Best Auras For Strength Heroes In 7.33B Patch

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Best Auras For Strength Heroes In 7.33B Patch

You’ll need these auras on your team to become better tanks in Dota 2 matches while playing Strength heroes in the 7.33b patch.

Strength heroes can play a central role in helping your team gain victory in online games. You can rely on these heroes to tank an incredible amount of damage from enemy heroes in battle. The 7.33b patch has made it easier for Strength heroes to farm more gold for buying items by adding several new neutral creeps to the map.

People can activate Watchers that are spread around the New Frontiers map to alert their allies of any incoming attacks before they can start tanking in team fights. Despite their increase in health and reduced damage taken from their enemies, they can use these auras to stand their ground in Dota 2 matches.

Take a look at the best auras you can provide to Strength heroes in the latest update.

Regeneration Aura – Holy Locket

Bristleback uses Holy Locket to regenerate health

You can purchase a Holy Locket for Strength heroes to increase their Strength, Agility, and Intelligence attributes by 10. Holy Locket costs 2400 gold in the game. You can use a Holy Locket to restore health and mana to allies in lanes to help your team last longer. Holy Locket gains a charge every 10 seconds that can be used to heal your teammates. You can also gain a charge for the Holy Locket after any enemy hero casts a spell around you in a radius of 1200.

Holy Locket grants heroes the Regeneration Aura that increases the health of nearby allies by 3. The increased health regeneration rate can prevent Strength heroes like Axe, Bristleback, and Tusk from retreating to their base after taking heavy damage in their lanes.

Axe can take on neutral creep camps with ease by purchasing a Holy Locket in the 7.33b patch. You can buy a Holy Locket and hit enemy creeps in the safe lane to gain multiple charges for the Holy Locket. He can use the Holy Locket to regain health in the jungle. His passive ability, Counter Helix, can deal up to 170 damage to neutral creeps once every 4 attacks.

His abilities like Battle Hunger and Berserker’s Call need less than 120 mana to be used per cast. Holy Locket can be used by Axe to instantly replenish his mana to cast any of his spells on enemy heroes to keep them from fleeing battles in the 7.33b patch.

Bristleback is a Strength hero with a number of spells that can be used to nuke enemy heroes. The melee hero can increase his base health and mana by purchasing a Holy Locket. The Regeneration Aura will let Bristleback tank plenty of damage in battles. You can max out his passive ability, Bristleback, to reduce incoming damage by 40% from his rear. Regeneration Aura can boost the health per second Bristleback regains to push enemy heroes away from his tower.

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You can cast Quill Spray multiple times on enemy heroes around Bristleback. It deals an initial damage of 85. Quill Spray deals an additional 34 damage per stack to his enemies in a radius of 700. Quill Spray can be stacked up to 14 times, dealing loads of damage from a distance with the Strength hero. It has a low cooldown of 3 seconds and requires 35 mana per cast, making it easier to cast Quill Spray after buying a Holy Locket for him. 

Buckler Aura – Buckler

Sven uses Warcry and a Buckler to increase his armor

Buckler is an affordable item for Strength heroes at the start of the game. You can purchase a Buckler for 425 gold. The item grants up to 3 armor to Strength heroes and 2 armor to their allies from the Buckler aura.

The increased armor provided by the Buckler aura lets Strength heroes like Sven and Earth Spirit initiate team fights without the fear of being killed. Sven can cast Warcry to further boost his armor by 15 before entering battles in his lane. You can use Warcry to gain bonus movement speed of 22% that can help Sven chase enemy heroes for easy kills. Buying an Aghanim’s Shard for Sven can grant up to 6 bonus armor to his teammates, making Buckler resourceful to the Strength hero. Gamers can upgrade the Warcry ability at level 20 to increase the armor gained by 10 for 10 seconds.

Sven can launch a Storm Hammer at enemy heroes to stun them for 1.6 seconds. Storm Hammer deals up to 320 damage and affects all enemy units in a radius of 225. Sven can attack enemies stunned by Storm Hammer with his allies to kill his opponents while taking reduced damage from enemy attacks and spells.

Earth Spirit is an outstanding support hero in the 7.33b patch. He has a base health of 604 and base mana of 315. He has a low base armor of 2.8 at the start of a match. You can equip a Buckler for Earth Spirit to increase his armor in battles. Earth Spirit can cast Geomagnetic Grip to pull Stone Remnants closer to him to silence his opponents. Any enemy hero hit by a Geomagnetic Grip can take 200 damage and will be unable to cast any of their spells for up to 3.5 seconds. Buckler can help Earth Spirit and his allies eliminate enemy heroes in team fights.

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You can cast Rolling Boulder with Earth Spirit to escape enemy attacks. Rolling Boulder allows Earth Spirit to move at a fast pace to reposition himself at will. You can save your allies from being killed by casting Boulder Smash on enemy heroes. The bonus armor provided by the Buckler aura can guard your allies during difficult fights in the new update.

Insight Aura – Pipe of Insight

Huskar uses Life Break and Pipe of Insight to kill his enemies

There is a wide range of support heroes and Intelligence heroes who can cast their spells to deal massive amounts of magical damage in Dota 2. You can purchase a Pipe of Insight for Strength heroes to increase their magic resistance by 25%. The Insight Aura provided by Pipe of Insight protects your allies by increasing their magic resistance by 10%. Allies can gain an additional 2.5 health regeneration per second with the Insight Aura.

Huskar can strike enemy heroes using his ulti, Life Break, to reduce the health of his enemies on impact. The increased magic resistance provided by the Pipe of Insight can decrease the damage taken by Huskar from his ulti. You can cast Inner Fire after hitting enemy heroes with Life Break to disarm your opponents for 4 seconds. Huskar can deal up to 300 damage to all enemy units around him in a radius of 500 using Inner Fire. You can activate Barrier using Pipe of Insight to absorb up to 450 damage from magical spells cast by enemy heroes. The Strength hero can easily survive battles using the Insight Aura and Berserker’s Blood.

You can get tons of kills with the Strength hero, Pudge, by purchasing a Pipe of Insight in the 7.33b patch. Pudge can cast Rot to receive less damage while the spell is active. The Insight Aura can drastically reduce the amount of damage from Rot, letting Pudge cast his abilities like Meat Hook to grab enemy heroes. You can use a Meat Hook, Rot, and Dismember to annihilate enemies with Pudge with the Insight Aura to increase your kill counts in team fights. An Aghanim’s Scepter for Pudge can let him reduce the regeneration rate of nearby enemy heroes by 20% while Rot is active.

Pudge can gain 8% spell Lifesteal at level 15, making the Strength hero vicious in battles. Pipe of Insight can make Pudge a much more suitable hero to tank damage. His passive ability, Flesh Heap, grants him bonus Strength for every kill he takes. The damage block from Flesh Heap and the magic resistance from Insight Aura can let people own their matches with Pudge.

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