide to the ground. This is useful to stop her from taking damage when she drops to reposition or engage. Her signature ability, Tailwind, pushes her in any direction you choose rapidly. There is a small window after Tailwind where Jett doesn’t have her gun out, so don’t dash at the enemy expecting to survive. When all her abilities are paired together, getting in and out of fights is Jett’s specialty.

Jett’s ultimate, Bladestorm, is a flashy yet effective tool at clearing the enemy team. Jett takes control of five floating knives either shooting them individually as a hitscan, or all at once as a shotgun blast. If you kill an enemy, the knives will restock, allowing her to go in on a team without needing a weapon. When you use Tailwind while having Bladestorm active, there is no delay, as the blades are always out and ready to go.

Elegant assassin

Tailwind can be earned back after killing two enemies, which means that chaining kills together is how Jett survives and thrives. If you take out an enemy, reposition and use Cloudburst to conceal where you are moving. Sometimes moving in on the enemy is the best option, but remember the tactical advantage that Updraft brings. Jett brings little utility to her team and often has to be played around in order to succeed. For those who specialize in sniping, a Jett on defense with an Operator is a terrifying foe. Jett can take out an enemy or two with a sniper and change locations, all while maintaining the vantage thanks to her toolkit.

If you are a solo-player who thrives in a kill or be killed environment, Jett is the ideal agent.

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