How To Get More Kills In 7.33b Patch

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How To Get More Kills In 7.33b Patch

These Dota 2 heroes can help you get more kills in the 7.33b patch.

People with tons of experience playing Dota 2 can admit that it takes more than just gold to win matches. The strategy game involves 10 players with a highly versatile set of skills that can be used to wage war across 3 different lanes. The dynamics of your team and the items you buy can make a significant impact on the outcome of your games in Dota 2.

With the release of the 7.33b patch, Dota 2 players are excited for matchmaking to see who they get to compete against in online battles. The New Frontiers map has included several new objectives in the game to help players explore many possibilities with their friends. You can now gather Lotuses from Lotus Pools to regain your health and mana between battles. Gamers can also store and activate new rune like the Wisdom rune and the Shield rune to fight their enemies with
increased satisfaction.

Here are the top heroes you can choose to get more kills in the latest update for Dota 2.


Riki strikes Axe in the top lane

Riki has a knack of finding his way around enemy heroes to get quick kills. He had a high win-rate in April 2023 with over 55% of his matches resulting in victory. Riki can chase enemy heroes with a base movement speed of 315. He can use Blink Strike on his opponents to get behind them in an instant to deal a bonus damage of 85 per hit. You can choose Riki in Dota 2 matches to increase your kills without losing gold.

The Stealth Assassin has a base health of 516 and a base mana of 243. You can take the off lane with Riki to farm more gold from enemy creeps. People can purchase a Headdress after spawning into the game to increase the health regeneration rate of Riki by 2.5 health per second. The item can help Riki stay longer in the off lane without having to return to his base for healing.

You can take at least one level of Blink Strike at the start of a match to increase your chances of getting First Blood! with Riki. Blink Strike has a cast range of 900, letting Riki get last hits on enemy heroes for easy kills. You can ambush enemies at the river with the Stealth Assassin before the Bounty rune appears to get early kills using Blink Strike. Blink Strike has a low cooldown and requires 50 mana to be used at level 1 in Dota 2 matches.

Riki can level up Smoke Screen to counter Agility heroes and support heroes in his lane. He can cast Smoke Screen to silence enemy heroes in a radius of 375 for 6 seconds using the ability. Enemy units affected by Smoke Screen have a miss rate of 75% on their attacks and will be unable to cast their spells for the duration of the spell. Smoke Screen has a cooldown of 11 seconds and needs 80 mana per cast.

Players can purchase a Tranquil Boots to keep Riki safe in lanes. Tranquil Boots provides 14 health regeneration and 65 movement speed to the Stealth Assassin. The item costs 925 gold in the game. Riki’s ulti, Cloak and Dagger, can turn the Agility hero invisible between battles. He can become invisible after a fade time of 2 seconds, preventing Tranquil Boots from breaking.

The Stealth Assassin gains bonus experience per kill and assist after unlocking his ulti in the 7.33b patch. Each kill can grant up to 350 bonus experience to Riki by maxing out Cloak and Dagger. Any attacks from behind an enemy unit can deal up to 2x of his Agility attributes as bonus damage. You can buy a Diffusal Blade for 2500 gold in the game to strengthen the attacks of Riki. Diffusal Blade provides 15 Agility and 10 Intelligence to the carry hero. Riki can cast Inhibit on his enemies to slow their movement speed by 100% for 4 seconds using the item.

You can cast Smoke Screen immediately after hitting enemy heroes with a Diffusal Blade to deal massive amounts of damage in battles with Riki. Diffusal Blade has a cooldown of 15 seconds. You can also use Tricks of the Trade to strike enemy heroes up to 4 times without being detected while enemy heroes are caught inside a Smoke Screen. Enemy units hit by Tricks of the Trade can be dealt bonus damage for 2 seconds. Tricks of the Trade can be used on enemy units in a radius of 450 and grants 100% of his Agility attributes for the duration of the spell.

Riki can buy a Skull Basher to gain 25 attack damage and 10 Strength. The Stealth Assassin gains a 25% chance to deal 100 damage to enemy units and stun them for 1.2 seconds with a Basher. Skull Basher costs 2875 gold in the game. You can upgrade a Basher to an Abyssal Blade to gain bonus health and attack damage while playing Riki in the new update.


Silencer crushes Sniper in the mid lane

Silencer is an excellent carry hero in the 7.33b patch. The carry hero can deal bonus damage with his physical attacks based on his Intelligence attributes. He has a base Intelligence of 25 and gains up to 2.9 Intelligence per level. Silencer can head to the mid lane to level up faster in Dota 2 matches.

The Intelligence hero has a maximum range of 600 on his attacks. He can stand close to the ranged creep in the mid lane to prevent getting hit by enemy heroes. You can level up Arcane Curse to deal an initial damage of 100 and an additional 40 damage per second (DPS) for 6 seconds. Enemy units affected by Arcane Curse have their movement speed slowed by 25% for the duration of the spell. Silenced enemies can take up to 1.5x increased damage from Arcane Curse in lanes. Arcane Curse has a cooldown of 16 seconds and requires 145 mana per cast.

You can purchase a Witch Blade for Silencer to gain 300 projectile speed, 35 attack speed, 12 Intelligence, and 6 armor. Physical strikes from Silencer can deal 75% of his Intelligence attributes as bonus damage using a Witch Blade. You can max out Glaives of Wisdom to increase the damage dealt from Silencer and his attacks. He can deal Pure damage using Glaives of Wisdom to enemy heroes. Any time an enemy hero is killed by Silencer, he can steal up to 2 Intelligence from his enemies permanently by leveling up Glaives of Wisdom.

Silencer can cast Last Word on enemy heroes to deal a base damage of 240 and up to 2.5x his Intelligence as bonus damage. Enemy heroes can be silenced for up to 6 seconds if they cast an ability while Last Word is active. Last Word has a cooldown of 10 seconds and needs 115 mana to be used per cast.

People can buy a Rod of Atos for Silencer to root enemy heroes in battles. You can cast Cripple on enemy heroes to hold them in place for 2 seconds. Silencer can deal loads of damage with Glaives of Wisdom to strike enemies affected by Rod of Atos. The item grants 24 Intelligence, 12 Strength, and 12 Agility to Silencer. Rod of Atos can be bought for 2750 gold in the game.

You can cast his ulti, Global Silence, to prevent all enemy heroes in the New Frontiers map from casting their spells for 6 seconds. Global Silence has a cooldown of 100 seconds and consumes 600 mana to be used per cast. You can reduce the cooldown of Global Silence by 20 seconds at level 15 through the Talent Tree. Silencer can provide an advantage to his allies from anywhere on the map by casting Global Silence on time. He can help you increase your kill counts in
your upcoming games.

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