How To Use Blade Mail In 7.33B Patch

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How To Use Blade Mail In 7.33B Patch

You can learn how to use a Blade Mail in Dota 2 games to counter enemy heroes in the 7.33b patch.

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You can plan attacks against the enemy team to get more kills in your Dota 2 matches. There are Twin Gates that you can use to travel between the top lane and the bottom lane to ambush your enemies. Players can also store and activate Shield runes from the river to boost their chances of destroying their enemies
during team fights.

Countering heroes is a crucial part of a match-winning strategy. You’ll need to choose heroes that can reduce the impact of specific heroes in the enemy team to be able to push lanes without dying in combat. There are tons of items that are available for purchase to make team fights eventful. Items like Blade Mail can help players last longer in battles later in the game.

Discover fun ways to use Blade Mail in the 7.33b patch to win more matches in Dota 2.

Buy a Blade Mail early

Axe buys a Blade Mail at level 7 level

Blade Mail can be bought for 2100 gold in the game. You can purchase a Blade Mail before the first 15 minutes of a match to get early kills. Many people treat Blade Mail as an option while leveling up. Blade Mail can help heroes take less damage from enemy attacks in their lanes. It can be especially useful for heroes in the off lane to take last hits on enemy creeps without being annihilated by enemies.

You can buy items like a Broadsword after spending a few minutes in the jungle. Broadsword provides attack damage to heroes, letting people hit enemies harder during battles. You can combine a Broadsword with a Chainmail and a recipe to finish a Blade Mail. Once you have the item, players can start searching for support heroes in the enemy team to get quick kills.

Heroes can use a Blade Mail to return up to 85% of incoming damage back to enemy units for 5.5 seconds. Blade Mail has a cooldown of 25 seconds and needs 25 mana to be used per cast. You can return damage from physical attacks and magical spells targeted at heroes using a Blade Mail, making it a handy item to ambush your opponents early on in a match. You can activate a Blade Mail right before getting stunned to prevent enemy heroes from striking your hero for a few seconds during battles. 


Blade Mail can counter carry heroes

Most Dota 2 players rely on a Blade Mail to counter carry heroes. The item is known to have an impact in team fights that involves more than 1 carry hero in the enemy team. You can use a Blade Mail to stand and fight against Bloodseeker while he is gaining momentum. Bloodseeker can cast Rupture to restrain enemy movements. His ulti, Rupture, can deal Pure damage based on the distance you’ve moved.

Bloodseeker will use Bloodrage to boost his attack speed after casting Rupture on you. People can immediately turn on Blade Mail to reflect any damage taken from the melee hero in lanes. Bloodseeker might cast Blood Rite around you to silence your hero for up to 6 seconds. The best strategy to escape a Bloodseeker who has cast Rupture on you is to activate Blade Mail and teleport back to your base to regenerate health.

Ranged heroes like Clinkz have a tendency to roam the map undetected. Clinkz might buy an Orchid Malevolence to gain increased attack speed in battles. He can use Orchid Malevolence on you to prevent you from using any of your skills. You can use Blade Mail despite being silenced to counter Clinkz in Dota 2 games. Blade Mail can deal loads of damage to Clinkz by returning any damage taken from his abilities like Strafe and Tar Bomb. Each physical attack from Clinkz while affected by Tar Bomb can deal up to 45 bonus damage per hit. Blade Mail can be the item you need to turn the attack damage of Clinkz against him.

You can play heroes like Clockwerk to deal more damage to enemies. The Universal hero can launch himself at enemy heroes using his ulti, Hookshot. Clockwerk can grab hold of enemies from a distance of 3000 using Hookshot to move into position. Enemy units hit by Hookshot take up to 275 damage and are stunned for 1.6 seconds. Hookshot has a cooldown of 30 seconds, letting Clockwerk cast his ulti frequently to fight his foes in the 7.33b patch.

Once an enemy has been stunned by a Hookshot, Clockwerk can use Power Cogs to isolate his enemies from their team. You can use Power Cogs to taunt enemy heroes into attacking Clockwerk. He can activate Blade Mail within Power Cogs to counter enemy heroes in team fights. Clockwerk can use Battery Assault to stun enemies inside Power Cogs to deal more damage to them. Power Cogs last for up to 8 seconds, letting Clockwerk tank damage for the full duration of Blade Mail.

Vanguard can make Blade Mail better

Earth Spirit buys a Vanguard to tank more damage using Blade Mail

You can engage with enemies more often using a Blade Mail. People can prepare for team fights by purchasing a Vanguard for heroes along with a Blade Mail to take reduced damage from enemy attacks.

Players can buy a Vanguard directly from the Secret Shop for 1700 gold. Vanguard can increase the health of heroes by 250 and their health regeneration rate by 5.5. Heroes like Earth Spirit can equip a Vanguard to tank more damage during battles. He can smash into enemies using Rolling Boulder to stun his opponents. Earth Spirit can take reduced damage from enemies after reaching his destination using a Vanguard.

The support hero can activate Blade Mail to force his enemies to flee from battles. Earth Spirit can pull Stone Remnants through enemy heroes to silence them while Blade Mail is active. Abilities like Geomagnetic Grip and Boulder Smash can be used by Earth Spirit to nuke enemy heroes before the cooldown of Blade Mail is reset.

Boost your armor to make Blade Mail more effective

Blade Mail provides 7 armor to heroes. You can strengthen heroes and their tanking abilities by buying items that provide bonus armor. Solar Crest can be bought for 2425 gold and provides up to 6 armor to heores. You can use a Solar Crest to cast Shine on enemy heroes to remove 7 armor from them for 8 seconds. Blade Mail deals lethal amounts of damage to enemies affected by Shine, giving your allies several moments to destroy their opponents.

You can purchase a Lotus Orb to become a terror to your enemies in lanes. Lotus Orb offers 10 armor to heroes and can be used to reflect most targeted spells for 6 seconds. You can use Blade Mail and Lotus Orb to guard your hero against enemy encounters.

Get a Blink Dagger to initiate fights using Blade Mail

Axe uses a Blink Dagger before activating Blade Mail

Blink Dagger and Blade Mail are a fun combo to try in the 7.33b patch. You can use a Blink Dagger to jump into battles. Axe can blink using the item and cast Berserker’s Call before activating Blade Mail to deal Pure damage to his enemies. The passive ability, Counter Helix, deals up to 170 Pure damage to enemy heroes attacking Axe. He can use Blade Mail to decimate enemy heroes in a lane.

Heroes like Legion Commander can use a Blink Dagger to cast Duel on her enemies. She can now cast Overwhelming Odds while Duel is active to gain bonus attack damage and attack speed. Legion Commander can activate Blade Mail to return most of the damage dealt to her during Duels to win fights without getting killed for bonus attack damage. Blade Mail is among the most useful items you can buy for Legion Commander in the new update.

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