How to Play Rafaela – Mobile Legends Hero Guide

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How to Play Rafaela – Mobile Legends Hero Guide

Learn how to own the lane and win games with our hero guide on Rafaela, Wings of Holiness, a top-tier Roamer support in Mobile Legends

Heroes in Mobile Legends Bang Bang are pretty unique. Some can dish out tons of damage; others can keep enemies rooted or stunned in place for kingdom come. And then there are the Roamers.

These are the unsung champions of the game, working from the outside, providing team fight support, healing, and damage when needed. There are quite a few of them in the game, and all of them offer some form of utility. For example, if you’re big on providing healing to the entire team, then Floryn is the perfect hero for you.

However, if you also want to do some real damage to the enemy team WHILE healing your allies from time to time, Rafaela is the one you want. For new players, this might be a tough hero to master, but hey – that’s what we’re here for, right?

With that said, let’s take a close look at Rafaela Wings of Holiness and see what this hero is all about!

Rafaela, Wings of Holiness – Overview

How to Play Rafaela - Mobile Legends Hero Guide

Credit: Mobile-legends wiki

Rafaela, as we said earlier, is a Roamer support that specializes in crowd control, dealing damage, and ally regeneration. She is an excellent A-tier hero for the role of controlling the lane for her Marksmen by keeping the enemies at bay. When things heat up, she can also heal the laning Marksmen pretty easily.

But while she is great at the laning phase, her true power comes out during team fights. Her ability to heal up all her nearby allies and control multiple heroes is what makes her truly shine as a Roamer hero.

Her base HP and Mana pool are pretty decent, although her Mana and HP regen aren’t as high as some of the other supports in the roster. Because of her high base Physical damage, she can trade quite efficiently with the enemy laners, while her Marksmen can hit minions without worrying about getting targeted.

Rafaela is the 14th hero to join the game, making her one of the earliest heroes to come out when the game was released back in 2016. She currently has six skins in the game, three of which were available in Limited-Time Events.

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How to Play Rafaela – Hero Guide

Rafaela is a pretty simple hero to play once you learn her spells and general playstyle.

Here’s all you need to know about her before you start spamming her in your games:

Passive – Deity Penalization

How to Play Rafaela - Mobile Legends Hero Guide

Credit: Mobile-legends wiki

Heroes in Mobile Legends often have weird passives that are difficult to understand (Looking at you – Benedetta). Thankfully, Rafaela’s passive Deity Penalization isn’t all that complicated.

Basically, when an enemy kills her, she turns into a beam of light and, after a 2-second delay, hurls towards the enemy that killed her. On a successful connection with the enemy hero, she does 20% of the target’s Maximum HP as pure damage.

This attack can be blocked by another enemy hero if it manages to intercept the beam, but in that case, the hero that blocked the attack will take damage. Simply put, if the enemy hero kills you, you hit them back.

Basic Ability 1 – Light of Retribution

How to Play Rafaela - Mobile Legends Hero Guide

Credit: Mobile-legends wiki

Light of Retribution is Rafaela’s first basic ability that deals AOE damage and applies a Slow debuff on the enemies it hits. When cast, Rafaela hits the three nearest enemies, dealing massive magic damage and slowing them down for 1.5 seconds. It also reveals their location so they can’t juke in the bushes.

What makes this spell so strong is that it can stack up to 3 times. It has a very low cooldown, and when enemies get hit by another instance of Light of Retribution, they take 20% more magic damage. If you manage to get all three stacks, you can burst down almost any hero on the map.

Basic Ability 2 – Holy Healing

How to Play Rafaela - Mobile Legends Hero Guide

Credit: Mobile-legends wiki

While Rafaela can deal a lot of damage with Light of Retribution, the spell Holy Healing is what makes her a strong Roamer support. As the name suggests, this spell lets her heal her allies, offering sustain in team fights or the laning stage.

When cast, all nearby heroes around Rafaela get healed, and they also get a buff to their movement speed. The hero with the lowest HP gets a second instance of healing on top of the initial healing.

The heroes that get affected by Holy Healing also cannot be slowed for 1 second. This movement speed buff element of the spell scales with Rafaela’s magic power, making it a formidable tool in late-game team fights.

Ultimate Ability – Holy Baptism

How to Play Rafaela - Mobile Legends Hero Guide

Credit: Mobile-legends Wiki

Rafaela’s ultimate ability, Holy Baptism, allows her to reign down the light of holy judgment on her enemies. It’s a targeted directional spell that, when cast, drops a line of fireballs in a straight path.

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Enemies caught in the area get damaged by magic damage and are also stunned for a duration. When the stun expires, they also get slowed for 1 second. This ability helps Rafaela disrupt enemies during team fights and also follow up with her other abilities.

Play Style

How to Play Rafaela - Mobile Legends Hero Guide

For a Roamer support, Rafaela’s abilities have a lot of synergy between them. Her combo is easy to execute. You start with Light of Retribution to start the fight and use Holy Healing whenever you or your allies drop low. And when the enemy team groups up and you see a good opportunity, line up your ultimate ability, Holy Baptism, to stun all of them in place.

As for her play style, you play her just like you would with any other Roamers. You start at the Gold Lane, providing support to your Marksmen. You can trade easily with the enemies because of your high base HP and healing abilities. When your Marksmen has a couple of key abilities farmed, you can rotate to other lanes and gank the enemy laners.

The important thing to know about her is her abilities and when to use them. As you keep playing her and get the hang of her spells, you should have no trouble owning games with Rafaela.

Item Builds

You can build Rafaela in different ways depending on how you want to play her. If you want to tank up, items like Enchanted Talisman or Immortality are great.

If you want to deal damage and provide sustain, Oracle is a fantastic item. The bonus Magic Power from Glowing Wand also helps buff up her Holy Healing ability.

When you think about it, though, Rafaela isn’t that dependent on her items. Her abilities are what makes her strong, not what items you buy. As long as you build her emblems properly, she should help you climb your rank tiers easily.

Healing For Everyone!

Moonton gives Rafaela a difficulty rating of 2 out of 10, making her one of the easier heroes to learn and master in Mobile Legends Bang Bang. But getting the most out of this hero has a bit of a learning curve.

The best way to learn, though, is to play here yourself and let yourself learn from your mistakes. Hopefully, our in-depth guide on her abilities and her play style can serve as a baseline for you to build upon. Good luck!

How to Play Rafaela – Mobile Legends Hero Guide
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