Valorant Agents with Lowest Pick Rates at Champions 2023

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Valorant Agents with Lowest Pick Rates at Champions 2023

These are the least picked or completely ignored Agents from every role at Champions 2023

Champions 2023 is the biggest Valorant eSports event this year, and we are almost at the end of the journey. So far, we have seen some members of the Agent pool being picked on almost every map by the majority of the teams, including Killjoy, Viper, Skye and Raze. On the other side of the coin, some Agents have been selected very rarely or wholly ignored by the participating teams. Let’s have a look at the Valorant characters with the lowest pick rates at this year’s Champions from every category, according to

Deadlock – Least Picked Sentinel Agent

Deadlock valorant

Credit: Riot Games

Picks: 0

Win Rate: 0%

The Champions event is being played on Valorant’s Patch 7.02, which means Deadlock is available on the Agent pool for the teams, but so far, none of the rosters have used her in a single match. 

Deadlock is the newest Valorant Agent, and while that could be part of the reason teams are not using her in professional matches yet due to lack of practice with this Sentinel, it’s safe to assume that other characters of the category are much more helpful, especially Killjoy, who offers a better kit with one of the strongest ultimate abilities in the game. 

Deadlock disappointed many professional players after her release, and one of them was Ethan “Ethan” Arnold of Evil Geniuses, who pointed out how most of her abilities do not work out well, especially during attacks where Agents like Killjoy seem like much better options. In fact, Killjoy is the most used Sentinel at the Champions as she was picked 88 times so far, while Cypher, the next most used Agent of the category, was only utilized in 13 maps.

Reyna – Least Picked Duelist Agent

Valorant Duelist Agent Reyna

Credit: Riot Games

Picks: 2

Win Rate: 100%

As expected, Reyna is the least-picked Duelist Agent among the total 6 characters in this category. Yoru is a close second, as it was only picked 3 times in this event. 

The reason for Reyna not being the best choice for many teams is that other Duelists are more self-sufficient and have better utilities. For example, Jett can take a fight and fall back without dying using her dash or smokes. However, Reyna will have to secure a kill to use her Dismiss. Still, we have seen some ambitious rosters use her and win their matches, and you can already guess who we are talking about.

The first time Reyna was used at this event was by EDward Gaming’s Zheng “ZmjjKK” Yongkang, famously known as KangKang, during the match against LOUD on Bind. With the rarely picked Duelist, the Chinese squad managed to win the map, and KangKang ended up with 26-17 K-D. 

The second instance of Reyna being used was, of course, by Paper Rex’s Ilya “something” Petrov, who has previously dominated with this Agent in the Pacific League. He made the Agent look viable in the biggest Valorant stage, and it seems like teams with a lot of pace can utilize her in pro play.

Gekko – Least Picked Initiator Agent

Agent 22, Gekko is here!
Image Source: Riot Games

Picks: 5

Win Rate: 40%

In the midst of so many powerful Initiators in Valorant, Gekko keeps staying in the shadows. While we have seen this character being picked in the Leagues, he was only used 5 times at the Champions so far. On the other hand, Initiators like Skye and Sova are still dominating the competition.

Gekko has been used by teams that have already been eliminated from the tournament, such as FunPlus Phoenix and FUT Esports. Moreover, looking at the win rate of this Agent paints a clear picture as to why the best teams in the competition prefer a stronger flash/recon character in their compositions. 

Harbor – Least Picked Controller Agent

Valorant Controller Agent HarborCredit: Riot Games

Picks: 12

Win Rate: 42%

While this Controller used to be the staple choice on maps like Pearl, we are seeing him much less in the professional stages as he was only picked 12 times so far at the Champions. 

Out of the four remaining teams, Harbor was primarily used by LOUD on Haven for their double-Controller lineup, which proved to be an immense success. Paper Rex also has used this Agent one time on Ascent.

Currently, Viper has proven to be the strongest smoke character in the professional scene, as she has been part of 78 maps at the event so far. Looking at the data, it’s clear that Harbor will need some buffs, as his use seems to be limited by specific maps and Agent compositions. 

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Valorant Agents with Lowest Pick Rates at Champions 2023
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