How to Use Smokes in Valorant the Right Way

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How to Use Smokes in Valorant the Right Way

Want to know how to make the best use of smokes in Valorant? Here are the proper ways to utilize Controller Agents on attack and defense

Smokes play a crucial role in Valorant’s gameplay. They can block the vision of your enemies and allow you to make some of the most incredible plays. Agents with smoke and vision-blocking abilities are called Controllers in this tactical shooter, and having at least one Controller in the team composition is required for every map. 

Playing Controller is not easy, as you need to have a clear idea of the map and a proper understanding of the timings. Unfortunately, many players still don’t know the basics of using this critical utility, whether it’s to block rushing enemies or to set your teammates up during an attack. 

In this guide, we will go through the basics of using smokes and Controller Agents in Valorant. By the end, you will know where and when to use your smokes and the mistakes you should absolutely avoid. Let’s get started –

Types of Smokes in Valorant


As of now, there are five Controller Agents in Valorant – Omen, Brimstone, Viper, Astra and Harbor. Smokes can be different among these Agents, and each Controller can allow specific playstyles. Before we get into how to use the vision-blocking abilities of these characters properly, let’s understand the different kinds of smokes in Valorant. 

Hollow Smokes

Astra’s Nebula Star (E) - Smokes in Valorant

Astra’s Nebula Star (E) is hollow inside

Omen’s Dark Cover (E), Astra’s Nebula Star (E) and the Cove (Q) of Harbor are hollow smokes. Therefore, once you get inside the smokes of these Agents, you can easily see if someone is hiding there. Hollow smokes do not last as long as dense smokes, but they allow aggressive plays by creating 1v1 situations.

Dense Smokes

Brimstone’s Sky Smokes (E) are dense

Brimstone’s Sky Smokes (E) are dense

Brimstone’s Sky Smokes (E) and Viper’s Poison Cloud (Q) are dense. While you can use Brimstone’s smokes only a single time, the Poison Cloud can be put down in a place and be activated by Viper using her fuel. Moreover, Viper’s smoke can decay the health of the enemies when they get inside the smoke.

Wall Smokes

 Harbor’s High Tide (E) - Smokes in Valorant

Harbor’s High Tide (E) appears like a wall

Alongside typical round smokes, some Valorant Agent can block vision with a smoke wall. Viper’s Toxic Screen (E) and Harbor’s High Tide (E), and Cascade (C) are vision-blocking abilities that appear as a wall and can cover a larger area.

6 Tips on Using Smokes in Valorant 

These are the essentials you must know if you decide to play Controller roles in Valorant. Note that these tips won’t be specific to a single Agent but to the Controller role in its entirety. If you want to learn particular Agents like Omen or Viper, check out ESTNN’s existing guides. 

#1. Smoke Entryways and Chokepoints

Whenever you and your teammates are trying to take control of an area of the map, you can block the vision of your opponents by smoking entryways, chokepoints, or any other opening from where the enemies can see you. 

Valorant Omen Smoke blocking the vision from vents on Split

Omen Smoke blocking the vision from vents on Split

For example, suppose you are taking mid on Split, and your teammates are planning on going to B heaven. In this situation, it is a good idea to smoke vents.

Smokes in Valorant - Smokes on A heaven and tree when executing Ascent’s A site

Smokes on A heaven and tree when executing Ascent’s A site

Now, when it comes to taking sites, you should smoke areas the defenders can see you from. For example, suppose you are taking A on Ascent. To make sure your teammates don’t get overwhelmed when entering the site, it’s essential to smoke heaven and tree, as these are the two spots the defenders can see you from. 

Smoking B site’s entryway on Split Valorant

Smoking B site’s entryway on Split

Lastly, when defending a site, smoking a chokepoint is going to be very powerful in stopping pushes and denying information. For example, if you are B on split and hear footsteps or see enemies, you can smoke the entryway. This will make the opponents scared to enter as they do not have any visual information. 

#2. Make Sure Your Smokes Do Not Stick Out

Bad smokes in Valorant

Smokes like this allow enemies to lurk through

Many players still make this massive mistake while playing Controller, where their deployed smokes stick out of the area they are smoking. These smokes allow enemies to lurk out and take a kill when no one is expecting the opponent to push the smoke. 

Good smoke in Valorant that does not stick out

Smokes like this prevent enemies from pushing out

Make sure your smokes are deployed like this, as this will make it so you can instantly see the enemies if they try to push it. Moreover, they cannot use the smoke as a cover for themselves while they hide in the side of it to pick up cheeky kills.

#3. Communicate With Your Team

Your teammates depend on your smokes to take control of an area. As a result, using your smokes without telling your team is not going to have the best results.

For example, let’s say you and your teammates are taking the B site of Bind, and you have used your smokes before the rest of your team is ready to push out from hookah and B long. Now, when your teammates go to the site, they will not have your smokes as the cover.

As a result, it’s essential to find the right timing for your smokes by communicating with your teammates. 

#4. Use One-Ways to Contest Areas

Once you have mastered the regular smokes, it’s time to use one-ways. One-way smokes make it hard for your enemies to see you while you can see their feet, resulting in easy kills. Compared to regular smokes, one-ways can be harder to go through.

Valorant One-way smoke on Ascent A main

One-way smoke on Ascent A main

There are many spots on a map where you can use one-way smokes. For example, on the A main wall of Ascent, like the screenshot. Make sure you are aware of the timings, as using one-ways too late may not work well since your opponents might have passed the area already.

#5. Use Lurk Smokes When Necessary

Lurk smokes are excellent when the enemies have already pushed your site. These allow you to play around the smoke and use it as cover. Moreover, it gets harder for your opponents to clear the site, giving your teammates more time to come and help.

Valorant Lurk smoke on Ascent’s A site

Lurk smoke on Ascent’s A site

For example, let’s say enemies have pushed A main on Ascent. In that case, you can quickly put down a smoke like this, shown in the screenshot, between dice and generator. You will be able to hide in the smoke or play around it, making it easier for you to pick up kills. 

#6. Smoke Trips When Flanking

If you and your teammate are flanking the enemies and you come across a Killjoy alarm bot/turret or Chamber trip, you can smoke it to block its vision, allowing you to pass the area without triggering the trip. This will enable you to catch your enemies unguarded. Make sure to leave yourself some space to push around the smoke when doing this.

For more guides like this, follow the in-depth articles of ESTNN on Valorant. 

How to Use Smokes in Valorant the Right Way
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